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What a fugly bedroom!

Gretchen Weiners

Keith Coogan... lol. Megg has no business being there except to ammuse us. I can't wait for Monique to get all Tiffany next week when someone hangs up the phone on her. Maybe even the word weave will be used. Let's cross our fingers!

Ms. Pants

"Dishes are done dude."


the tyra reel is hilarious. utterly hilarious. but not even a glimpse of little megan, the little pixie? pretty please, next week?




Ah...the first recap! Let the games begin. My Mondays are now complete. Anchal is beautiful, but she doesn't scream, high fashion. The anorexic twins may end up the winners. They have the hungry Kate Moss vibe down. CariDee is the new Jade.


Not a single mention of Megan...!


omg rich, i don't get the full effect of the awesomeness of antm until i read your recaps. kudos!


I really wanted Jaselene to make it to the finals! I kinda loved her...she reminded me SO much of Ms Chi Chi (I think that was her name...) From To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar lol...great recap! :o)


It's just that much funnier to rideculus music and fourfour 4evr!
God that was noobish...


God pless you, Richie.


Rich, you're right, the camp thing is totally self-conscious now. I haven't seen the really early seasons--has ANTM has always realized what a joke it was, or did it take itself more seriously at first?

Chris Hassiotis

Megg = Uggh. I imagine her going to a rock and roll show and ROCKING OUT and then crying when the dudes in the band seem a little put off by her front-row "rock" antics. Seriously, if you have to insist that you rock... well...


i'm so glad you started with the vag arms; i pointed out their significance to my unschooled friend the moment they made their Cycle 7 debut...

you must watch the "Tyra" "reunion" "show" which previewed the house, and revealed the HUGE NEVER-BEFORE-TOLD SECRET that it is tyra doing the "na na na na na naaa"s in the theme song. to which the studio audience just yelled back "WE ALREADY KNEW" as if attenting a disastrous pantomime. will tyra ever choose? the piano of tragedy sure got played out this episode. but will there be a "by the time i am thirty, i will be completely blind" moment? stay tuned!

and blackula? shit, my brother called me fishbelly, bellmoose, nicholas (i suppose if i were FTM it would be my tranny name), lardass, mophead among others, and hell, i ain't fake pissing on nobody's bed.

Chris Hassiotis

Also, re: Anchal. So attractive when she's speaking or smiling, but then her mouth pretty much disappears when it's closed. Freaky.


Brilliant recap!


AH, I'm so excited to be back here! Wonderfully hilarious recap as always. Very detailed! Missing the Imagine That segment muchly, but I hope it reinstates itself soon.

I totally LOVED Melrose's foetal crying thing! But then, I do love Melrose.


OMG! Tyra's stupid acting over the top crazy model thing was annoying!!

Rich, I disagree about the Twins. I dont find them attractive at all. Can they please eat? They need some hips and boobs! And I love how they both got the eating disorder photos, subtile huh?

Monique hun, be glad I'm not on ANTM with ya. I would have beat your ass if you stole my bed. Andy quit whining, you're not that dark honey!


worst. episode. ever.
but your recap makes it all worthwhile.

also, the second the Aswirl twins appeared, i thought of you. Is that awesome or incredibly sad? I vote for the former.


miss cleo predicts: anchal will produce a more fishy picture than lluvy.

(sidenote: chris h., this is freaky!)

Crazy about the girl

I read somewhere that this season's contestants are very stale copies of previous contestants and I totally agree with it. The Twins are plain and not fashion-model material at all (except for the eating disorder look, of course). The Indian girl has no mouth at all - from certain angles she looks hideous (and it's not even in a fashionably hideous way). Rich is correct - that AJ pic was awesome. She had a little Linda Evangelista moment there. She could win - she has a sad story (what kind of cancer was it?), she looks like a ugly duckling but could really shine. I'd hope that one of the blond girls wins since we haven't had blond winners so far, and blond sells.


I love Anchal, but she looks like Warrick Dunn around the mouth area. And I'm soooo not buying the racial travesty that is Monique. Was she alive when Blacula came out? Hell, were her PARENTS alive when Blacula came out? *yawn*


Brooke looks like Kelly Martin from Life Goes On and those twins look like fuglier (if that was possible) versions of Fiona Apple.

And Danielle "Dani" has clearly done fuck-all after her win because I needed to put on the teletext just to figure out what she was saying. Way to learn how to speak, whore!


rich you are the best. tyra is the hammiest.


Tyra totally reminded me of Flattop from Dick Tracy with that beat up looking hair. Is she getting her hair from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves now??? Yick!
Btw, AJ's photo was HOT! The twins had awesome pics too. And I have to give it up to my dumb blonde girls, LOVE THEM! I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about Tyra's explanation on Model Angry vs. ugly angry. It was classic.

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