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"I think it'd make more sense to promote the above kind of look and similar shots instead of the weekly traveling freak show, but that's just me." AMEN MY BROTHAH!!!!
I will miss you Tracy Flick. Now who will organize the student council Spring Fling bake sale?
Is it just me, or does anyone else fail to see the mountains of blubber on Anchal? True, she is more vavavavoom than her peers, but girlfriend ain't fat, she's hot. I wouldn't call the flenser just yet (shout out to J.Blume - haaaaayyy!)
And whoa! Is Altoosaw really that ginormous? Is she a giantess? No, really, I want to know - is she standing on something, because she looks like she's 7 feet tall.
Cat-Walking down a dining table: stupidest challenge ever, and believe me that's saying something this season.
One final thing: I don't think Tyra is fat, but she is certainly fatter than she used to be, so I agree that she needs to adjust her wardrobe choices accordingly. On the one hand I want her to wear things that flatter her now more voluptuous figure. On the other hand, I admire people who let their freak flag fly, or in this case let their vagina arms breath. Air it out Ty-ty! Air it out! We are all the more entertained.


I can't believe how little airtime Beau Quillian got this past episode. He got super skinny and jawboney hot. RAWR!

Miss Lisa

I've noted that Eugenia looks a lot like Sasha BRATZ doll. Maybe the show should do a BRATZ shoot--after all, the dolls, unlike some of the show's contestants, have a "passion for fashion."


For anyone living in New York and picked up the New York Times Magazine this weekend, Amanda is featured in a fashion story called, "I Put A Spell On You."

The photoshoot itself is less to be desired, but she looks pretty cool in a couple of shots.


poor Brooke is gone,, and on her FREAKIN graduation, yes Vitamin C song would be perfect, the princess will be missed!

Anchal is one hot mama, and Caridee is a clingy octopus, love her too. She reminds me of Chrissy from Three's Company.


You know when a model retires, she's required to wear all the makeup from the counter and gain tons of weight.



I think I'm in love with Melrose, but I'm too ashamed to admit it to myself. Remember when the bully kid in "Welcome to the Dollhouse" warns Dawn not to tell anyone they're hooking up? It would be like that. It's terrible, but what am I supposed to do?

Dr. Grissom

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that Tyra was perhaps unnecessarily bitchy with poor eliminated Brooke. There's Brooke, crying--to the other girls, her friends--about missing her graduation, and Tyrant jumps down her throat about how there are a lot of girls who would "love" to be in her place. Eliminated from the show? Not really!

Is it just me, or have the judges gotten a lot MEANER this season?


No comment on Tyra's horrible bitchy comments as Brooke was leaving? They were just waiting for her graduation day so they could eliminate her for MAX DRAMA and then snipe at her for actually caring about something other than the show.


Excellent recap as always. Perfect description of Tyra's AWFUL outfit!


"Fabio is Meredith Vieira minus hormone replacement therapy."
I cannot believe how true and insanely funny this is.


I'm gonna kill you for that Fabio/Meredith observation! I'm dying ... pure evil. just evil.


You'd think Michelle would have been all over Fabio - I mean, he's like a big ol lesbian. Long hair, huge tits and muscles. Hop on, baby dyke! Brooke was a firecracker, but all her pics were Junior Miss - I loved how you surmised Tyra played "The Graduation Song" as she cried, just to pump up the emotion. That or "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan. Gets me everytime. CariDee - man, what can't she do? Growl, strip, flash Brooke her panties, drop it like it's HOT on a crowded dinner table? Look and learn, bitches!

rockin robin

i'll miss brooky brooke. she was so sweet. tyra is a mess and she did look god-awful in that dress!


poor brooke... but then again, i practically begged to not have to go to my hs graduation so i can't relate.

there's no way that was jaeda's best shot!!


I can see Brooke on TV, Veronica Mars, Buffy TV. Also, too short, too short, like hmmmmm, maybe Melrose. And, you could say that Mellie is too old, too too old. I just hope Anchal gets so depressed that she swallows her whole.




Inspired. You elevated that hour of CW to an art form. I just knew Jaeda scared me, but brilliant Terminator reference!

Unfortunately, your Judy Blume reference is right on..did you read the one about the guy with wet dreams? That was disturbing for a girl (me) to read - and my mom thought it was porn or something..

I hope the readers who like to give you crap for being "late" with posts are sending you some love and kissing your ass!

last of all, so right about Tyty, at least we can understand her retirement makeup "philosophy".

Penny Woods

So it's okay for Tyra to be airbrushed for her photos but it wasn't alright for, say, Keenyah to eat chicken, get a gut and then take a photo without the retouchers airbrushing the hell out of that dancing with the horny natives photo from Cycle 4. I'm confused.


I used to love Brooke, but now I'm glad she's gone. I can't stand kids putting themselves up like that. "Look at me, I'm so young, and I've graduated from high school, and I'm forced to grow up! Wow! Like, that's SO tough!" Bitch, we all did it before you and didn't get a prize for it, so shut up.

Now I hope they get rid of that fake bitch Anchal, then CariDee, and then Melrose and Eugena, and maybe Jaeda, and then I think I'll be enjoying the show. Like Eugena said, "these girls seem really generic."

Oh, and speaking of CariDee, she doesn't just remind me of Brittany (C4). She's actually more like a cross between Brittany and Sara (C6). Don't like her at all.


i have to admit that i got teary-eyed when brooke was eliminated. i think it was hearing her sob. i liked brooke, but i didn't think she'd win, so it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise when she got sent home. but it was her graduation night and she missed it and ANTM is cruel like that! i'm rooting for caridee or one of the twins.

oh, and how disturbing was the fabio shoot? awesome, great tv, but disturbing.


The white says, "This is what I would look like if I didn't eat." The gray says, "Pass the mayo."



Rich, your weekly blog is the only reason why I still watch ANTM. Jaeda = T2 = Priceless.


i just need to make the request that we stop with the "first" comments. there are other people on the internet! and the ones who say first are neevvvver first. and then it looks all pathetic and no one wants to read the rest of your comment, even if it was maybe awesome. it's a bad day for everyone.


Great recap :)

Ms. I Need Hair to Feel Feminine needs to go. You don't need hair, you need a vagina.

Ben Plymale

I basically died after, "Oh my god, is that lady bisexual or whatever?"


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