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October 04, 2006



I fell in love with New York's mom when she said she had a "condition" which was "so rare" that they "didn't even have a name for it."

haha. I love psychos!!!


I hate people who say first.

FIRST!!!! get it? self loathing??

Crazy about the girl

Rich, I disagree with you - the best moment in TV this year was the exchange between New York and her mom, where her mom talked about her condition (as Y mentioned above - props to you!). That exchange was SO fucking fake that they couldn't even keep a straight face. I think that was the "jumping the shark" moment for reality TV - when "real people" (i.e., bad actors) stop even putting the effort to deliver lines with a resemblance of realism. Fake real TV, here we go!!!


Clearly VH1 is setting New York up for her own "Flavorette" show with her mom as her on-screen foil. The whole episode with her and "Miss Michelle" was so fake and rife with bad acting; I mean you could almost *see* the cue cards. I loved how Krazy was all, "Oh, is that my demo playing? I'll sing along!" Also, one would think kids raised by Flav would be hot messes, but they kinda kicked ass. Go figure! And yeah, Y - you totally mentioned it before I could - "They don't have a name for it, that's how rare it is." I have a name, sister: Lack Of Shame Disorder. And I'm afraid you passed that shit on to Tiffany.


Wait, you think that was FAKE? OH NOES!! I'm so devastated!

Ok, yeah, it was fake, but funny!

That woman (ok, THOSE women) are so fucking whacked out of their minds, which makes great tv, which makes me love them and quite possibly, want to take a "chunk out of them".


"That exchange was SO fucking fake that they couldn't even keep a straight face."

Ditto. And as the offending scene played out, I scoffed out loud. I was alone.


Get rid of Flav and give me New York. Actually, give me Flav as long as it is New York's mom's version. If New York doesn't "win" this season, I will never secretly watch this show again.


Tyra just keeps thinking of new ways to make us love her crazy ass.


Oh my god. Yes. I am also newly obsessed with "Flavor of Love." I can't get enough of it and New York's crazy mom. She kills me! The woman is insane!

What's so funny is how they all got on Crazy, calling her fake because she brought her demo tape. What the hell else are supposed to think about the REST OF YOU who chose to be on a reality show in the first place?

Girl, please.

Anyway, Mama New York is too much.

And I love how Delishus (Delicious?) works the keloids. Own that scar tissue, girl!


The Best Moment of Flavor of Love was clearly Somethin's "OMG, I'm too skinny!!!" rant. Clearly. All other moments are not fit to lick the soles of its boots.


And let's not forget about the shit just slipping out of her ass and onto Flav's floor.


I love New York. Couple of weeks ago she called Nibblez "gutter butt"


I was gonna delete this Tyra ep from my TiVo without having watched it, but now I'mo watch!
I can't wrap my brain around NY and her mom. It's odd that a woman as headstrong as NY wouldn't just up and tell her momma to piss off... Mrs. NY is the one person in the universe that NY pays heed to. Scary. I'm going to go hide now.


oooh, who's the hottie talking about "spot reduction"?


"I bet that's going to end up flashing before my eyes right before I die. Exciting!"

i just peed a little :x

Gayest Neil

woof. love some chunk!


"If New York doesn't "win" this season, I will never secretly watch this show again."

Best. Flavor of Love. Comment. Ever.


Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!


I'm with Tyra. Skinny dudes - not so sexy.

Speaking of Tyra I hope you mention in your ANTM recap how Bre has been replace by a BreBot. I'm curious how you take this turn of events.

Gayest Neil

DUH. It just occurred to me who Jaeda reminds me of. She looks (almost identically) like the model Omahyra. Omahyra had a supporting role in X3 as Arclight. You should check out their pics side by side. Incredible.


New York and her mom are both terrible actors. Honestly I've been watching FoL since it began and I found that episode to be really annoying. If you are going to act for reality TV, then at least try not to suck at it!


i hope you watched flav on tyra - it was a wonderful display

Monica C.

OK, but when they showed a flashback to "Strange Love" on the Flavor of Love's recent "Highlights" episode, I got hecka sentimental and shit. NOTHING will ever, ever top "Strange Love"!!!! I Miss Geeta.

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