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*wait I thought I was on Perez Hilton..?!?!


Am I first?

Best! Recap! Evah!


Okay I snorted really loudly at Michael Kors' bling.

trick please

Boy, you is crazy! Thanks for the Heidi growout pic. And I glad I won't be seeing Angela's sack of a nightie anymore!


tim's giggle at the end of his carrying on was the best.

I also noticed the same thing about Laura showing over night.

Thanks for the re-cap!


that first image of angela is just priceless.

trick please

Can't wait for next week's recap



Can I just say... Angela barfing a rainbow? Love it. Rich, you're a mess just standing and we love you for it.


The best part of Tim's comment was him chuckling at his own cleverness.

Angela's gone! Woot!


the screenshot of angela and the champagne tray is priceless!


I so want that "first class" shreik to be my new ringtone.


the best line: getting away with just being a dick in tight pants

although you repeatedly laud Michael's beauty, somehow I still don't feel it's been lauded enough! sigh. or do i mean cluck.
i feel like a mess just sitting here!


hahahahahaaaa you have me laughing out loud ! !!!! xD


It was rather disconcerting to see Jeffrey strike a Freddie Mercury pose. Sacrilege, actually. In his wildest dreams could never be anything more than Howard the Duck.

Crazy about the girl

I think Jeff's outfit is very appropriate - he managed to design the black generic outfit for a junkie, which incidentally is exactly he was (is?). Way to go buddy - scooping all the various shooting galleries around LA...

gayest neil

I know! The models' teensy bit of internal drama caused an unexpected increase in my blood pressure. I suddenly began scratching my arms and quivering a little. Then I took a deep breath and reminded myself too of 9/20.

Now I need to figure out what channel it's going to be on.


But you missed a softball of a chance with ULI's "trendsetter" vs. "jetsetter".


The minute I saw Angela's nightgown I thought, "God I can't wait to read fourfour on this one..."


in that pregnancy shot, what the hell is laura wearing? kayne's belt?


I think the more babies you've had, the more it shows all at once. Still, it was remarkable...

Jeffrey IS a dick in tight pants. Is it not apparent? :-)


two things I didn't notice until your screen caps:
- "I'm so f***king frightened when I look at you." I know what f**king is, but three asterisks in for missing letters? foocking?

- Laura wearing Kayne's belt. Awww.


I admit to having a love of Holly Hobby, but that doesn't mean I want to wear appliques on my ass.

And I totally agree with Rich on the Jeffrey outfit. And further accentuating his lack of dick was the way his leggings bunched up at the knees. He needs to go.


Take as much time as you need. This is GOLD I tell ya, pure GOLD. Thank you!

Matt S.

Rich, you "brighten up mah sunshine every Monday" :b

Or Tuesday. Whichever.

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