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September 20, 2006



Dammnnn, you went right upside that boys head! At the end of the day I don't listen to, or more importantly watch, Justin to hear him sing, I watch him to see him wiggle and THAT is something the boy can definitely do.

I just loves it when he wiggles.


"Someone get this self-righteous bitch a torch."

Aaaahahahaha! Loved it.

Miss Kitty

You have just put into words what I've thought of J-Timb all along. He and this CD still suck big fat purple donkey dicks, and to me he'll always be a goofy little boy-bander.

I [heart] you, Rich. Keep up the good work.


told you.

i've really been meaning to give this a more thorough listen but i think "my love" is the best song on the album. mostly because it's throwback timbaland. and "set the mood" should've been an entire song.

i liked "losing my way" when it was "bobby james" on n.e.r.d.'s album.

on another note, i will say after listening to jus-jus and kelis i'm surprisingly impressed with will.i.am's production.

Penny Woods

He refers to himself as "Daddy" in the title track, and yet he often sings as though his balls haven't yet dropped

Exactly what I was thinking, except I call it "he sounds like his nuts are always being kicked in."

Yet he pushed over 700,000 last week. Oh, well.



I think looking for meaning and art in pop music is about as trenchant as looking for a blow job at Lillethfair.

It's just fun to listen to, dude. It's Pop, not Mahler's 9th. Relax.


dead on assessment there... also find myself enjoying several tracks despite the blatant timbo retreads and even more blatant style/sound-biting/byting... purple rain synthetic drum kicks anyone? i think it comes down to the fact that a retreading timbo is still better than most of the shite out there today.


I am disappointed with how...egotistical JT has become. I loved his last album but the album title and even SexyBack (which is still a hot song) turned me off with its pure, unadulterated egoness. I'm glad you voiced (wrote) how I was feeling cause I thought I might be alone...


Rich, the whole bleeded thing doesn't bother me. Why you ask? Because poets have been doing this for hundreds of year all in the name of poetry. JT is a modern Spencer. Joking about that.

Just little me

Gosh, I cannot believe that you care so much about somebody as bland, disposable and irrelevant as Justin.

Pop Muse

Fourfour, I LOVE your CD reviews. The thing to keep in mind with Justin is that he is, at heart, "Orlando". Which is to say, he's cool, sorta, but with a thick layer of velvetta cheese, which means he tastes good sometimes but isnt really that delicious, ya know? (And I know he isnt FROM Orlando, but really, he is, ya hear what I'm saying?) So, I like the CD, I liked Timberland in 2001 and I loved Aaliyah more than I have ever loved a female popstar, so if Tim wants to sample her, I'm so down with that.

It's listenable and I believe it is more true to JT's life than Janet's new CD is to hers. I mean, when she was recording all these songs about how hot and wet her spot was, she was like 100 pounds overweight, and going to charity events is not the same as going to 'cluhhbs' which i doubt janet has in years. At least Justin is a commitment freak (hello Britney) and does attend a shitty club once in a while.
thanks for the review,
the popmuse


I am really satisfied with the bookending nature of "Cry Me A River" and "What Goes Around Comes Around." Oh Justin, oh Britney.

At least, that's how I take it. I think it's kind of great.

The rest of the album -- "SexyBack" is ridiculous but I am a secret sucker for this song. It's true. I want to dance on the subway platform when it comes on my headphones.


I think he's actually singing "my heart beat it", not "bleeded".


You're always dead on. However, like you said, it's still dumb fun. Funny how most of the tracks you singled out that are Timb throwbacks are also my faves.

Keep it up, Rich.


I actually really like this album..and I appreciate the way it switches up..

sleeps at gmail

not trying to insinuate anything, but this new album makes me think that justin is trying to say something without saying it.


BET is currently streaming Janet's new album, and I would love to hear your take on it.


I for one am a bit relieved at Janet's effort, especially after roughly 3 days of trying my best to find enjoyment ine Beyonce "I-have-no-inside-voice" Knowles loudly sing track after track on Bidet.

As for Justin Timberfake, it seems as if being in a boy-band has permanently caused him to be dependant on image. He tried so hard to be down with the black folks with Justified. This time around he is trying so hard to make us think he is so foward thinking and cool. He always falls flat.


No, I think Rich is right. According to on-line Lyric websites like this one:


"When you cheated girl
My heart bleeded girl"

LOL! Kind of inspired in it's idiocy, dontcha think?

I may be way off base here, but isn't it somewhat common for hip-hop artists to revel in stuff like this?

Let's get it crunk, we gon' have fun
Up on in this dancery
We got ya open, now ya floatin'
So you gots to dance for me
Don't need no hateration, holleratin'
In this dance for me

- I don't have to explain this, Right?

If SexyBack is so many people's "guilty pleasure" how can it be that bad?


I have one nagging question I desperately wish JT would answer: Where did sexy go?


I think looking for meaning and art in pop music is about as trenchant as looking for a blow job at Lillethfair.

But why shouldn't I give any piece of pop culture the courtesy of taking it seriously? I mean, I obviously know what I'm dealing with, as I'm criquting JT as not a vocalist or a writer or a thinker but as an overall pop star. And besides, I don't think my demands are ridiculous (asking people to cut the shit is not asking too much). If you're going to just file all pop music under "brainless fun" at face value, what's the point of music criticism? Wait, don't answer that.

Oh, and I'll get to talking about Janet. Oh yes I will.


Justin is fine. And he can dance. I don't care how awful is music is or isn't. As long as he keeps making videos I'm good.


Ok...so you think JT and his record are annoying, yet Bidet is a masterpiece?! Something is wrong here. Though I can see why. Both are equally as disposable.


Nah, B'Day isn't a masterpiece (and I never said it was), but I enjoy it much more than LS/FS -- B'Day doesn't shoot nearly as far and so, is much more able to hit its mark, you know? B'Day is absolutely disposable, and it seems totally aware of that.


I guess I just feel that some music is worthy of critique, while other music neither asks for nor is qualified for similar consideration.

Kind of like a gourmand critiquing McDonald's new McRib sandwich;

Updike critiquing the new Harry Potter;

Denby critiquing "Dude, Where's My Car";

I just don't really think JT was trying to make a statement, advance the art, or change our consciousness. But your in depth analysis is nevertheless very impressive. You definitely know what you're saying and show passionate conviction. That's undeniable.

It just seems a little bit like doing a Doctoral Thesis on Shrinky Dinks.


I like to listen to the first track while I walk to work. It has a good walking rhythm that makes me feel like I've got a sexy back. side.

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