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OMG! Lucky bastard!

I have three words to describe New York:


And I LOVE her! Can't wait for her new show!


That's a great photo! I loved your recap.

I just read that Flava Flav is having yet another child! Check it out.


Okay, I feel ookey for saying this but goddamn you look hot. Don't get me wrong, I've always thought you were cute'n'sexy, but holy-moly. Exact words "Hello, gorgeous!"

I think it moved. You turn on the gays AND the girls!


I do not care about the picture - just have to say that you are a hottie!

A very appreciative, long time follower of your blog :)

for christ sake people....GET A GRIP. yeah, yeah, YOU, yeah, yeah, NEW YORK, yeah, yeah, GAY, yeah, yeah, TRANNY, yeah, yeah. dont let it go to your head. either one of 'em. i guess i'd be all giddy and shit if i was snapped standing next to the biggest psycho on 'reality' tv.....gimmee a facking break. i long for the days of DYNASTY and wide shoulders.

BTW, great blog.....wanna do a shot?

Bea Gass

who the hell was THAT?


Oh, squee! I loved that recap! Flavor of Love 4-eva, bay-bee!

I propose that we send Bizarro Perez on a mission to track down the beautiful but elusive ... Simon Rex.


Wow, lucky you! As crazy as New York is, I love her to death and am utterly envious that you got this snap.

And you is teh hotness, but I'm obviously not the first to say it. :p

Winston = love. :)

And your ANTM recaps are the funniest, awesomest shit ever. Hope you'll consider recapping Canada's Next Top Model as it will undoubtedly be better than the ass that was last season! Cheers~


funny would be nice if you could chat more in your comments, rich...

but i know your busy--still luv ya tho :P


Damn your hot! Nothing else to say but man hot...whoooo


did you ever notice how much flav is like the kid from goodburger on that old nickelodeon show all that?


Gawd, she looks like some kind of Muppet. Good think you're hot, or I'd be forced to relieve myself of my breakfast.


Nevermind, C+D has it right:


Just remember, behind every sexy gay man is a fabulously fly black gurl. DAYUM, you are a hottie!

Beauty AND Brains...

Thank you scanner. It is too bad the media isn't getting it right. But that is probably not just circumstance.

Poster holder

This is so very inspirational and educational. And I just smiled when I saw the photo of you with your book at the end of this marvelous piece! Thank you for sharing this!!! And many congratulations to you! Rated with admiration.

jumper cable

Wonderfully inspirational and so well told. Thank you for the advice. -R-

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