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September 04, 2006



I love you!

haha cant wait till tuesday!


sad times, i am dying to hear your thoughts on angela.

Did you hear about Steve Irwin?
Rest In Peace, crocodile hunter..


I always worried about Steve. RIP.

Enjoy your holiday Rich; see you Tuesday.


Wait..? Those were hook and eyes? Does that mean his pants split in half or something?


Enjoy your day off Rich. And for the record, Jeffrey's pants were a HOT PUNK ROCK MESS.


Those crotchstones were ridiculous! I thought that codpieces went out of style when Shakespeare kicked it...


I heard about that. RIP Steve. Poor Bindi Sue, Bob & Terri.


i will play outside today instead of reading recap. I will wait until tomorrow and will not complain.
have a great day and triple thx for Living Dolls. It has been on my Tivo wish list for months.
I can't wait to have time to watch it in one setting.
maybe it will rain today.


I wish I could go outside. It's cold, gloomy and grey here. YUCKY!!

yawning dog

So, you knew we have been checking in anxiously awaiting your PR post.

jack e. jett

who it this person in the above photo. i wathced this show for the first time last night and must say i didn't know what to make of him. is he just arrogant? does he have a reason to be so pissy? is he gay?
i don't get it cause i don't care about clothes. this guy looks like he is missing a penis.

on another note all together.

really bummed about steve irwin. thought he was the coolest aussie in the world.

how cool that he died doing what he loves.
i gues for me that would be eating krispy creme doughnuts.

sad and pathetic isn't it?

jack e. jett


I feel bad about steve, but have you also heard that Willi Ninja died today?


"He died doing something he loved." why do people say that? he's still dead!

it's 96 degrees in sacramento, and the air is bad.

bitch bitch bitch


Hey Rich, I went outside.
And then I came back.


*patiently waiting*


on a completely unrelated subject:

like a blind clairvoyant lady who may be dead

You made my monday morning.


But it's raining outside...



It's Tuesday and I am barely able to stay alive waiting for the recap. Hurry!


dude, hurry! it's like waiting for santa claus!

Mark Rose

What? Macy's can't spell Jeffrey? How many ways are there to spell Jeffrey? They spelled his name wrong in the window of "the biggest store in the world" and I can't get through to anyone to correct it. BTW, I caught up with Angela in Manhattan. For misspelled Jeffrey and misplaced Angela see: http://markrose.org/jeffrey.htm


Rich, no offense, but *which* Tuesday will the PR3 Mom recap be up? I'm dying to see it!

Since there was SO much good material to work with, perhaps it's taking longer than usual.

If you're creating a Mom masterpiece and we must wait, so be it. If you're taking a break, enjoy!

Meanwhile, I'll check back every day. :)


she should be on Celebritypuke.com with her tossing chunks!

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