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OK. That does it. Winston as a rice krispie treat is forcing me to tell you that your blog has brought me such great joy thru a pretty depressing and lonely period of my life. KEEP GOING. You are so freakin hilarious.


oh my gawsh.

that cat pic is BEYONNNND adorable !!!







Really... I have never laughed so hard. Really. What kind of cat is that?? I'm looking for a cat to call my own and that is the exact type of cat I'd love to have.


I thought it was some sort of corn combobulation at first!! LOVE the krispie treat...that far beats out the pirate costume my sons kitty wore (which was made for a small dog and as such does not have the same size shoulders as a cat and requires the cat be all hunchback, which I felt ADDED to the costume, but the kitten seemed to not appreciate it so much!).


Although the costumes are adorable, all I can think of when I see Winston is the idea of biting into a rice krispie square and hair.

Not that I know what that's like around my household. Oh, no.

hot melt glue gun

Thanks so much for this piece. I am just starting, in my mid-fifties - to go for success in writing. I appreciate it!

hot melt glue gun

This post absolutely made my day. Your optimism and integrity are inspiring. If I was hiring for any job, I'd hire you!

china glue gu

This was the scariest story to me!!! I would run out of the room rather than hear it re-told, that caused trouble when it was my classroom I was running out of. I was afraid I'd dream about it, a fear I had about pretty much everything as a child...
Well told.
Happy Halloween!

hot melt glue guns

When you have a black cat, every day is Halloween. I enjoyed this and I have to admit I would not miss the holiday if it disappeared in the states, too. It lost its charm when the litte fun size candy bars appeared. Cheap!

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