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Abe Froman

Happy Birthday, Rich! Tonight, I drink in your honor.

Gayest Neil



happy birthday beautiful!


I am excited to be at or near the top of the comments for once so I can tell you that I SAW Roxanne perform with Run DMC in Lexington, KY in the early 80's. No one knew who Run DMC were at the time. It was a cheap affair put on by a local AM Hip Hop station and the sound system died shortly into the event. Roxanne shrugged and continued to bellow out her song "for tha ladies." I lost track of her career almost immediately after that but I still admire her moxie.

(and how fabulous you mentioned "You can't play with my YoYo." I thought I was the only one who remembered her.)

You must have been a wee toddler when that was happening. And altho I am 10 years older than you, female and live in Ohio I still can dream that you will one day be my fabulous gay husband. But until then, Happy Birthday. Your pop culture genius makes my life as blissful as a bathtub of Chanel #5.


zomg Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Rich although the video of Roxanne Shante was actually a gift for us. So generous. Enjoy the day!!!!!

Miss Kitty

Happy birthday, Rich, from a fellow Scorpio (whose b-day was yesterday)! May this one be happy, and may there be many more happy ones to follow.

I thought I was the only person on earth who remembered "Roxanne's Revenge" and "Roxanne, Roxanne." THANK YOU!!!!!


Happy birthday Rich! And OMG, I was just talking about Roxanne Shante and that talk show appearance where MC Lyte called her "sore". I think that was the short-lived Jane talk show, maybe? Anyway, I absolutely LOVE your color commentary. Hope you have a good one!


omg Rich, happy beautiful birthday!!!!! out here in the wilds of Canada, you make our lives just a bit brighter. I hope you have an amazing year full of even more queer moments, Winston and Rudy freak outs and most of all, finding out Monique is on Flavor of Love 3!!!! much love!


We'll see what you say when the big three-oh rolls around... you're either going to be all, "No biggie", or you'll fly into a weepy downward spiral of, "What happened to my youth?" or last, but not least, you'll try to recapture your youth by being that sad & pathetic "old guy" in the club...
Promise me you won't be "that guy"?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICH! So excited to sort of share this day with one of my favorite blog writers.

Carla Bradley

"Every time that he sees me, he says a rhyme
But, see, compared to me it's weak compared to mine A-every time I know that I am sayin' somethin' fresher In any category I'm considered the best"

Happy Birthday!

P.S. Growing old is a bitch, but it beats the alternative.


I'm sending you best wishes for big chunky-hunky love on your bday!
It only gets better from here on.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Go eat cake and have fun!


Happy birthday! Look at it this way, youre not getting older youre getting better!


I'd just like to join in on the Happy Birthday chorus - 28 is a great year! Hope you have a great day!


1. happy birthday!

2. luke is right: roxanne shante, mc lyte, yoyo, etc were on that jane talk show.

(sidebar 1: who remembers sassy magazine the precursor to jane? sidebar 2: my 5 secs of fame - i was an audience member on an episode of jane that featured makeovers and i said this one girl looked like she should be on 42nd street while i was wearing a velvet tam with a big bow on the front and a blk/white checked blazer. i had some nerve! but yeah i don't think i made it to air.)

3. i was *just* listening to "that's the way love is" last night. and it's stuck in my head.


Please, you so mentioned your birthday to fill your comments section with HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! We all do it; it's why I e-mail all my friends a month before dropping hints that mine is coming up. Birthdays are the one day you are allowed to unabashedly shill for shout-outs and presents. Lasso the spotlight onto yourself without shame, baby! It's your turn to shine.

P.S. Happy Birthday! :)




OMG!!! We're birthday twins!! Nice to know that someone cool other than Carl Sagan was also a Nov-9-er. But the fact that we're also bday twins with Sisqo is a total ugh.


Happy Birthday! I hope your gift is a much deserved day off from recapping! ;)


Happy b-day my fellow Scorpio. mine is next week. and to top off this wonderful month, i found out im pregnant yesterday! yay for november!




HAPPY BIRTHDAY! fellow scorpio. If you were straight I'd be soo into you! Have a great day!

Shakespeare's Sister

Happy Birthday!!!

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