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I am green with envy. Great picture!


ok so practically everyone is saying this but I must add... I read your blog all the time and never knew that you were so HOT!!!!!

(and yes I'm aware that that is irrevelant to this post!)

Rich, all I have to say is...please don't EVER become anything like that sad, ugly loser Perez Hilton. You're just way too cute for that...and nice.

Your blog rocks and I am insanely jealous that you got to meet the "Flavor-ettes".


I think the role of Bizarro Perez has already been filled by Perez Hilton.


Being New York must be so exhausting. Every word New York speaks and every move she makes seems so carefully calculated that I can't imagine any of it being genuine. Everything is a plan or a scheme. The way she talks all drawn-out and deliberate, like she must carefully choose every word -- I don't know how anyone could keep it up as much as she does. And I love it! I will continue to watch everything she does. (I'd love to see her on the Surreal Life!)


oh my god! you are so freakin hot! it doesnt help that you look like my first crush *josh*...

oh rich, you make me laugh and your a stud, aw man, youd be my perfect boyfriend......



rich, i love you. i realized this sometime between this post and the kitty rice krispy treat post.


Hope you didn't get herpes from touching her.


Request - I'd like to see a photo of New York as Shrek.




You were here?! And you got next to her? Next to crazytown? How? What? How?

So cool!

Okay, now I have to go read the post. Just had to get that out first.


Please don't become Perez, ever. Or i'll have to kill myself.


Hey thank you so much Rich for the Ciara interview. New York, she's probably a nice girl in reality and just doing all that bitchy act for TV. I don't watch the Flava Of Love show but I've seen her via YouTube on a lot of gossip blogs, I can tell when someone is bad to the bone, I'm pretty sure she's not.


Rich! Wanna be my gay lover?

Wow. I don't know. It sorta reeks of sell-out. That picture of New York w/ the cigs was something, though. Frantic.


hey rich check out the barking Tyraaaa:


Something as fresh as Mr. Juicy-ak could NEVER be stale. Like all great ball players (which I'm sure he's one of those too), he can't hit a grand slam every damn night (post).

If he did, I'da done pissed my way through every pair of Hanky Panky panties ever made.

And how could you so-called lovers of being on all FourFour(s) not know of Juicy's hotness? Just look at Winston and Rudy--err, just look at Winston--pets are a reflection of their owners. HELLO?!? How many of us have said we want a Winston of our own??? And Rich's sexi-time has been emanating from the glimpses of body parts that show up in the kitty pictures fuh-EVAH! Look at those lips behind Rudy the Kitty Ghost!

[Plus, if you ever happen to click on 'About Me,' every now and again, you would have caught a full (frontal) picture. ;) Shoooooot--the Divine Miss Slut Machine even made an appearance once.]

And just kidding RudyRud! Nothing but love for you!


So you are hilarious *and* adorable.

New York looks absolutely frightening. I love it.


Am I the ONLY person who knew how hot Rich was BEFORE this picture was taken???

Sheesh... all these fans and how few of them actually read the earlier posts or check out the "about me" section...

Now my suspicions have been confirmed by every other gay man and fag hag in town...


So, you didn't post the pic of you checking her out, good call. Oops.

I must concur. Rich you are gorgeous!


Rich...I hope you ran home and immediately took a bath. Skankiness isn't contagious is it?


I only wish someone had gotten a picture of it so I could show you how my jaw literally dropped when I realized that was a picture of you and NY. My brain can barely contain the awesome.

(Do you think you could get a picture of Winston with her? That would put me right over the edge.)


Rich, I'm kinda new to the site, just want to say you are the hotness! And your site is great too!


You are just the cutest thing ever!
Please do not become a bizarro Perez. I used to read his stuff until he became friends with everyone. I think it ruins your objectivity. That's why i like Wendy Williams. She knows everyone but she's not friends with them and she can still do her shyt-talkin effectively.


You have very nice teeth.

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