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lol the Judy Blume bit had me rolling! Jaeda's b&w shot was uncannily like that rollerskating vamp from Fright Night 2.


were you aware of this? apparently it is one "Tisha Campbell" as Miss Tyra herself. Hmmmmm......


I LOVE your blogs! I followed your ProjRun ones, and speaking instead of Angela's weird sad eyes,now its Eugena's weird DEAD eyes.

antm is life

ok so i think that melrose is going to win, i think shes an amazing model, i donmt liek her personality at all but shes won what EVERY CHALLENGE?? basically so yeah


What annoyed me most about this episode is when Brooke got boot, she cried about how she's missing her HS graduation for this. It was lame of Tyra to 'put her in her place' by asking Brooke "do you realize how many girls want to be in your place?" (or something to that effect).
Bitch, please! I'm sure Tyra (or any other girl/contestant) would feel the same way having been booted off this show on the same night of their HS grad.
Tyra Banks has no heart.


I've been laughing my ass of AT WORK! I'm so getting fired because of you!

"Fabio is Meredith Vieira minus hormone replacement therapy" - damn! I can't even copy paste that without giggling.

And Sutan... hot!


well played, rich, well played.

is it just me or is Anchal Four Eggs = Paneer Thighs started to remind anyone of Gina?

speaking of wonderwoman Mr Jay is the new host for CNTM....


Concepcion, ah the memories....

I think it's awful that this video is simply described as "Latino girl dances around..." I guess they all look the same to him.


did you totally call this challenge ages ago?


Why is everybody feeling sorry for Brooke over this? She chose to do ANTM rather than finish her senior year, and she was all proud of herself for it in her audition, so cry me a river. For once Tyra was right... Make your choices and live with them. Brooke was just looking for sympathy. She's lucky she didn't get that "wap wap wap" faux-sad duck sound they make.


Oh my Christ, you did NOT just reference Concepcion from The Incredible Shrinking Woman. I think I peed a little from that.

display frame

I think children, especially younger ones, are sensitive to the presence of other folk much like animals are. Would tend to conclude that whatever might be around, if baby isn't re/acting unusually, it's friendly.

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This was so beautiful. What happened on the bus made me tear up reading it. It's wonderful that you still think about and honor your grandmother. Happy Dia de los Muertos and thank you for sharing this story.

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That was beautiful and made me use up at least 4 tissues. Your Grandma would be so proud of you, obviously the seeds she planted have flourished.

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