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August 14, 2006



UO is for Urban Outfitters--yay, hilarious.
and thanks for clearing up Fleurchon
and by the way, we had to see that nasty quacker's nakedness 2 x, no thanx

Gretchen Weiners

I want a box of Marshmallow Neuroses right now! I almost spit out my tea at that one. TYFMMLOASMM is for thank you for making me laugh on a shitty Monday morning!


Hey Rich! Wonderful recap as usual!
- I was sooo happy that Michael finally won a challenge, but it sucks that he won't have immunity for the next challenge.
- I felt really bad for the two models who got the boot at the beginning of the show. You know that bag was totally rigged with only 10 (not 12) names!
- When Jeffrey was ganging up on Angela, I loved how Laura put him in his place. I swear Jeffrey is like the Jade of Project Runway ("the undiscovered designer", perhaps?).
- And where's the "shut up!" sound clip for Kayne? His model was annoying as hell!


Nice recap Rich, as usual i was laughing the whole timee. No hot makeup guy this week? That's a shame. Good thing he has a myspace!


(Just thought you'd like to know if you didn't already) =]


Allison...meow! Love the Capt. Save-A-Ho, Rich. You are a genius.


That picture of zombie Kayne is going to haunt my dreams.

The Michael interview link didn't work, well, not for me...

I'm rooting for him, but every fashion-enabled male from Atlanta I ever met was gay. He's gonna need to make out with Allison to prove me wrong...


Rich-Ive been meaning to tell you this for a while but you kind of look like my ex, it's sort of weird.
Angelas sleep wear looks like the most uncomfortable thing ever all those lumps!


Ok, first of all, I totally know someone who works for Kayne in Norman. He's got a tiny dog named Tiara and was recently seen at Hobby Lobby purchasing yards and yards of teal tulle.

Second, I don't need a clip of him telling his model to shut up because it is burned into my mind with a laser.


What in the world was Heidi saying in the gif from #12?? I know there was a point where she looked totally crazy and I bet that was it, I just dont't remember what she was saying.


Yay for Buckaroo Bonzai references!!!
Also, now I can't decide whether I would rather take acid with Jay McCarroll or Bradley... the latter totally reminds me of a Hampshire "College" student.


Hah, that's definitely what I was thinking with the iPod thing... the man don't love her at all if he gives her an iPod shuffle! :X

And thank you for the Little Vinny snacks...that made my month.


I love youuu.

Just little me

Was it me, or Kayne was just savoring every single bad comment delivered to the other contestants? It's a contest, of course, but he doesn't have to SMILE when someone else's work is shot down. It may have been the editing but... Anyway, his dress looked good from the front but the fit was awful from the back. The model looked like a contestant from "Flavor of Love Season 3: Haute Couture Hos".


Haha, Amanda needs more love than anyone can or wants to give her. Clearly she was the little girl that didn't really have any friends bc she was awkward so she talked to dolls (or plants or animals or walls - something like that) until she became hot, so she assumed ppl wanted to listen to her when she was talking and all they wanted to do was stare at her moving porkchops. (lol - thanks for that, I couldn't think of what it looked like, but that was dead-on!) And I agree. Ipod shuffle = no love.

yay for Michael though! Finally some camera time. But anyway, the link to his interview doesn't work for me either. Bummed...


The interview link has been updated. That's what I get for attempting to enter the complicated world of trackbacks.


Allison is so hot. Bracelets to bed??? Damn. That shot of Allison and Angela leads me to imagine that, in the next scene, allison rips off angela's lumpy nightie and they have hot passionate sex. Allison wearing only bracelets and angela in glasses with a fleurchon over each nipple. Mmmmmm....fleurchon

trick please

Rich, I thought you liked chunk, is Jeffrey not chunky enough?

Loving Michael as Captain Save-a-Ho. I almost sprayed my poor monitor with coffee


Wow, Angela even wears a full-tilt boogie quilted extravaganza of puff to bed!


I totally thought of Jerri Blank when Heidi said she needed that dress in every color. I'd give everything to hear Heidi do a Jerri Blank impression.


Little Vinny made my Monday, and, just maybe, my whole damn week. Perfect. And, I do have to agree that Amanda looks a little serial killer-esque. Aileen would be proud.

Lots of thanks for another FANTASTIC recap.


Jeffrey's body on a handsome twentysomething? Bring it on. Jeffrey's body on Jeffrey: I don't need to see that. Any body on Jeffrey: I don't need to seeeeeee that.


You really are cute, Rich, and oh yeah, your recaps are very entertaining. I loved the Little Vinny! I wish we got this show on Bravo here in Canada. I happened to catch it once on an NBC station from the west coast, but haven't come across it again.


Did anyone else catch the look of disdain on Nina's face as she watched Angela (and her ridiculous outfit) walk down the runway? A picture is worth a thousand nasty words, indeed.


I read a lot of Project Commentary, and I have to say I have been waiting for someone to point out that Angela HAS already peed her pants over a challenge, and have found myself getting more disappointed with every failed mention I have read. That is, until this gem came along. I'm hooked. You had me at hello.

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