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August 17, 2006


wow. she's gorgeous! now why can't girls look like her on ANTM? haha.
And...yeah. I like the Cassie song, against all of my little indie kid sensibilities. *le sigh*


I think Cassie is absolutely gorgeous. But that stupid hook with those boom boom synth sounds keeps bubbling up in my brain--I don't know the song well enough to sing along so its annoying to hear it in my head.

And I am very happy that she is half-Filipina! YAY for (part-)Asian pop stars!


I LOVE!!! Stevie Ryan. She's hysterical and her satirical "Little Loca" is genius. She's gonna be the next self made internet phenom (with actual talent). She needs her own show...seriously.


BTW...You should have your own show too Rich!! (I'm envisioning something like'Talk Soup" but way hotter since you'd be there!) What about like a Stevie Ryan, Four Four collabo ???? I say YAAAY!


Thank you for clearing up what Paris Hilton's major function is.
She should do a remake of Chatterbox as her next project.


Tom Breihan is a tool. The fact that he's a Voice sanctioned writer is proof positive that the periodical's best days are long in the past.


But the piece is good!


Oh, no, I can't believe you actually paid money for Paris's album. (Or did you? Enquiring minds want to know. Before reading you further about it.)


Well, you know, the Paris album doesn't come out till Tuesday, so...


How do you enjoy being lumped into the "celebrity gossip" section of that Beauty & the Beat?


It kinda hurts, but whatever.


How random is it that lastnight I came across StevieRyan myself and i also have a girlcrush on her. I even tried adding her on myspace. She blows all those other youtubers out of the water and makes me wish I hadn't been jumped so I could make more videos for my page.


Oh, so you bought the bootleg copy from HMG on the 6. That makes more sense.


So glad to be among with Stevie fans outside of YouTube. Steve and I are currently working on a short film and I can honestly say she's as nice as she is talented and even more beautiful in person.

Thanks for the link to my online article!


Yeah... that's hot.... yeah.... Scott Storch...

Too fucking funny! I'm sitting here at work listening to your loop of that and I'm laughing out loud at every uhhh yeah.....


Ditto on the state of pop music. This is an age where I've heard people equate Beyonce with Diana Ross, and Beyonce wouldn't have gotten an audition as the back-up singer to the Supremes. Cassie obviously is no singer, but R&B and pop music is littered with the Ashley Simpsons, Ashantis and Fergies who could crap on record and go platinum. Quite frankly, I think that the problem might be that Cassie might be a little to pretty to have a strong base of support from her teen girl audience. It seems that its ok to make a crappy record just because your an actress or your sister is a pop star, but to get one because of your looks is obviously below the line.


HA! Rich? Thank you so much!! I appreciate the love.

Cassie, gorgeous girl but..it's not even *just* the fact that she can't sing, it's the fact that she brings nothing to the table. She doesn't even bring energy on stage (I don't buy the stage fright, she's been performing for a year overseas, she just doesn't have it). Ryan produces cool beats for her, and to me the best tracks of the album feature his (sexy) voice. Good beats are not enough, she's not the first "non-singing singer" but you have to have *something*. I never cared for Ashanti, but at least she could songwrite and her voice was better. Fergie sounds stupid, but she is a vocalist, you have to see her performances as part of Wild Orchid to know, and she brings the HEAT on stage. Nicole from PCD can SANG which is rare in pop music. Cassie? She bring nothing. I blame Diddy and Ryan not her though, it was an opportunity and she took it like 99% of people would if they were in her shoes.

Paris Hilton? I avoid her useless ass. I still can't believe Scott Storch, one of the producers I respect(ed??) the most, worked with that craptastic celebrity.


Do you remember the Hellraiser movies?

I was on some website and saw the "listen to Paris' album" link. I figured, oh what the hell. I know I will hate it, but it might be a fun kinda hate. I got through 4 or 5 songs and felt so dirty and weighted by the toxic mediocrity/cynicism that I had to turn it off. Luckily, unlike the cenobytes, I was able to make it all go away with a click of my mouse. Phew.

Life is too short to have to endure Paris Hilton.


Stevie took my breath away I love her and was totally captivated. Paris is the "aural equivalent of a Madonna movie". Perfectly stated. Hey, if it looks like smells like, sounds like it-it must be crap! I however am not a fan of crap.


Cassie is not comparable to ANYONE out there today, except maybe Paris Hilton, and I honestly prefer Paris' album over Cassie's. Ciara, Ashanti, Janet, Ashlee Simpson, Lohan, even... none of those girls are completely tone-deaf and sing in a flat monotone all the way through an album the way Cassie does. She has no energy, no presence, and she doesn't even have any dance moves to stand on like Ciara or Janet. Cassie is pure rubbish and 100% worthy of all the flack that she gets.


goddamn that *overheard* track is smokin. thanks for that one.


The new Top Model girls are really Mutants made by Tyra.

I totally want to read your opinion about the twins. Its a bad idea. I bet $20 that tyra will put them in the bottom 2.They will always compare them. Imagine one wins, akwardness for the other one.


I have never even seen BOH3M3's vids but i LMFAO to that parody.


Also what about when Fat Joe says the words "Paris Hilton" in his faux gangsta voice on the intro to "Fighting Over Me" ? Surreal.


Stevie Ryan is bomb-bay! I love litleloca, ooolalaa and all the others. I am so glad to see her on her way. She is a genius, and I think thats what makes me that much more ga-ga for the girl.

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