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September 06, 2006



A mess just standing! Even though he's not standing ... but how adorable anyway! Such cute little sneezes. Oh, Winston.


I try not to ask God for too much on a regular basis, but if he could grant Winston the ability to talk....


a HAWT mess! I heart Winston & Rudy

van nasty

i love that he routinely gets distracted by his own paw.

Gretchen Weiners

Bitch is pissed. I want to cuddle with him.


I like the poppers & lube you can see on the book shelf. So Kayne.


That's actually aquarium treatment. Poppers and lube are on a shelf that's out of frame.


hee! he's so ugly that it comes all the way around to beautiful. Love him!


WINSTON! My boyfriend is going to love this. I like the kitty sneezes...


I'm convinced that he was separated at birth from my cat - the ADD paw action hits just a little too close to home.

Nevertheless, adorable. As if we'd expect anything less.


His eye has never been the same since Rudy scractched the shit out him that time.
Or is it just the camera angle?


That was Rocky that scratched the shit out of him -- but I think it's the angle/light in the room. I noticed that, too.




Awww, could you please not disturbe me when I'm bathing! That is so rude!

Shot of Love

never seen a cat who simply tolerates being manhandled by a duster. either they play with it or get pissed and run away. he seems completely unamused, yet amused that he is supposed to be amused by such an unamusing toy.

Washington Cube

There's dust in the feathers, and there you are rubbing them in poor Winston's face while he's attending to his regular grooming. Shame on you. I absolutely adore Winston. His face looked like a smushed tomato.


That's not a feather duster -- it's an actual cat toy. And Winston tends to sneeze at everything, dusty or not.


Is there some way we can nominate Winston as the Internet's Most Beloved Cat? He's earned it. So cute.


I love this cat so bad. Ooh mushy face. You're so lucky. I think.


aww I love how he goes from being all complacent to batshit crazy over the thingummy in -5 seconds flat. His peepers look perfectly fine to my untrained eyes.

<3 Winnie.


Winston FISTS OF FURY!!!!

For three and a half seconds, anyway.

Crazy about the girl

You are SO torturing that poor cat. Watch out next time you are alone with him - he may go all stingray on your ass....

Gayest Neil

As if there was ever any doubt, you're totally a crazy old cat lady.


I love how cats will totally ignore a toy that's right in their face UNTIL they're ready to play. My boy cat does that all the time. He'll even lick his butt while I'm dragging a toy across his entire body. Cats are so bitchy and fabulous, and they're never on your time.


I'm pretty sure thats not a cat but a Muppet.
Just thought you should know.

I think he was in the Dark Crystal.

(sooo cute!)

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