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Shot of Love

Holy christ, that got increasingly unintelligible. Still, he successfully semi-communicated 8 words using 11 letters. That is impressive.

Shot of Love

Those 8 words being "atl so u no uma."


I am in hysterics at just those first two comments.

And to believe we were all *this* close to his having an anal Halloween party.



Give his proofreaders a holiday bonus. Uma.


OK I missed the joke... :(

I know that Rich's taste in music is WAY different then mine so I thought he was reposting this because he thought the news was interesting - but as I was reading it, I'm like what the fuck is he saying???

Came on here to post a comment and guess that was the joke -

Wow - illiteracy does pay off!!! - damn that high school graduation!!! - I could've been a rich hip hop star (OH WAIT - Brooke from ANTM skipped graduation and CAN still be one! - how lame was her elmination tonight?)

Cheryl Lynn

Allow me to quote Winston. No. No no no no no. That has to be fake. Please let that be fake. Or maybe an intern posted that for him?

Penny Woods

He's the most brilliant man in the world. Someone give him a MENSA application!


It seriously took me three read throughs and the help of context clues to figure out what "uma" was.


Maybe this fellow was drunk.
God knows I am.

And how much am I loving the sweet horror-themed banners!

This one of Scott Reiniger is beautifully framed. But it's the zombie font that ultimately sells it.

Nice work, Rich.


Are we sure that this is real? Please please be so.


Hey, Steve! Way to spoil ATNM for people who haven't seen it yet.


Anyway, I cry for the English language.


Janet got herself a winner!

Christina Warren

And to think -- I might be going to his skanky ass "anual holloween costume party" on Sat. Reading his "prose" makes deciding to hang around that crowd much, much more difficult.


Gayest Neil

As a guilty, white Liberal I perused each uniquely structured sentence and relished in the urban style and hip-hip, if I may, "flava" of this artist/poet's specific, viewpoint.

Bravo to you Rich for bringing this to our attention and enriching no only my house but "hizzouse", as well.


you gotta appreciate the fact that the man didn't even attempt to spell "questions"

Man, how just how low is Janet's self-esteem?


Translation please?


Oh good LORD.

Someone teach this poor lamb about punctuation and its uses around the home. And capitalization.

And spelling. "probly?" "herd?"

Actually, he should just hire a literate person to write things for him.



I gotta go die now.


Spell Check is an amazing invention - I'd be lost without it. Also - editing what you wrote and sent out to hundreds of people is also a wonderful concept. I'm sure Janet loves him, though.

P.S. Sorry to go off-topic of the post in comments but:

RIP Brooke - getting booted from a house full of egotistical narcissists is a much better graduation than you can imagine!


being a "glass half full" kinda girl, i was thinking how this just goes to show that everyone's got their strengths and how truly gifted he is musically and how much he's accomplished with his limited grammatical skills. i can spell my ass off, but it hasn't gotten me anywhere near jermaine dupri's success level.


is he talking to uma thurman?


i love phonics ebonics


You hart Jermaine Dupri...and Jermaine Dupri harts Uma Thurman. I think.


I'm with u eliza. I still can't figure out what "uma" is.
All joking aside, WTF? Is that some cruel joke someone was playing on him? Did he beg a little kid to write a message for him because he's just that busy? Sure he's successful and used to WORK for Virgin, but how did he get the job if he can't even write out question?


Oh my lord. That's a sin and a shame. I'm still stuck on 'uma.' What the hell? I even tried to sound it out. Uma =Imo = I'm going to . . ? Or is Uma Thurman posting pics of his "anual " Halloween party and going to the BET Hip-Hop Awards?

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