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Love it for a plan. Like a kind of Nicole and Molly Sims stalker thing.

I met Jeffrey from this season's Proj Run and Laura form Proj Run within a week of each other (no, not Olympus fashion week bores) on the street outside my building. I could have added two season 3 finalists to my speed dial.

Imagine that!

That would have been a great stalk.


Waaaait a minute...

You were in LA and didn't tell me? WHAT? I could cry.

I'm SO breaking up with you!


Take photos with 11 more train wrecks and make a calendar, please.

someone at my school dressed up like Deelishis. teehee.


Just wanted to say - you are hot dude! Killer smile and shaved head....


Damn! I'm totally feeling you man! I've always been a sucka for brains, sharp-wit and now to find out that you are giving "face" too! Yum


Wow you are so CUTE! Why do u hide behind the comp. DO NOT compare yourself to Perez he's gross, biased and his blog site is whack. I enjoy yours 100 times better. PS LOVE you cats.


Rich, please dont become a PerezLite, one is bad enough... and I think you know 'Celebreality' is tired. Please do make another mix mp3, Im thinking obscure disco reggae or something Xmasy. Cause I know youre not busy enough.


Sell out? Honey, after giving pleasure away for free for so long, you deserve to cash in.



"Please do make another mix mp3, Im thinking obscure disco reggae or something Xmasy. Cause I know youre not busy enough."

Ooh, ooh! Good call, Eric! I second this motion.


Did you see the picture of New York and Pumkin kissing? aaagh. And I'll be the 100th person to say you are the hottest thing since.. well, nothing is as hot as you!


You bitch! Ahh, to be in the presence of the HBIC. I thought maybe Miss New York was an advanced Muppet creation, but she seems real enough next to you.

Can you tell I am a wee bit jealous?


I really wish the tired old bitch would leave that "FIRST!" shit at home. I mean, yipee for you and all, but you do realize that you're the only one playing, right?


Jeez, Rich, I already love your writing. Must you be cute as all get out as well?
I love NY, but my heart belongs to Ricky...

Arthur James

I have never been more jealous of you than at this very moment. Well, perhaps when you had your summer hickeys...nope, no...this is worse. I jadore Tiffany a.k.a. Miss New York and that you were close enough to wrap your arm around her shoulder nervouses me. You must be blissed? Did she smell like Newport Lights?


dude i'm pretty new to your site so haven't seen pics of you yet, you're so hot, too bad for us chicas! you look like a kid i went to college with. he was straight... i just try to find him... hmmm...
Can you recap New York's new show flavorette of love, or whatever its called.
and on ebay, buckwild is selling the shoe she threw at New York - right now its at like $350!!!


OMG! i am sooooo jealous! What a great pic and I agree with the other comment, it does look like she is getting her pic taken with YOU.
Was she really nice? And I loves me some BuckWild too! Great job on the behind the scenes.


Wow Rich! You're a real cutie! Your behind the scenes was great, per usual. :)


I was totally going to post that I still heart you and you are my pretend gay boyfriend 4EVA but then I saw all these other straight bitches had beaten me to it. Meh. Yet I would still live to hear about you, Eric Nies and Kraft Mac N Cheese altho I'm taking that to mean he no longer has the abs he had back in The Grind days.

Anyways, whatever. I'll still stand in line to be your pretend girlfriend even if I do hate The Flavor of Love boyee!


um, that tiffany is not me. for the record.

Midnight Lounge

you.are.genius. I think I may blogcrush you a tiny bit.


OMG, you are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!



Since she already thinks you're fabulous, you should audition for I Love New York. Or would that be a conflict of interest?


Conflict of interest. Believe me, I would have if I could have.


I went to high school with Bridget the Midget... seriously.

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