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October 30, 2006


trick please

Funny, funny stuff. I'm glad to see Brooke go for some reason. I'm liking the twins more and more.


I thought the same thing about CariDee. It's like theres nothing wrong with her, so now they have to invent stuff.


o no not concepcion! what was that song she sang about soap or something like that. jeez how young was i when that movie came out? you really took it way back.


I LOVED the Judy Blume reference.....genius!

I always thought Altoosa looked like a Goblin!


wow I'm the first to leave a comment? I feel so cool LOL! Great recap as always. I am still crying over Brooke and will welcome her into my bed anytime LOL


Aww the incredible shrinking woman AND judy blume all in the same recap.

I'll be missing Brooke, but really we all did know her days were numbered. But they could have kept her around until AFTER the most ironic day possible to eliminate her.

And say what you will about Melrose, I think she'll be around for alot longer than everyone thinks.

Oh and thank you for FINALLY coming out with the Anchal bashing.


Brilliant! Meredith Viera/Fabio was a gem! Thanks, Rich.


Eugena would be PERFECT on Flavor of Love. Rich, please pull some strings over at VH-1. Great recap as always!


"You'll be ripped from the corner as though Patrick Swayze is your guardian angel."
Oh lord haha u are the only reason I still watch ANTM.
Too much love


tyra is wearin.me.out. every ounce she gains seems to add on a pound of bitchyness. not the tybaby i know and love. like that comment to brooke after elimination about her graduation. so tired, tyra.

also her clothes look so uncomfortable, I wanna go change my outfit.

"paneer thighs"! Too funny. (And I say that as an Indian-American woman)


Your recaps make my week. I'm both disappointed and happy that you didn't include the Melrose/Fabio simulated sex session. Disappointed because it was such a show-stealing moment for me, happy because I don't think my lunch would have stayed down as I re-visited it.


I can't stand it that Brooke is gone...Jaeda has taken worse photos and bitches about her hair all the time.
I'm on the Caridee train now.
And...I hate Melrose...but I also love her. She teeters on the edge of Jade creepy but does it all surreptitiously. Kudos...even I am getting the wool pulled over my eyes.
Good post.
RIP Brooke - the show won't be the same without you.


Aw, AmandaTori. Poor thing.

I love Tori to bits, but homegirl does have a cracked grill.


I love in the photo where they covered Atoosa's name that she looks like an orge next to the two men and that one guy looks scared to death.
You hit the mark on Tyra's dress, it is so very wrong, I'm waiting for her to break out the stripes.


Rectangle tongues scare me. The End.


love it. missed the episode this week, but it's sitting waiting on dvr. now i'll fill in the blanks from the recap.

SO! did anyone else read about how the cw (or whatever) is cracking down on tyra's weight gain?? according to some rumor sites, they're telling her to stop expanding. oh tyra. oh oh tyra.

Emily McBrush

I think Atoosa looks more like Madame of Hollywood Squares fame!


My monday morning coffee would not be complete without nother great post! Finally, the Anchal love has turned to Caridee.

Atoosa (obtusah), Meredith (Fabio), the bird of paradise and Wonder Woman are the characters that make up this week's installment of "the destruction of Tyra Banks"


i love reading your recaps almost as much as i love watching and making fun of the show myself. ;)

personally, i'm most annoyed with jaeda right now. why is she there?!? she seems completely miserable and i think i take far too much enjoyment out of the fact that they make her the most masculine of all characters for each photo shoot. and each time she has to remind everybody how uncomfortable that makes her because she's "the pretty girl". shut up, SHUT UP!


Miss Jay = Roadrunner



Jaeda says "icky" a lot. She's a bit prissy for a man.


LOL!!! That comment about Fabio looking like Meredith Vieira without the hormones totally made my day!!!


WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in God's name is Jaeda-wanna Mann still in there? She can't take good pictures (I did like the Terminator one but that's not a good look for a model). She bombed with the interviewing competition. She has a lousy attitude and if I hear her whining about her hair one more time I'm gonna go Videodrome on her ass and strangle her through my TV screen.

Eugena is annoying but I don't understand why the judges tore her a new one.

Anchal is really just so stupid sometimes. Maybe she needs to wire her jaw shut like that chick did in the Real World. So that way she won't eat as much and we don't have to listen to her insipid blabber. Everyone wins!

Brooke: You were too nice and wholesome for this train wreck. I'm sorry Tyra decided to rub your nose in it after you got the boot.

Caridee, Melrose and one of the creepy twins for the final 3.


The Marilyn Manson eye just about made me wet myself. Didn't see that one coming. I live for your recaps. The only thing I think is missing is any sort of reference to how crappy the prizes are this year! I guess the CW doesn't get the kind of sponsorship that UPN did or something.

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