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October 31, 2006



First bitch!!! fuck me?


Her. Boob. Your. Backpack. OMG.


I love you. Don't care if you're gay. I love you and your cat. Let's ditch your hot boyfriend and run away together. OMG I stayed up late just to watch that crazy bitch. They made TV for her!


This picture is right up there with the photo you got with Mary Carey. Celeb-hilarity.

Queen Lena

i would LOVE if you had mac & cheese with eric nies and told us all about out ::sigh::

winston for president

You're pretty.

And, wait, you took a picture with Mariah Carey? How'd I miss that?


Mary! Not Mariah.

winston for president

Oh, 'scuse me, Mary Carey.

Here in Canada, we call Kraft Macaroni and Cheese "Kraft Dinner." Awesome.


omg that behind the scenes look was fab - it's good to know these people aren't acting. Actually - I'm not so sure about that, but you know what I mean.
Anyway - You are THE BEST!


It actually looks like she's getting her photo taken with you (i.e. you're the celebrity). You should've put on a matching weave.


Rich you are still the hunkiest chunk in all of cyberspace.


Your blog is stale these days. I think you'll get it back, but the sparkle's been gone for a little while now. You're probably burnt out, and this paid gig probably isn't helping matters.


It's true. I blame it almost entirely on the Project Runway-ANTM intersection. I'm happy those days are over. I really do have a lot more that I want to talk about.


.....i had no idea you were so hot. hottest blogger yet? ;) i say that with good intentions.


IS THAT YOUUUU? CHEESE AND RICE you're hot! Did I mention that you're hot? The fuck? How did you keep your hotness undercover this long? You are SMO-KING!

How married are you to this whole gay thing? Can I be your hag? Or stalker? Something????


does New York's skin burn to the touch?
What does she smell like?


Rich - after I read this sentence on your celebreality blog, I couldn't breathe for 2 minutes because I was laughing too hard:

"I think this shot of Bootz really says everything. It's a dignified portrait -- Whistler's Mother has nothing on Bootz."

I mean, come on, you truly are the hottest blogger ever - both in talent and in looks


Naw, New York doesn't give you a rash or anything. Or at least, not any kind that I could contract. I don't remember how she smelled, but it wasn't offensive. Bootz smelled really good, though. I told her that, too.


I think your most recent ANTM post refutes all accusations of stalesness. Too funny!


Rich-So do you think NY is real or what? I thought her and her mother were actors. They have to be faking us out, right?


UMM...that was the best commentary I have read thus far...that was great. I admire you...your my hero

i love that delishus won... is it possible that real warmth and light win, even on hollywood, sometimes? like how ruben studdard actually beat clay fair and square in spite of the post-decision press all going to clay?

i'll take NY over clay ANY DAY though. her show is the reason i need my own TV.

anyway rich, you are, as usual, the one to make a better day so let's start livin...


I really can't answer that (if that answers your question)!

But really, New York has never been less than New York with me. Except she's been, you know, nice.


I tried to leave a comment on Celebreality about the recap and it doesn't take...


First off, how cute are you? Secondly, Eric Nies! Man, how hot for him I was. Why did I just type that like Yoda? Wonder what happened to him, I had great hopes for him and Julie from Alabama. Anyhow, New York makes my teeth ache, she's like tin foil stuck in chewing gum.

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