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September 11, 2006


E :)

Richard Tyler = scary. Makes me not want to go home in case all Aussie men have morphed into him somehow...

Loved the Malandrino comment cards!


Okay, I totally just spit out my diet coke from Burger King while I read this. Once again, a brilliant recap. Rich, can we be boyfriends and run away together to Paris? We'll hang with Catherine and get off together.


Michael has already said that he's STRAIGHT... and isn't he too thin for your chub-loving homo ass?


Loved Ms. Cathy but my favorite part of the episode was the guy tossing eggs at them as they walked to the boat. I was hoping Jeffrey would have gotten smacked upside his head with one.

Gretchen Weiners

OMG the Sears portrait. My co-workers are coming over to see what I am pissing myself over. I don't need to see Vincent's tongue in any situation again ever in life. You get me off Rich.


I'm so going to get in trouble at work for laughing so loud at your ProjRun posts. Let me be the first to thank you for picking up on the homoerotic Metro pick-up between Jeffrey and the hottie French dude. Jeffrey's MySpace page is sexually ambiguous, so I'm thinking they hooked up later sans cameras. Also, the index cards were genius.


I want a sears portrait.

I'm reading Tim's Take, and he used the phrase "hot mess."
Referring to Kayne's design:
"And then there was the asymmetry of the top, including the lacing in the back. Add to these problematic factors his choice of an ombred silk for the skirt. It all added up to a hot mess."
Oh Tim, you're so hip, almost as hip as Rich.


Vincent humping the dress form is killing me.


The things Michael says don't mean he's gay, they mean he's black. That's all!


Regarding richard tyler:
(1) He has the best PR agent. Ever. She should get a Project Runway gown or something for getting him on the show.
(2) ... except for the intro where Heidi says something to the effect "he most recently designed the **uniforms for delta airlines**" (emphasis added).


I am slimy from the skeeve, and yet can't stop myself from listening. Rich makes it hurt so good!


I thought Kayne's dress was pretty.

Maybe I'm a pageant queen like him deep down inside :P

angela Morrill

soooo good. my favorite part of watching is you baby.


I actually thought Kayne's dress was the best, not Jeffrey's freakish table cloth thing. But maybe I just can't see past his assholiness and his memento neck tattoo.

Either way, I was both turned on and turned off.


Am I the only one who thinks Laura looks GREAT without the make-up. I mean, pretty much better? She pulls of the dark lipstick, but I love the natural look on her.


Your recap est parfait! I'm giggling like a school girl over the recap. Love, love, love the Maladrino ventiliquist dummy idea. Loved the self-reference to Vincent humping the dummy. Richard Tyler is the epitome of skeevy... And I thank the merciful God in heaven that the producers spared us any more of Vincent's disgusting verbal ejaculations than what they did show.

I assumed that Jeffrey somehow arranged for someone to throw eggs at the other contestant's models. Then again, I'm a conspirasist at heart.

jack e. jett

no matter how hard these fine folks try...they will never reach the high standards of a jackclyn smith. her collection two years ago at k mart was to die for.

jack jett

The Fury of Bea Arthur

okay, i totaly barfed my whopper onto my cubical mate while simultaneously peeing my undies, moaning orgasmically and laughing hysterically while my head spun in 360 degree revolutions. All my office mates came running while I spasmodically farted with pleasure. BEST RECAP EVAHHHHHHHH. Oooooh, my God, wait, wait .... I'm still peeing. Ooops, herecomes some more whopper .... nope, that's Mr. Phipps. Oh gosh, there it goes again.

There's a lot of bodily functions mentioned in these comments.


Maybe for season four the designers will win an internship at KMART with Jacklyn Smith designers!


Did anyone catch what Jeffrey's tattoo stood for? I've seen the episode 3 times, but I can't understand what he says. Something about his son? He has a son? I can't believe a woman would have sex with him, let alone birth his spawn.


Oh, and Kayne's dress was the best. I absolutely loved it. Jeffrey's looked cheap.


I'm so glad you have a clip of vincents tounge. This whole episode I was screaming at the TiVo..BOOT HIM BOOT HIM!!!! I'm sooo glad he's off the show!

Penny Woods

Yes, I know he's gone. I'm still hurting.

But on another note, the only thing that would've made the Kayne-as-stereotypical-Frenchman audio clip worse would be an animated GIF of his, um, whatever he did.

Oh, wait...


love the recap!!!!!

Kayne, if you're reading this, I LOVED your dress. I think the back was wonderful!

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