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You don't happen to have video footage of Winston wondering around in that costume, do you?


Oh how cute!!!

winston for president

Yay, Rudy! I was starting to think that he WAS actually a ghost. Heh. And Winston... oh, I have no words to express how much I adore that picture. I think it's a good thing that my landlady doesn't allow cats, because I'd be dressing them up EVERY single day in little sweaters and tutus and other crazy shit.

Ummm, what? Anyway, happy Halloween!


I heart Winston. More, more Winston, please.


"Winston always looks pissed/indignant/ridiculously cute. That's what makes him Winston, innit?"

Dex, you nailed it. And the above is why we love Winston.


sweet fucking jesus. i love you guys.

Willie's Severed Head

Rich... you're the best. Cannibal Holocaust!?! It's a Deuce all-time favorite.


that is the greatest pet costume i have ever seen. what breed of cat is winston? i must have one.


Love, love, love Winston's costume. Made my day. Happy Halloween!

rockin robin

winston's expressions are pricelss! :P


Winston has a "what the hell?" look on his face...LOL


"Rudy looks so cute, very Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin."

You nailed it mariaaaaaaaa. He is giving perfect homage to The Great Pumpkin. Thanks for making our Halloween Rich.

Leanna, Rosita Chaquita, and Tilda Boo


So freakin' great, guys! Love it. Love it! ;D

Big suck on the neck to you both!

Happy Halloween!


I just laughed and laughed and then it subsided into a giggle.
At first I thought all of Winston was in the box but noticed his legs, so now I have to know did he walk anywhere? Because if he was an angry little rice crispy square that walked and perhaps let out plaintive meows I would completely die.


Winston looks not too pleased.

But: Rice Krispies? He wouldn't have lasted long around me. I loooovvvvveeee me some marshmallowy goodness.


OK, Winston is the cutest anything - human, animal or inanimate object - that I've ever seen!


LMFAO- omfg.. you are brilliant. leave your cat like that all the time. BWAHHAHAHAH


Winston is the cuteness. He's an angry little dude in that picture tho. Sort of like Stewie from Family Guy; adorable on the surface, planning the end of the world in his mind.

Cannibla Holocaust is a vile messed-up movie. I can't believe what they do to that turtle! Crazy Italians.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween...I spent mine watch "Zombie" and "Suspiria" and tokin' it up.

winston not too happy :)

Bundt Cake

Cote, that was an ass-y thing to say!

I think Rudy and Winston both look adorable! My cats didn't even know yesterday was anything special...


Poor rudy! LOL!


It's the feathery flap of belly skin smooshing from under the pseudo-pastry that does it for me too. Winston is the best injected creamy filling ever (my fantasy Krispy treat--with Twinky whipped petroleum-sugar inside.)

His electrifying outrage just heightens the delectibility. Those are some flashing, scornful wall-eyes!

You know he only gains in power from such abasements--the Revolution is nigh!


tooo cute. it would have been better if it was one of those cosmic rice treats!


Okay, that's brilliant. If you're still reading this thread, how long did you manage to get them to keep those on? Did the photos basically capture the lifespan of the cats in costume? I notice there's a some movement going on with Winston, and well, Rudy's got the green glare in his eyes. Do both you and the BF still have all of your fingers?


Bundtcake, calm down. It's called humor, get some.

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