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October 31, 2006



When I first looked at the photo I thought Winston had got himself into a thing of rice cripsies so it's very good! Good job!


lol!! happy halloween rich!! i sure would like a bite of winston's sweetness right now!:D


OH MY GOD, he's like a giant poundcake!!!


Holy Crap this is amazing. Halloween is now offically the best holiday ever. I am going to steal Winston.


I think it's mean to have a favorite kitty. Rudy has feelings ya know.


Winston's the BEST! :D
hhahahaha, he's looking great in this, I agree, keep it permanently!


angela Morrill

you make me so happy. oxox.


Oh my damn, this is amazing. Winston looked super pissed to be stuck in a costume.

I'm a dork...I got my dogs costumes from Old Navy. One is a little black t-shirt w/ a glow in the dark skeleton and the other is a little black and orange tutu skirt with fake spiders. My dogs are all going to attack me one day and I can't even blame them for it...


No one expresses shame quite like Winston. It's all in the eyes.


I'm sure you weren't really thinking it, but I'm glad you made a pseudosnarky comment about Saw. I'm so sick to death of movies that equate scary with gore. Gore isn't scary. If it was, then Discovery Health would be the scariest channel ever!


The look of indignity on Winston's face is something I shall never forget. Which is reason enough to do it, believe me - I don't know what it is about us gay boys and our cats, we just live to humiliate them. I think we just resent their attitude of superiority and want to knock them down a notch. "Oh, too good to sit on my lap, bitch? Now you're a Rice Krispie treat. Enjoy that." HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!


Rudy's my favorite.. he's adorable :x


Winston is lookin' deelishis.

By the way - it's not only gay men who love to humiliate their cats. I do it just because the look on their little faces makes me laugh my ass off.


I think that's the best thing I've ever seen. What a great job you did!

But now you're going to have work extra hard to make Rudy look better next year. Can't be playing favorites, y'know?


I think it's an improvement for Rudy.

If I had to compete against Winston for cuteness I'd wear a sheet over my head too!


That might be one of the more awesome things I've ever seen. Nice work.


You and the boyfriend put me to shame! I wanted to make a Jambi costume for my 4 year old nephew and didn't even know where to begin. And yet you guys made a RICE KRISPY TREAT costume for your cat! YOU GUYS are good parents!
Rudy looks so cute, very Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. How the hell are you going to keep the sheet on him?!


man..i can't tell you how much i adore the cat updates. it's ridiculous. i squeal with glee and forward them to my friends.. happy halloween!


Winston always looks pissed/indignant/ridiculously cute. That's what makes him Winston, innit?

That costume has me in hysterics. The best part is his cute li'l parts poking out the bottom. Tee hee!

And frankly, I think Rudy has the better end of the deal; he may not be the "favorite," but he's also not constantly harassed. ;)


I feel like your cats shoot you looks like that a lot.


Oh, man, that picture of Winston has me howling. The look on his face is priceless. I want a Winston.


Rudy actually looks a bit like an owl in that picture. Even cuter!


i love it! at first i thought the rice crispy was a bale of hay...


Poor Rudy. I actually liked him as a pimp, as per an earlier post.


But more importantly, what are you and the bf going to be??

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