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August 21, 2006


Gretchen Weiners

Hairy Winstons...oh my lol. I don't think I've heard the Ponies song in 20 years! I wish i could carry that clip of Michael and Laura around with me in my pocket and watch it whenever I wanted!

Renee Lindsey

I still cannot believe that Vincent is still around, it made me very sad to see Alison leave. The picture of Winston coming out of Laura's nose cracked me up, good call on that one. I also do not understand the big to-do about he painted belt that Jeffery did, everyone thought it was so cute and inovative, it was a friggin' fake belt, big whoop.


Vincent's "Justify My Love" is worth the price of admission in itself!
And I don't want the sound clips embedded. I've downloaded several of them to my iTunes, and I don't know if you can do that with an embedded one. How about just having them open to a new window?


I am surprised you haven't seen Vincent's lame mini-movie in which he shows his flat, droopy ass! Great review as always - I, too, am sick of Kayne and Robert's bitchiness on the show... although Laura had no right to go after Vincent, she should nail the judges - don't hate the player, hate the game!


I was actually pretty disturbed at the visceral reactions the judges had to Alison's model looking "fat." The dress was beautiful, though it did embrace a different silhouette than the typical popsicle stick we're used to seeing. Isn't the whole point to be innovative with shapes? I honestly don't think they even looked at the dress, all they saw was a fat girl on the runway. Which does mean the dress failed on a level, but still...it just kind of grossed me out.


so glad to catch the face-brushing "incident" once more! I thought it was charming, for real.
May I just say...I kinda don't care that Alison got kicked off. She sure didn't stink like Vincent, so yeah that was unfair, and it's true Robert's just so much dross, but I don't know, Alison never really 'got me off' either so...tho' she didn't gross me out like Vincent does, true true, but still--there's no tears in my world over her passing.
Guess she can be like Olivier THeyskiens (sp?) ready to grace the NYTimes magazine as a beautiful, talented loser, well fine but it's not xactly shocking if talent wasn't the only thing in play here. And that man is beautiful. Maybe now he's out of work he can show up on the JD Modeling Agency, which by the way how pathetic did Janice look in what one so truly called, "her pimp juice outfit". She also sort of looked 'ready for her closeup' as a grape in a Fruit of the Loom advertisement, work her models woudl be lucky ducks to get!


Oh yeaaaaah. "Hairy Winstons". Nicely done. ::nod:: LOL


Another brilliant recap, per usual. P.R. may be the first show creating more enthralling entertainment outside of the program than on it -- this year, at least. Seeing saucy Kara did make me long for previous seasons, when the gays were witty, and we didn't have to stare at titties (although, agreed: love Laura).

If I were the kind of person to give Vincent the benefit of the doubt, I'd suggest his Harry Winston comment was actually an esoteric and witty reference to this, from similarly weird but infinitely more gifted David LaChappelle. But I'm not that kinda person, you see.

Johnny Chicago

The rumor is that Heidi was jealous of Alison's youth, actual non-superficial talent and charm (lisp and all) and then she schemed to SLAM her as hard as she could when Alison fnally made a mistep.

Vincent - scary.

Robert and Kayne? Two gays who make the boys from Queer Eye look like John Wayne.

Laura - she's a MAN, baby!

Michael - will WIN.

Uli - Heidi wanna-be.

Jeffery - scary talented, which is to say I've seen street vendors with more innovation under their belt.

Who's in the tope three? - Michael, Laura - and I can't believe I'm saying this - Jeffery.

Face it, bitches... he's this season's Santino.

I'm out!


The only thing about this episode that ticked me off was the favoritism of the audience. I mean Vincent stays so everyone starts shouting about producer interference, but Robert stays dispite having done nothing of note much less talent and everyone shuts up. I don't understand. On another note, this site is the only good reason for getting up early on a Monday. And now I'm late to class. Later!


Shades of Elvis Costello--it should have been "Accidents will Happen" or "Blame it on Cain". Yep, sure sad to see Alison go. As she said, "I guess one blonde on the show was enough". OUCH.


I'm kind of in love with Laura after she dug into Vincent. She's all "he's close.to.the.edge." so she's pushing him, I cannot wait to see him have a full on melt down, that's why he's still here because the producers know this guy is going to strip naked and curl up on the floor and threaten people with some scissors. Poor guy hasn't got a clue.

I don't understand why Vincent cashed in his 401K to come on the show? So his family could live for the weeks he was away filming?

Oh god the Hairy Winstons!


at first glimpse i thought michael's shirt said "butch queen" and i hollered "he said he was straight!" then of couse there was a good shot of it revealing "bronx" instead of "butch"...oh well.


