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September 21, 2006



Hee! i have an almost identical photo of my dog in babushka mode (taken when he was 3).

But Rich...between this blog and the VH1 gig, how on earth do you find yourself with so much time on your hands?


Hahaha! He looks like he'll get you for this.


Time? What time?


as we all know, it is precisely the moments when work is looming and we have no time at all that it becomes IMPERATIVE to torment the cats! Why I just had to find the time this very morning to wrap my own cat up in a little blanket in a live interpretation of the old IHOP treat pigs in a blanket. Winston looks beautiful, is he ready to star in the movie version of LIttle House on the Prairie? Can he play the blind one? I can see him churning butter and whatnot. Or maybe there will be a Project Runway for cat costumes? Please God!!


C'mon, you're driving me nuts! I'm waiting with bated breath about the new America's Next Top Model! The babushka is definitely adorable but I need to indulge my sick pop culture fetish NOW!


ohmygod rich, your cat is perfection. does winnie have a brother?


If he's on Little House on the Prairie, then he must surely be playing the part of Nellie. Wasn't she the mean, bratty girl?

BTW, my grandmother hated that show and she called it Little Puke on the Hairy. Come to think of it, you puking the hairy is what cats do best.


what is up with the cwh? i hate that the stupid fucker perez hilton is on during the commercial breaks of ANTM. the cw should be free to be etnertaining and give you that job. or give it to winston. he's hip/an immigrant 100 years ago.


Oops, grammar error, leave out 'you' in that last sentence.


Winston's pissed cos you've exposed his pea sized head. He's all fluff.

All my animals have been babushka'd at some point!

Gayest Neil

Winston is so Holly Hobbie right now. Can't stand it.

Akbar Fazil

poor poor Winston. You know that look he is giving you says "tonight, your mouth will be my litter box"


Why does Winston always have the come fuck me eyes look? I'm not complaining though.


Wait. Winston's in that second photo? All I can see is a thigh. It's making me hungry. Rawr.

Oh! There he is. Okay.


He's just going to the market for some latke and maybe a boiled egg. Leave him be! There's a web site called Catsinsinks.com, dedicated to cats in sinks. Rich, you really should get in on this trend and make Catsinbabushkas.com. Though cats in sinks are adorable, unless of course it's Whitney (pre-divorce)'s sink, what with all the Miller High Life cans and blow.


I did this to my dog and found it ridiculously funny. Oh and you're all bastard people!


I'm calling cat protective services on your ass.


I think he looks more Romani than Babushka...


very grey gardens.

the real LC

you need to send this into www.stuffonmycat.com

it is amazing


I can't help but make a Little Edie comparison... http://dyn.ifilm.com/image/stills/films/resize/istd/2694389.jpg


Rich...that is clearly CAT ABUSE.


off topic. Rich, I know you haven't mentioned anything because this isn't a celebrity gossip blog but....c'mon! Whit's flushing Bobby. I just need to know that your ok.



maybe a third cat should join the family...one that has superpowers of not shedding all over everything.

I'm sure Winston has covered every inch of fabric you own with hair.


"My cat does love a headscarf" (taken from "My mom does love a bun")

I totally want to make out with your pussy. And I don't even like cats... Where did you find such an amazing creature? If ever I was in favor of cloning it's for Winston.

Um, it was mentioned on here that Whitney is flushing Bobby...

You MUST do recaps for Celebrity Duets!!!

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