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August 07, 2006



hooray, what a fabulous birthday present. I love your recaps. Bradley totally does have the Phish vibe going on!


I love the CareBears flying by. Genius.

Michael is my favorite. The boy can sew and is a master at constructon.

Laura's taste is impeccable. We just need to see her step outside of her comfort zone...the same clothes and see her do something more edgy.

Just Some Guy

I'm starting to get the feeling that Laura grew up in a household with a mother who walked around the house in a cocktail dress at 10:30 in the morning carrying a huge martini while delivering a constant barrage of emotionally withering commentary. Laura is the worst kind of bitch - a sophisticated one - and probably a second or third generation sophisticated bitch at that. I like her style, but I don't like her.

Please note that this comment was written with integrity and seriousness of purpose.


"I'm a squid with no ocean ... "

Bradley rules.


What is so great about Robert? I don't get it. Michael all the way. And Allison had made me an offical lesbian.


i think bradley's design company says it all:

mountains, rivers & peacocks



I'm in the shower this morning, late, Monday, sleepy, blah blah yuck until Monday! Four Four ProjRun recap! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This squee is for you.


You are a genius. "I'll miss him. Except, not really."

Yay, more Michael. Love him. I think he and Laura are going to be in the final three.

You have me looking for the hot makeup guy now, though he's only shown for a nanosecond.


Keith as Lil Edie...PRICELESS!!!
Love you Rich...hahahaaaa


keith as little edie = genius. that really is the best costume for today. although the gayness factor is almost through the roof with that one. i love it though.

more great lines: bradley's "i was looking at the nut...i thought was really nice" and alison's "i love the idea of skinny jeans." just because, you know, i truly believe that she does love it, with all her heart.

michael all the way!


who is bradley's model? This is like the ugliest 16 year old boy ever



I can't believe you didn't make an animated loop of Robert's "Ouch!" face while he was being near-auf'd.


What's up with the tribble on Vincent's calf?


have you noticed that for every runway show the last like, 3 episodes heidi's been wearing black? she wears whatever when she announces the challenges, but she wears black for the runway shows. is this because she's mourning michael kors' absence? where IS michael kors? apparently he returns to us next week, so if she's not wearing black then, we'll know what's up.


Thanks Rich for a perfect recap!! Although I have read enough shit about this past week's PR episode, I always come back to the fourfour for essential commentary.


OMG ... I'm sorry, I aint no fashionista (I just watch for the sheer bitchiness and "duh-rahhhhh-muhhhh") but did you SEE the clothes on Bradley's website? Yikes.

He's a squid with no clue.

dafina girl

So funny! Kayne is officially auf'd for me... That whole Freudian projection/denial moment of his saying, "But do you not see that you brought this on yourself?" was so awful. No, bitch, you brought it on me by tattle-tale-ing. Not that Keith didn't deserve to go but why pour acid in the wound? Yuck. What queeny-bitchy thing can get really tired.

dafina girl

"That" queeny-bitchy thing" Sorry; need coffee.


god that mountainsriversand peacocks is some nasty looking stuff!
PLus, the pathetic convertible tank top should hav given Keith the boot in itself. I used to hate Laura with her whole I'm so classy I never wear sweats act but what with her take down of the Angela puffbot doohicky mess I know am kind of rooting for her! I feel like Heidi should come out drinking Yoo Hoo and saying yoo hoo all at once, or maybe she should just wear a large dress resembling a yoo hoo bottle while saying yoo hoo and maybe add some pual and joe from Target owlie wingdings and hoo hoo what a look rather than her usual black that would be!


XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I'm now anxious for mondays and poor Alison! her heart was broken when she found out. I love her ^^


Gurl, your cartoon talk bubbles are GENIUS! Especially that last one, so appropriately had me singing "ooh ooh oooh I love you!"


Haha, Rich I love you again and again! I saw HOT makeup guy this ep, they actually left the camera on him a bit longer than normal. And Keith - great designer, TERRIBLE amounts of arrogance. And he still will NOT admit it! Just let it go!

But Michael and Laura were the ppl that saved that outfit from being Angela-kitsch over again. Haha, and the fact that they are like BFFs CRACKS ME UP. LOVE them.

Does anybody else read "Kanye" instead of "Kayne"?


Oh my damn--crying from laughter. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Angela's fancy pants.


If anyone should come in the next morning after a hard night's work on a piece only to find it slashed to ribbons, my money will be on Alison. Just sayin'. She's got some serious evil behind those eyes. She'll f'n skewer you with that unicorn horn. Betcha.

Love the Heidi doll.


They had Angela's outfit up in the display window of the Marshall Field's (soon-to-be Macy's, more's the pity) in downtown Minneapolis. They had Katherine (who lives here) comment: http://www.startribune.com/462/story/594288.html

"Will Gerdes purchase one?
"It's not my style," she said."


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