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October 15, 2006



"Drive a Saturn? Me?"


I completely agree with your point about Jeffery. It is, after all, possible that every moment of his two month allowance could have been spent perfecting his collection! Unless the editors got a little overzealous and left out some crucial information....


First! I hope Michael wins, but I get the feeling he didn't.

Pepe Deluxe

Laura totally sharted. A classy shart.


i don't think laura having it out for jeffrey was all that sudden:

1. "well if you're so darn smart then WHAT'RE you even doing here jeffrey?" (or something...)

2. we've seen that she's perfectly capable of not liking someone for something (she hated kayne's designs) but still being nice to them occasionally

so i don't know either if jeffrey cheated or not, but i do think that laura's accusations were sincere (not JUST being mean).

j. blanke

ooooooh you know me all too well. i was FREAKING out about michael's gumby. and you posted a damn BOYS video. i was a member of their fan club. for shame.
i think jeffrey is poised to win at this point. this is some top model style drama. but with more neck, and less forehead.
and btw: did you SEE Laura's husband?! she's had 5 babies for that guy? with one on the way? i think she had them for his wallet. she is so shady...

Pepe Deluxe

OH by the way...did anyone see Jeffrey's "Slut" coffee mug? I'm sure he gave that mug to Tim.

diva deejay

As much as I dislike the sneeky, uber-competitive person depicted on PR, I think Uli will win the season. Her collection was FABULOUS!

Michael is talented, has won the $10K,but judging by his collection, he's not quite ready for the big time!

Laura and Jeffrey have gained the exposure they lacked to build their brands. Each is very talented and quite capable of selling themselves to consumers.

Each designer gains the one thing each needed to launch his/her career.


Nobody's breasts are that perky when they are pregnant, I declare shenanigans on Laura's plaster pg belly.

I don't care who wins as long as it is not Laura. Can someone with boobies PLEASE wear his sternum dresses....

Also, Uli rocks the house living in East Germany, she lived in COMMUNIST hell hole for years, she can design prints til the live long day, she gets a free pass!

Jeffrey did not cheat, I wanted him to ask all the other designers if they worked from 6am to 2am everydamnday? Prolly not.


I hate disagreeing with you, Rich! BUT I don't find anything cute or charming about Uli. I found her remarks conceited and smug. She'll probably win, but if that means going to the land of has-beens, with Chloe Dao, I'm down with that.


LOL loved this. why are you so genius?

I dunno about Jeff though: wasn't he doing the ProjRun Collection *and* his own personal collection?

And I LOVED Uli's place


Haha, I always think of that pukey, puce color as Eunice green too!

Heather B.

With wednesday fast approaching, I can honestly say that I'm so very bummed about no more ProRun recaps from you. Seriously, I'm getting a little teary eyed.


I guess Laura got a free Viennese talking cure from her husband.

He's part Civil War ghost, part Leon Trotsky, and all spunk machine, apparently.

I was paralyzed with class hatred seeing her apartment, but felt better when I found out it was covered in contagion-breeding feces (not to mention 5 feces-sculpting goblin children).

I had to roll my eyes when Jeffrey talked about being cut down from the gallows. If the producers were hording the sympathy moments, they WAY overcooked it. He's still an assbag, just a tiresomely self-destructive one. His wife is famazing though.

Everybody's clothes looked great -- particularly Jeffrey's -- with the major exception of Michael. I swear he was hetero-reprogrammed back in ATL. They tried to pray that swish out of him like the demon. This hoochie, tasteless collection is the result of his queer-exorcism. It looks like it was designed by Lil Bow Wow.

On the other hand, how cute was it when his dad mentioned that for the longest time the whole family thought that he was going to turn out to be a "beautician"?

I still love him. Michael -- I'll be your beard any day. E-mail me.


I love your recaps, but the Donnie Darko shoutout? Brilliant, just brilliant.


Trap it! Indeed. You are the best recapper ever.


I love Laura, but I was not happy that she took this campaign against Jeffrey (who I despise) and ran with it. However, I am not the one in a life-altering competition and the fact that he boasted about working on a whole separate collection at the same time was not smart.

When I saw how complete his collection was the first thing I thought was "Of course, he's an addict. Addicts never sleep."

Still love Laura though.


Laura's witch hunt is the worst. Jeffrey always had time to spare, he has speed freak passion, Laura finished everything with 5 kids and pregnancy, who is to say her sewing instructor mother didn't help her. A false accusation is so evil that it is one of the ten commandments "Do Not Bear False Witness Against Others".


What? What??
Not a word about Michael's neck tattoo?
Now I wasn't seeing things was I?

Lasima Begum

Rich, great commentary. I thought Laura's apt was so fab. She is married to Peter Shelton, who is a v. well renowned artist and architect. I think a couple of his pieces are still on display at MoMA and Guggenheim. Did you notice the Rothko from the blue plates series?


I too suffer a major case of Runway fatigue. I have lost all anticipation, its like reading a book that is 100 pages too long. That said, just the sight of Laura's luggage is enough to sustain me till the end.


Ohh, such a nice Sunday surprise! I loved the part about the "street safari." I don't really have a favorite to win because I still miss Santino -and not because he was a talented designer, but at least he was occasionally funny and his impersonations of Tim and Michael Kors were always amusing, unlike EVERYONE from this season.

Tanith, your comments busted me up. Laura's husband looked a bit like Don Quixote as well, and, as my brother commented, a little bit of Richard Dreyfuss mixed with Einstein.
Yes, Michael's collection did look like something form the mind of Bow Wow ( back when he was still Lil'). Perhpas Michael got confused by all the talk of "Wow"-ing the judges.


4u2c -- what about Michael's neck tattoo? what? what'd I miss????

Lasima -- So Peter Shelton prob has money to front Laura's business. After seeing her apartment, I could not BE-lieve she said something how nice it would be to win the $100K because she's never had the money to start her own line. Puh-leeeeez.


Laura should have her own show! I thought the line she used when she was packing, "I'm a very efficient designer and I'm very efficient at packing" was weird. Who was she talking to? Uli? Herself? The producers? Us? I get the impression that she is very comfortable with breaking the 4th wall.

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