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September 22, 2006



She's a pistol, alright!

And you, sir, shouldn't feel you have to go into an insane recap-publishing scramble for us.
We'll get 'em when we get 'em.

Oh, but GOD, they're gonna be sweet...


Ha! I'm so pathetic.


My only question, shouldn't Monique move down the street to Flav's house?


4 weeks of double recaps?
I'm beginning to think you might be some sort of super robot that will eventually take over the world and save us all.


I don't know... I feel like the girls this season know they're on ANTM a lot more than the previous girls did. A lot of them seemed to be acting way over-the-top just to get attention from the cameras. It was annoying.


Brooke has a Reese Witherspoon-ness that's enticing. Plus, she reminds me of my 6yr old niece, who's adorable - trust me. A little on the exhuberant side. Loving CariDee (the garter, MY GOD THE GARTER!!!). AJ rocks, but please don't be the girl who thinks she's ugly - no one likes that girl. She's annoying. Michelle Season 4 pulled that shit and it blew. I hope lesbo Megan makes it further then lesbo Kim did (C'mon, Twiggy!!). I dig the twins - they're hysterical together. EXHAUSTED ALREADY by Melrose (I prefer MissyRo), Devil Horns Megg (UGH) and Monique - sweet Christ, girl - you're respresentin' Chi-town. Quit acting like ASS. Anchul has a weird mummy mouth and scary saddle bags under her eyes. The ANTM photoshop artists gotta be working OVERTIME on her pics.


Oh Lord, Rich. You'll survive. It's only 4 weeks. Do you need a hug? Need to hug it out? I'm here if you need to hug it out, okay? :)


Ok, so isn't AJ the homeless chick with attitude that Janice Dickinson kicked to the curb because she didn't show up for the nose-job consultation?


i was hoping against hope that Brooke would be eliminated first.

It was not to be. And i am sad.


SSSSHHHHH!!! i haven't seen it yet!

i have to avert my eyes.


Megg totally reminds me of French Stewart.


I knew you'd love Brooke, couldn't understand why you didn't see her world of carebears and rainbows earlier.

With a cast this knowledgeable about Da Rulez of ANTM you know that this is going to be a crazy season

miss christy

OMG you were spot on about AJ being the "i can't" girl. I wish Janice D were there to rip her a new one. "I eat bitches like you for breakfast" hahaha
Also the twins look like fiona apple. and what was up with combining them in a "wondertwins-activate" sequence to make them the uberfrau??



Is there any chance of catching a re-run of last weeks episode before next Wednesday??? Date, Time?

Do they do that? If this show were on Bravo, there'd be about 12 re-runs before next week's show.

I'd like to see if I can get into this (only for the pleasure of reading Rich's recaps).



Is it me? Or is Megan the "spitting" image of Charlize Theron???!!


They rerun on Tuesdays, I think. Check your listings.
Brooke lives in the town right next to mine. Keller is an exburb, as is my town so they are squished up together.

Can someone buy some of these idiotic girls some self-esteem, please. I am tired of your whining. At least Brooke is having some fun, which is refreshing. The twins pictures were amazing, though.


Encores run Sunday at 9, it says here.




NOOOOOO!!!! :( That's so far away...


Posted by: Joe | September 22, 2006 at 10:57 AM: sweet Christ, girl - you're respresentin' Chi-town. Quit acting like ASS.
LOL - I couldn't have said it better myself! I was hating on Monique and her ghetto ass attitude (go back to Flavor of Love!) but I then remembered how she was called Blackula and made fun of for being dark skinned and I felt bad for her. What if she had to act Assy like that at home? What kind of dicks were her family if you have to "mark your territory" and take pride in being unaccomadating and uncooperative? Ugh, that is so sad.
I went into the new episode not feeling ANTM at all. I thought no one could top cycle 6 (I miss you Furonda, Joanie, Danielle and Jade!) but dammit all to hell if Miss Tyra didn't make me fall in love all over again. I love these nitwits!


I was thinking the exact same thing about Brooke. While I'd normally be inclined to detest such a cute little blonde person, I think she's a complete hoot and a half. I am salivating in anticipation of yet another stimulating Monday recap :D

Toothy Tile

So, I made a friend of mine watch ANTM with me. His response to seeing Anchal:

"Hmmm, doesn't she remind you of Nala from the Lion King?"


OH NO! The two gayest shows on tv right now: ANTM and Desperate Housewives will be on the same night at the same time. Now I know what it must feel like to be a normal person who watches Greys Anatomy and CSI.



Am I the only one that think the twins look like Robin Tunney from Prison Break?


Posted by: kdub | September 22, 2006 at 04:34 PM: Am I the only one that think the twins look like Robin Tunney from Prison Break?
NOOOOO!!!! I totally agree! Robin Tunney with a little Leelee Sobieski. And I agree with Joe (again!) that Brooke's got a Reese Witherspoon thing going on. Megg has a wants my boot up her ass thing going on (I say that with love - I can't really hate any of these lovable twits.)

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