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September 14, 2006



"Seriously, I didn't know how I was going to handle 2 hours of skinny bitches on top of 1 hour of snippy (hee!) bitches (and that's in addition to, you know actual work, which generally revolves around plain old bitches)." - Rich

I guess you are just bitched out, huh? LOL.


Hate them both. Heart you.

That's so sweet of them to make fun of poor people.


hahahha. nicole richie looked like she wanted to die....TWICE...when they got to the 99¢ store. something else for her to throw up about.


Fuck! Did anyone else hear some woman yell, "You're so pretty, Ty-raaaaaa"? Tyra so stealthily ignored the compliment hurled at her, I'm left assuming Tyra hears this shit all day, everyday. I just KNOW celebs think we're all fawning starfuckers, and thanks to people like that woman in the Dollar Store, who can blame them?


THEORY: Okay, I've been thinking about this and I had to tell someone.
I've been noticing alot of similarities between Danielle (winner of ANTM Danielle) and Micheal of Project Runway.
1. First of all, I think they kind of look like they could be brother and sister. They kind of have similar face shapes... no?
2. They both have/had kinda funky teeth.
3. They are both from the south, and if Arkansas isn't considered the south Danielles infamous accent certainly makes up for that.
4. They both use the word jugular/jugulah. Micheal says "I'm going for the jugular," in one of the bonus online videos for episode 10.

Has ayone else noticed this? Maybe this means Micheal will win!!


i LOVE the banner!


Tyra needs to be more careful around Bones. Girl is going to turn to dust if Tyra manhandles her anymore.


Yes, I'm sure that's Tyra's favorite store. I believe that as much as I believe she uses Cover Girl cosmetics!


Was Nicole rocking a Vincent Libretti original during the walk-off?


I can't ever get through a Tyra Clip without having to close my eyes and close my ears at some point out of sheer embarassment for her.


Tyra is off the hook crazy. She and Little Vinny should "make beautiful music" together (shudder).
Nicole! You are such a pretty girl, if only you'd EAT A SANDWICH.
I was wondering just last night how you will handle the overlap. I can only speak for myself, but I will happily wait for a quality post, so don't lose any beauty sleep or skip out on fun Williamsburg happenings on account of us.


well, i think Tyra is full of shit most of the time, but i am absolutely certain that at least her weaves are purchased at the 99-cent store. Zing!


Wait, No PR next week???? jigga wha?


Oh and By the way, major banner love! Waiting for Guffman is the shit yall!

Penny Woods

This is even more brilliant: Tyra pretending to be Beyonce.

Okay, so I think it's brilliant. Everyone else, maybe not.


"Snippy bitches."

Hee, indeed!


My favorite part of the video is when Tyra is handing Nicole her "prize weeve" for winning the walkoff and just as Tyra is about to put it in her hair, Nicole grabs that shit and wraps it around her neck in an act of desperation.

Thanks for the Tyra video Penny, it was great. Yet another reminder that Tyra will never be the next Oprah.


I feel so bad for both of them :(

And no PR next week? Aww, that means no recap! I don't know how I can survive that. But I am SO looking forward to ANTM.

And, Scout, people yell that at me, too. ...I'm not saying they should. I'm just saying it's common for people with no social skills to just yell something at some one, like that, even if they mean it in a nice way. It's best just to ignore it.


ha ha I love Tyra! She's such a chicken head. It's great! I can't wait for ANTM! It will be awesomes!


ha ha I love Tyra! She's such a chicken head. It's great! I can't wait for ANTM! It will be awesomes!


Tyra Banks, liar and camera-whore, showing her friend Nicole (who, incidentally, didn't gain brains when she lost weight) where poor people go!

...At least, that's what the producers said after they got that smelly old lady to say funny things about television.



tyra takes my energy when she does that kind of thing.


how awesome is that old lady? "i watch the fresh prince for bel-air." well then you SHOULD know who tyra banks is, shouldn't you?


Please blog Survivor. Only you can do a recap good enough for that show. I read a few other recap sites and they don't even come close to yours. Please, please!!

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