I know that Allison's dress was bad, but Heidi's "fat" comments were out of line and I'm sure insulting to some of the rather overweight viewers. If I were Allison I would of replied, "well I've always heard that the wider the waist band, the deeper the quicksand so get your bony snobby bitch ass out of my way I've got a unicorn to catch". I'm sure Michael would agree! If they really care about Allison and distance themselves from Heidi's comments, the remaining designers should all dress up like fat mini mice the next time they meet Heidi on the runway.


about the sound clips, i love them the way they are. i use firefox, and i just open the clips in a new tab and keep reading. they just load and play in the background and then when i'm done reading i just close them all at once. if people are too dumb to get firefox, let them deal with the sound clips themselves. you don't need to change anything.

lol! that hairy winstons bit was priceless.


david smith is genius and deserves a medal of purest gold. that image will be burned into my retinas for the remainder of the day.

the post/recap is also freaking awesome. long live allison. and THANK you for finally commenting on the awful-ness of kayne and abel, er, robert. i really would love to shove the bobbsey twins into a blender. they'd make such fruity frozen drinks!



I'm just not bored/obsessive/haggy enough to care now that they've destroyed the "casting" and "plot."

It's true that Kayne and Robert are giving non-coastal gays a bad name. I guess charisma isn't a biologically-produced queer hormone. Nuture, not nature. I'd been sheltered from that till now by my fabulous pals.

OK. Not only was Alison the only contestant--besides Michael--that was universally likeable; she was one of the few remaining that was objectively talented. The absence of her hot/angelic presence will make the show a boring battle of losers and farm-queens. (Laura is an exception with her witticisms and Talbot’s-dominatrix style, but that’s not enough.) The producers are way off in their manipulations. They really, really misjudged the personality dynamics and balance of the show. Now it’s likely to get just ugly, rather than intriguing.

Alison finally got a chance to show her thinking, which is surprisingly sharp, given her Hasbro, Inc. good looks. The aside that she was humming the Sopranos theme was amusing (1). I expected her to be spacey and distracted by her own inner glow. One clue to her remote whaling village background (2) came in her discussion with Tim Gunn when he questioned whether the waistband would fit her “zaftig” model and she was, like, “Yeah, she’s blonde.”
Fluency in catty Yiddish always distinguishes a true urbanite.

The biggest waste management issue should have been getting rid of Vincent and Jeffrey.

In any case, the ouster of Alison is not just a failure of credibility; it’s a failure of entertainment--which is, of course, more important.

For any eavesdropping producers: you blew it.

1) “Alison is from Cape Cod.”
Posted by: Washington Cube | August 14, 2006 at 07:09 PM

2) Sorry Rich, I know you’re from N.J. and have done a great deal for your countrymen by rebranding Coors bloat as hot chunk.



Hi Rich! I've been lurking about, reading all of your recaps from this season and I have to say - THIS IS YOUR BEST!
I thought about you throughout this whole episode. I knew you'd have something to say about the "Winstons up the nose". Anyway, total BS about Allison getting kicked off. She's adorable and talented. Vince is beyond creepy. Everytime he mentioned "getting off" I shuddered. Especially after he likened his creation to a child's painting. And even though Michael is clearly lying about his sexuality, wears fake grills and other odd fashion choices (he IS from Atlanta after all), he is definately the most talented and deserves to win. My money is on Michael. Ayy-Tee-Ale!


Hairy Winstons...ahh you made me snort at work!

Btw....I'm going to go off the board on the Vincent thing. To me he looks like CC Deville.


I just got busted with some fourfour all up on my computer screen at work. For real, though!

I just could not wait to get home to read it.

I love FourFour.


I was disturbed by two things on this episode. First, bad images of Vicent getting off on his "child's artwork" of design. Gross! And then when Laura goes off on Vincent at the end and her man nipple is almost showing. Her low cut outfit was way over to her right armpit and you still couldn't see her boob. I don't think they exist.


something about Laura's facial expressions and voice make me think she's the snooty version of Paula Poundstone.


Rich Rich Rich...we are so on the same page sometimes. When I saw Robert in his "You looked hotter online" shirt on Wednesday night, I immediately said to the 3 other boys in the room with me "Someone's been shopping at Don't Panic!" That shirt, along with his flaming bitch-fest with Kayne, totally changed my view...
My original impression of him as a nelly queen with wit to spare has sadly been replaced with my firm belief that he's venomous and limited-in-talent carbon copy WeHo queen. My crush on Robert is officially over. :-(

P.S. - I think Kayne is the real villain in this season...there is something dark and sinister lurking behind those eyes...and that ridiculous head of (thinning) hair.


Hey, I really got off on this recap....I mean, it really got me off.

It is a drag that Alison is gone. She is a cherubic goddess.

I am riveted to the show, though. I think Kayne and Robert will eventually get all catty at each other, which will make me smile. I hope kayne realizes that he brought it on himself...

Someone in the cast is going to drive Vincent over the edge. His psyche is held together with Elmer's glue.

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