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October 19, 2006





What a beautiful cat! Thank you for another fantastic season of PR updates!


Winston didn't cry nearly as hard as I did.


don't worry winston, Laura and her PBS rocket scientist husband will be alright.

Chris Hassiotis

Your cat has the strangest eyes / mouth.


Sorrow, dismay, anger.

Sounds about right.


He's so cute. Well and I thought the judges decision was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Soulfull of Thoughts

Lawd, have mercy...


Uh! that's exactly what I said!!!


omg rich! are you a fan of the crazy movies known as "sleepaway camp"?! no one ever knows about those movies. that final freeze frame has haunted me for 12 years...


That is one sad kitty. He looks a lot like I did last night. I was rooting for Laura, but how did Uli not win? Jeffrey's clothes had potential, but there was something about them that I just found really unappealing.

But, how cute was it when Uli was like, "get the kid ready!"


Oh, and did anybody else notice the look on Allison's face when she saw his collection? It was like, "I like Jeffrey a lot, but these are all just fuuuuugly."


i still can't believe that asshole won...uli was robbed, imho. i was really shocked--i mean, i knew micheal wasn't gonna get it, and they always had it in for laura, but jeffrey?!? he maybe had 2 decent outfits, maybe.

that whole thing with him possibly "cheating" was to gain him sympathy, nothing else. i quit this show!

having said that, winston is the cuteness :)

oh, and the clip doesn't play all the way thru for some reason.


I got the impression your lovely Winston said:







That's a good looking cat.

Is he single?


HA. That was funny- I screamed no at the tv when they announced Jeffrey. Ughh


is it just me, or does it sound like he's going "no... no! NO!!!!" totally the right response. Although there's something about Jeffery and his dickish attitude that's kind of hot...


who can tell me what band was playing over jeffrey's collection last night?

also, he deserved to win. his vision and execution were impeccable. you don't have to like him as a person, but you gotta give him props on his work.


wow, i expected him to have a much lower meow..

i think he's saying

WHY?... WHY?.... WHY?... HEIDI?... WHY?

Crazy about the girl

Both PR and ANTM have jumped the shark big time. I didn't even bother to watch the final episode of PR. Anyway, Jeffrey will end like the two other winners - an unknown nobody. Who would buy clothes from him?! He looks unwashed and mildly brain damaged.

Gretchen Weiners

I don't know how to take that, but I would squeeze the cuteness out of Winston if we were ever to meet.


I am SO disappointed. I think Laura or Uli should have won. I went all Winston-like after they announced Jeffrey as the winner - total dismay, shock, anger and resentment towards ProjRun.

white rabbit

I agree with him.

I initially watched the video at work without sound and I thought Winston's voice would be really deep and grunty, so when I turned on the sound, I couldn't stop laughing. He's got such a cute, high-pitched little meow! Awwwww.


robbed, robbed, robbed.......
They were both (Uli & Laura) robbed. as soon Heidi said "...jeffery, Congratu---" i changed the channel. I didn't want to hear his sappy "oh my god!! really?! I'm soooo happy, u don't know what this means to me!!" bull shit. I can honestly say that Uli's (although i don't like the bitch) collection was the best. & i thought she would win from all the complements that she got from the judges. f'in nina/kors/heidi......
Poor Micheal got it all wrong in his last collection. all the dresses looked a bit slutty and he had 2 bathing suits. maybe he's not gay after all.
@ least the mets won...


Man, I'm at work, so I just watched that without the sound. Very funny that way.

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