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All of the designs sucked this week. Snore.
I agree. Uli's dress was cute but still "a flowy, beachy printed chiffon". Isn't that what Uli's been doing since the first episode?????


I'm elated that there's a recap today! Yay! Perfect as usual... but I was sure you were going to include when Uli said something like "Tune in to watch Uli not finish her dress. Project Runway, watch what happens."


great recap...lame show.

for a second there at the end, i thought she was going to auf jeffrey AND michael, and make it a battle of the bitches.

disappointing to say the least.


did anyone else notice that laura is actually wearing that very dress in one of the promo spots?

i didn't like michael's final collection and have lost all hope that he will win. which is really neither here nor there because they'll all get work regardless of who wins.

plus, wasn't chloe supposed to be the only one with that saturn car? then we see kara janx and daniel v in *their* saturns galavanting about the city. so is there really an advantage for winning the whole thing?

Yay surprise recap! That totally made my morning fabulously glamourous, or something like it. thanks! <3


Disappointing week, but I really enjoyed your Fraggle Rock reference!


Wow, awesome Friday surprise! Thanks for the fabulous recap!

Is it wrong for me to admit that I loved Jeffrey's design?


Edit - disappointing - the show - not your recaps which always entertain. Loved your new products especially the depressing phone sex line..very funny.


As snore! i love it. i always hated those assholes.

Real Girl

Tastes like insides!



Wonderful recap, Rich...because this episode was wiggity whack in my opinion. Although I didn't like Jeffrey and Michael's designs, I will give them credit for at least stepping outside of their norms and designing different garments. Uli had her hippie dress (just shorter!) and Laura had her circa 1920s, The Great Gatsby, flapper dress come down the runway. My roommate and I felt that Uli should have been auf'd on Wednesday.

But look how different Uli's OFW designs are. I love Uli!


Oh yeah, I forgot: I love the Knight Porridge pic. Too funny!

Jeffrey should have been cut. Look at his betsy ross design and check out the hem at the bottom of the's so not straight. I love Laura. She is fabulously glamourous and her designs are amazing. Go Laura!


Rich, you aren't going to speak on the accusation that Jeffrey cheated in creating his final collection??

Laura's designs are ho-hum..Michael is going to do well regardless...I bet his does well regardless of whether he wins or loses. By the way..what are the past winners doing now??

I'm rooting for the brother!!! ATL stand up!


HBIC? I think interviewing those FoL ladies is beginning to affect your vocab (and thirst for bloodlust).

I think Michael's design this week, as those for the runway show, should put the gay rumors to rest. It's all "I want to see some titties," and "I made a white girl look like she has an ass." At the end of the day, it's as tasteful as Versace.


Oh, and I'm not surprised that the last time Jeffrey made a dress like that someone cried though I'm not sure it was because the dress was so "beautiful."


I completely spit my lunch out looking at the porridge box. Rich, your deadpan makes me snicker out loud at work. I look like I have schizophrenia and it's all your fault! Keep up the good work!


isn't it funny when the recaps are way better than the shows? you (fraggle) rock, rich.


Fantastic recap, Rich! Reading this makes my day.

Now for my shameful admission: I love Uli's clothes. I want to own one of her dresses so badly I can taste it! I thought her OFW collection was fantastic. While I adore Michael (and actually thought his dress this week was HOT, which only my hubby apparently agreed with), I was sorely disappointed by his OFW collection.

I seriously hope Keith provides some fireworks next week. Can't wait for that recap now *rubbing hands manically*!


Hee-hee, Laura's kind of bopping her head along to Nina's dance.

I'm glad you've come over to the Jeffrey-side.

I thought his dress was cool, very French Revolutionary; which is ahead of the trends, since "Marie Antoinette" isn't even out yet.


did anyone else notice that Bravo showed the phone number of Jeffrey's girlfriend when she sent over that video message of their son? i had to send a text to her! unfortunately, no reply.


Love Love Love the Betsy Ross analogy.

Love Love Love Four Four!


As Snore and the Bang Bang allusion made me guffaw. Boring episode, top-notch recap (as always).


On a random note, I just notieced that Michael Showalter (from "Stella") has a couple of Project Runway blogs in his September archives (the 10th and the 16th). Cute.

Loose end comments...
Clarissa scares me. She reminds me of the Wicked Witch. She and Nazri have some serious undereye issues ( but so do I, so I love them all the more). Amanda looked like a slack-jawed yokel.

"Betsy Ross Weeps". Remember Jeffrey was talking about how he'd made a similar dress that made people cry? I wonder what that was all about.

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