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October 08, 2006



awesome recap. You are a genius.


Wow i have never been first-i totally agree with you about the reunion show rich. I also felt bad for the first woman auf'd because she was sitting on the left side of the couch and nobody really knew who it was. and bradley is so hot cher would do him now.

i love bradley.
and alison.


I loved how when Keith tried to make excuses, all of the other designers were like, "Oh, helllllll no, buddy." Uncomfortable, isn't it?


wow! i was the first comment on this wonderful and sassy blog!

queer on paper

Great recap! I agree with the Angela's mom boring back and forth. I wanted them to do more than just agree to disagree. Laura rocks my box. Keith was so pissed that he signed the contract that said he had to be there. He just sat there the whole time seething. Who else thought it was cheap that they had him arrive on his own. I felt used. Keep up the great work!


Okay, fess up!!! How did you find that picture of Chester Cheetoh? LUV IT!!!!
You didn't talk about Vincent's BIG LIE....that anything he wore cost $150.


Rich, you've done it again! Wonderful as usual. I yelled out "MICHAEL GOT BRACES!!!!!!!" when I pointed it out to my sister-in-law. We both laughed & laughed. I was surprised and happy. Unlike you Rich, his snaggle tooth was getting on my nerves. Thank God he fixed it. I'm just glad I got to read this today. It made my night!


HAHA oh jay..


No. He really said that?


The recap merely made me love Laura more.

It also confirmed my suspicions that perhaps Bradley is schizophrenic, Angela never had the talent to be there in the first place and Jeffrey IS the prick they portrayed him to be.

And am I the only one that sees Jay McCarroll morphing into Truman Capote?


omg seeing Winston amongst all of the animals around Alison was the best thing i've seen all day.

who cares

QUOTE: And am I the only one that sees Jay McCarroll morphing into Truman Capote?

I thought it's Perez Hilton that's turning into TC. You know, the short, social-parasite, burned-out hack TC. Not brilliant pioneer of creative nonfiction TC.


At first, I thought Dear Michael got all Dirty South on us and got himself a grill, but then I realized it was braces. I didn't think his teeth were all that bad.

I'm with you though: This reunion episode - Vincent's diva rant aside - was kinda ... "eh."


Smootches for posting a day early! I was going to be in meetings all day and would not have been able to focus b/c I hadn't seen your recap. Reunion show = snooze fest, but as always, you make it shine.


I have two favorites from this re-cap.

When talking about Laura:

Maybe! Muscle Milk springs forth from her fertile breasts? For sure!)

When talking about Jay Carroll saying Michael Knight should win and that somebody finally gets it! It's the same thing that happened on The Apprentise. First the white guy, then the white chick, and then the black guy. It's a formula!

LOL Funny as always, seriously!


Yo, I cant believe they didnt do a "flerchon" vignette for Angela!


Absolutely loved how Laura just rolled her eyes while Keith was talking. It summed up what every other designer was thinking without having to say a word. I love her!


Yeah, pretty boring when all they really needed was to recap everyone's habits. Where's Santino's fabulous Tim Gunn impersonations when you need them?


After watching 10 minutes of the show, I was bored. I thought, what the heck, I'll just read what Rich has to say, he will transmogrify this crap into gold. And you did!

(Animals make me happy, too.)


Agreed ... Winston + Alison = love.

And I wish I could read more of shifty Angela's newspaper ... And that "how uncomfortable" had never been said -- it circles through my head daily now!

Lasima Begum

Rich, this was good!


You confuse me. Do I agree with you because I love you? Do I love you because I agree with you?


why is sebastian the crab trying to grab that hippo's ass in the allison picture?


uhm, I really find it adorable that you put Winston in with all the cartoon animals.

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