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I've been waiting all day for this! Thanks so much, Rich!!! XOXO


Rich, you are a genius and if I ever see you in the nabe, I am going to kiss you full on the lips. You won't like it.
I'm really writing to say I saw Snow Black on 23rd the other day and she was just so tall and skinny and divine in person and a real sweetheart who let a total, potentially crazy, stranger (me) stop her and tell her how much in love with her the world is.
I'm not sure that last sentence was in English.


Brilliant, as usual! I love the Mother's Day card! Hehehe

Sooo funny!!! Again much love/thanks totally worth the wait. Also did anyone notice Tyra had darker/heavier eye makeup on one eye during panel. All I could think of was A clockwork orange.


Second! Hee.

Peed my pants over the Mother's Day Card.

Brilliant. This cycle has its moments, but it's definitely your recaps that make it worth watching.

And I nearly spit out my coffee at the last picture.

Simply brilliant.


I love love loved how the drawing of Tyra looks exactly like Naomi Campbell. The second I saw it, i knew AJ's ass would be grass.


lol... Oh man. I'm addicted to your recaps just as much as I'm addicted to ANTM. NEVER STOOOOOOP

Gretchen Weiners

I prefer to combine both of Melrose's nicknames and call her Smell-stank.


Oh poo. No brooke on a cupcake, maybe next week.

Anyways, I'm so happy you're on the (as we say on the stupid twop forums) Melrose Love Train. Hurrah!!!! I knew it wouldn't take long. I also wonder if maybe all the editing last week was just so that we would feel torn up over the loss of AJ.

I think its hilarious that everytime you get a screen capture of Jaeda she looks so cute. I really like the dude.


Ahw Lawd, RICH! (I've got one hand on my chest, and the other is fanning my face). I need a minute before I can comment on this, the best recap of the best episode of the best camp on television...


Oh my god...the card...the card...I am dying. I love that you loved this episode as much as I did.


Caridee for the win!!! She and Melrose are by far the best on the show.


I will agree, this is one of the best ANTMs ever -- coming out, but not really; Janice; Tyra's one-on-ones; absolutely horrible makeup at the horrible shoot; Tyra almost singing Hero for Oprah; and little Brooke's rap.

I guess the writers got off strike or had their demand met b/c this rocked my socks off!


Oh, and one more Janice tidbit:

Oxygen begins production this week on season two of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. The new season's format changes from a half-hour to a full hour, and will focus more on the models and the success of the agency. A special holiday program will air in December, and new original episodes begin next January. The show is produced by Krasnow Productions.

A Christmas special? Success of the agency? Using MySpace as your homepage?


I live for your recaps! Thanks so much for your hard work!



OMG! It is like you are my long lost BF! After this show, I was kind of digging Melrose and I thought, "What is wrong with me!" Then, I read your brillant recap and felt much better.
Also, as I looked at the CariDee/Thom Yorke comparison, I thought Thom Yorke looks like Clay Aiken. To my wonderful surprise, you said what I was thinking.
Brillant recap, Rich! I love you & your gatos!


fantastic. clap, clap!

hated the photo shoot, sad aj is gone, love caridee with every fiber of my being. i am picking a caridee, twin showdown in the finals. i love how every week turns into a judging battle over which twin they like better.


I missed the mel-stank but loved the smell-rose. thanks for pointing the former out. I am not sure that more of Tyra's one on ones are ever a good thing. Doesn't she just end up farting (season 1)?


Also, did anyone else love how Tyra said she is "hard to capture" in drawings? HA.


Fuck, this is brilliant as usual. AND you get my eternal love and devotion for Jaeda's Bobby animation. That shit was strangely hot...

And I'm glad that there is someone out there who shares my love affair with Brooke. My friends just try to put her down, but I might legitimately cry when she gets eliminated. At least there will be the memories... and the sound bytes... and the animations... so thanks!


If I owned a cell phone, Caridee calling JDick "pungent" would def be the ringtone.

That was without price. She's an unintentional Lucille-Ball comic genius, that one.

So brill recap.

the kid

I like caridee cuz she looks like a glam version of betty from betty and veronica (archie comics) :-D


I think I love you.
Can I have your babies? Not give birth to them, just take them from you?

I was waiting for that second Tyraism - it's been on repeat since I saw it, I think two drops of pee came out while I watched it for the first time.

Also "Dani's" moustache is back and stronger than ever.


I thought AJ would make it to teh end, she was great. ANd she had balls to wear that hat.

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