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August 28, 2006




The show is getting rediculously fixed. And freaking Tim Gunn on the Emmy pre show. Tim's getting a little over exposed.


I've. NEVER. Yelled. at. a. television. set. like I did this week. I was rooting for him, we were all rooting for him...

okay, not really. I'm not talking robert, I'm talking Jeffrey who really made me angry...

Lisa V

I think Vincent won because the warlords from his planet had mind control over the judges.

I have 4 kids. Laura's right. It's just one more. Good news? More little bartenders.


Oh Rich, you're right on the money once again...I seriously wanted to smack Jeffrey for how he was treating Angela's mom. Yeah, Angela's a weirdo, but SERIOUSLY, his attitude was so unprofessional! He shoulda been auf'ed just for that. [Not to mention the fact that his outfit was WRETCHED!]

Also, I think I am falling in love with Laura. I hated her at first, but dammit if she ain't growing on me! Her view on kids is just precious!

trick please

Great recap! Esp. with Jeffrey's Pinocchio reference. But what an asshole! And his mom is so sweet. And Uli's mom's dress? Uli was robbed. They judges were on crack or smokin that ish

As for Laura, I think she is just weary at this point to be excited about a 6th kid. I love her but seriously Laura-get yo' ass on the pill!!!


Uli. Was. Robbed.

The fact that Uli was given a plus-plus-plus-size model and made her look great, and Vincent was loaned Uli's svelte mother and put her in a dress with some serious waistline issues -- and the judges gave Vincent the win -- was mind-boggling. The PR producers are goading us. They'd really like us to believe we've slipped into some alternate universe where Joan Kors is a celebrity and Nina Garcia woduld allow you to pop by to borrow a cup of sugar and anyone can win this crazy contest. It's like the second season of "The Apprentice," where it became grossly apparent these shows are TV shows first and talent shows for the marginally attractive with venal personalities second.

Speaking of alternate universes, I picked up a copy of Elle recently and was treated to a brief paragraph by none other than Ms. Nina Garcia herself, and lemme tell ya -- there ain't no faster way to draw the foul-smelling air outta someone's critical sails than to read the kind of breezy, fash-mag prose that makes Vincent's usual pronouncement seem like Kierkegaard. I ain't scared of her no more. I could take her.

Crazy about the girl

I think Jeffrey is the most irritating person EVER on that show. Santino made nasty comments but they were dead on. Jeffrey's comments are so childish and ridiculous, and his clothes are ugly. I feel sorry for his mom - at a certain level of conscience she is aware that she opened her legs and a total dick head came out of her vagina.


I love Laura a little more each week. And after meeting her mother, you know how fabulous she's going to be when she's older.

And I have to admit, I was taken aback by Vincent's level-headed assessment of the situation this week. Where did that come from? Someone is controlling his crazy this week. But he still shouldn't have won.


MK looked like he had bigger boobs than his mother in that screenshot.

I never thought I'd hate an aufing more than I hated the Daniel Franco verses the deranged reindeer lingerie fiasco, but this week outdid itself. But at least now I can laugh. Thanks, Rich!


If I was Angela I would have torn Jeffery a brand new fleurchon.


True, it was wrong for Jeffrey to be so cold to Angela's mother. BUT, was he really all that terrible to her? The woman was seriously annoying - even more so than her daughter. Maybe it's the hardened New Yorker in me that can empathize with Jeffrey's lack of patience with those crybaby housemom types. I mean, look at how sexy and confident his own mother is. I know, I know - I'm a bitch.

I agree that Uli deserved to win, but I'm glad they finally gave Robert the boot!


Kayne's old school photo is now my new screensaver!


too funny, as always. LOVED the joan/micahael kors photoshop switch. i almost spit my coffee on my computer. and jeffrey is an @$$hole! i don't care how bad she was, you don't talk to a momma like that!


my favorite part of the episode was when jeffrey cried as robert was eliminated. what was it... "robert was a really good person, and there are some really bad people here that should have been eliminated..." something like that.

i just found it amusing how he would have the gall to insult the other contestants' characters after he ripped into a guest and mother. i'm just saying, pshaw, jeffrey, pshaw.

Swede And Czech

Yes, Uli should have won. And Robert - hon, what on Earth were you thinking? It's like you gave up on the whole thing, big guy.

As for Jeffrey, he's just a dick. I've thought so from the beginning.

Great recap, as usual.

Side note - did anyone see Tim on Larry King when they mentioned Vincent? He could barely contain his loathing.


I'm not saying Jeffrey should have behaved that way, but come on... Angela's mom is a passive-aggressive asshole. She would bring about that reaction in anybody.


I love it that Vincent droned on and on about how all the designers need to know how to make clothes for real women, and then notice the order that the moms & sisters were picked by the designers; smallest to largest, Vincent included. Hypocritical.

To be fair, Angela's mom IS matronly. Not that that excuses Jeffrey from being a cock on wheels. Seems that he really felt he had to lash out at Angela's mom because he hates hates hates Angela. Shit even came to a head on the runway, so the judges can't feign ignorance of the Jeff/Angela drama from here on out. You can be sure those two will make it to the Top 4 if not the Top 3.

Jeffrey = The Male Wendy "Harlan" Pepper.

i miss alison

I know Jeffery is annoying and conceited for some reason that has yet to be made visible (maybe he is acting so confident to hide his many insecurities... blah blah psychology blah.)... but I have to agree with JenKatz, Angela's mom was obnoxious. She has no right to get on the show and tell Jeffery off... it's HIS competition and not hers. If he wants to make her a big huge dress with a school bus on the front - it's his choice. He is digging his own grave. If he makes something that the average woman would not wear - that's his own fault. She had no right telling him what to make. She clearly just wanted her daughter to win. Speaking of Angela - WTF was she taaaalking about when Heidi asked her 'Angela what do you think of your mom?' (great coincidence ONLY asking Angela about her mom and no other contestant because of the drama that went down... eye roll!) and Angela replying, 'It's just embarrassing.' Angela, your dress looked like a sofa cover with tassels. Anyway, I don't think Jeffery was so wrong and probably was edited to look jerkier than he was. Angela's mom didn't really need to sob in the other room over what was said to her. Ugh. Don't be mean to Mom but Mom, don't be a backseat driver. PR don't get cheesier and cheesier pleeeease?


Looks like someone made up a Joan Kors wiki entry after all. Michael Kors, was that you? XD

Julie H.

I wanted to tear Jeffrey a new one this week. You do NOT treat clients like this, no matter how you may feel about them, their family, anything. If you're not able to make something because of time or buget constraints, you say that, you don't say "Uh, no, we're doing it this way, the end." Because then your design is nothing more than a masturbatory exercise. Design is about pleasing the client as well as yourself. Sex, Jeffrey, not masturbation.

Joshua Loke

Hey fourfour, check out Wikipedia now...

exotic biracial butterfly

i'm willing to bet that every designer was asked how s/he felt about their mothers' fashion. angela's response was shown for drama's sake.

and, fwiw, the mothers had no idea that they'd be modelling during their visit. the producers sprung it on them at the last minute. that's foul. these women didn't sign up for the show; they shouldn't be treated as props. terrible episode all around.

Sweet cheeks Garcia!!!! LMAO!!! I love the Kors head switch thing, hilarious.


I'm no Jeffrey fan, and he certainly could have handled the situation much better, but I know people just like Angela's mom. Passive-aggressive bitch.

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