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September 18, 2006





I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Zac Posen is good-looking cause my friend kept making fun of me.

Spot on again! I am glad you captured the chalkboard because I was straining to read it...I was concerned that this week's challenge would throw off my predictions, but my predictions are still on. I predicted Laura goes home next week, but maybe not!


Gah, I just posted and saw the other comment---I hate FIIIIIRST-style comments SO much. SAY SOMETHING USEFUL PLEASE.




This is not pink is the new blog. This is fourfour. It's in a whole different echelon of awesome. Show some respect and lose the Fiiiiirst comments.


thank god. i have been refreshing all morning to get a glimpse of your wonderful recap.

monday's suck...but not as much as angela!


and an addendum...

am i the only one (besides kors) who is getting seriously sick of uli? anyone? anyone?


Tim's "Oh Jesus"? Looped, it would be the perfect ringtone.


Honestly, Kayne's dreamcatcher?? I'm *dying* of laughter over here. Priceless!

(Oh, and today was one of those rare Mondays where I forget the PR recap is up, and then I find it on accident and it automatically elevates my day. Thank goodness for that.)


Hooray! It's Monday FourFour recap! I think Jeffrey is gonna win, which f'in sucks, though I am still rooting for Mikey. Zak Posen is dreamy, but looks like he's 12. Didn't Jia get hit by a BUS?!? Tim Gunn was all, "She'll be okay" when Vincent asked what happened. Understatement. Love it.

Cannot wait for ANTM on Wednesday - 12 girls with deep, almost terminal insecurities pitted against each other on who's prettiest. F'in GENIUS!


Yeah, Jia got hit by a bus. It said in the credits that she was in a bike accident which sounds like nothing. Yeah, a bike being hit by a BUS!



"She was dragged underneath the bus," her agent, Avenue Models' Javier Hernandez, told us [after the debut of PR season three]. "She fractured her skull and her eye socket and was in critical condition for three days. Now she has been in intensive care for a month."

I think "understatement" is an understatement.


Zac Posen is like 24 and is losing his hair- poor lil queenie.

Akbar Fazil

Ive seen the final 4's presentation at Fashion Week. (yes, im a bad spoiler junkie) Dont read if you dont want to know anything.

Based off of the outfits my money is on Jeffery being the next one to go home leaving Micheal, Laura and Uli in. And for the win? Micheal. (but then I thought Daniel was a shoe in last year for a win and Chloe won with her walking upholstry)


As much as I like Uli, every dress she makes has what I've come to know as the "Uli neckline". And I would've liked to have heard your opinion of Jeffrey's goth working girl outfit.


Jeffrey should have gone home. His outfit made his model look like Punky Brewster. Post boob-reduction, of course.


Did anyone else go to Emmett's store this weekend to see Tim Gunn? He's so cute in person! Such a dapper little Dan. Saw Emmett (of course), Nick Vereos, and maybe a female designer but I forget who. Kara? Someone said Allison was there but I didn't see her. Chloe, Kara, Nick and Emmett's clothes are on sale at the store. Chloe's stuff looks good. Kara's looks like a Jedi Night smoking jacket. Emmett's stuff is really stuffy. Nick's stuff is great.


Loved when Angela explained that as a bag designer, she often stuffs her bags with fabric to give them shape, and then opened that tiny bag and pulled out enough fabric to make a second dress. Priceless.

And does she own any skirts that don't look like an overstuffed diaper?


Angela and Vincent screwed up on this challenge so badly, it was embarrassing. But what I don't get is why Laura had a pattern with her at Mood. Is that from another challenge?

Penny Woods

Actually, um, hahaha, you're FOURRRRRRRRRRRRRTH.

Comments like the FIIIIIIIRST comment are the reasons why "first" comments should be never used in any blog entry--they make people look stupid.

Back to the recap--I don't know what I like better--the dreamcatcher dress by Mr. Bob Mackie of Project Runway, the 40-Year Old Virgin parody or Heidi's alien hair. Brilliant!


Regarding the fashion week spoiler -- I'd be bummed if Jeffrey isn't in the final 3. He's finally growing on me. And I certainly do not want to see FOURTEEN Uli dresses!


Did anyone catch that nasty look that heidi shot kors after he was done doing his Uli/German impression? icy!!

Ya'll can check out the Final Four runway show from NY's Fashion Week at the following link:


Just do a search on each designer & Enjoy...and Does Michael Kors only own ONE outfit???

Chris in L.A.

FYI...All of the Final Four get to show their collection during fashion week...we dont know which of the 4 are the top 3.


Your observations are simply priceless!

So what's on the table between Kayne and those shoes? Did Laura lend him her whip as inspiration?

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