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Brandon Haynes

Yeah, that shit was getting old. Between Whitney's crackhead antics and Bobby's coonery, I'm ready for that union to be over.


I've figured it out, they are not really divorcing, the government has arranged a faux divorce to keep Bobby safe from Osama. Bobby and Whitney will still be together, but it's going to be very hush-hush to keep him safe and alive.


I guess that's NOT black love.


Yeah, that shit was getting old. Between Whitney's crackhead antics and Bobby's coonery



Tuffy -

Historically coon is a term used for black people who behave/perform in a way that makes other blacks look bad for white peoples' entertainment (see early 20th century black and white films). Blacks have now grown to use it as a term for black people who just act a damn fool period and make other blacks look bad (see Flava Flav and all his hoes).


Horay! Free Whitney!


More crack for her.


On one hand, I'm sad to see them part ways. She obviously loves him...has stood by him though all his bullshit. You just want to see love win, you know? On the other hand, I'm happy for her. Something happened to her when she married Bobby and it wasn't good. My fingers are corssed for her to have an awesome comeback. Dayum Bobby for keeping her down all these years!

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A friend is never known till a man has need.

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Yup, the assassination simile was perfect. Really enjoyed this, your writing voice is delightful.

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This is a workshop of your life. I need to perfect that "writing my way to another life" technique!

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Thanks so much for all of that. When you bare your soul in words, you're not sure what the reaction will be. I'm glad you both found it so inspiring. And I thank you again for all your kind, supportive words.

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