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Good bye!!! I was getting so tired of her bitching. And big deal CariD had a bad day. I LOVE HER. Great post.


My friends and I were debating whether or not the smarmy model actually said he didn't like black girls when talking to Jaeda. We thought he said "I don't like it with you" which Jaeda turned into he doesn't like black girls. Are we wrong here? I mean, I wouldn't want to kiss Jaeda either. Girl is fugly!


Yay, this is my favorite recap of this season's cycle so far. i have a love/hate relationship with the commercial episode since, a) EVERYONE's commercial always sucks, but b) it's immensely entertaining to watch them all screw it up. Melrose's being named best in ANTM history pretty much solidifies that fact. But you make watching such awfulness so worth it. Thanks!


Oh my god, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team is soooo amazing.


This recap is better than the episode itself. It's just a matter of time before some joker starts recapping your recaps.


Somtimes i just want to sream at Trya: MODELS DO NOT ACT!!!!! I just do not understand because, as we know, the contestants usually mess up when they are doing commercails in English, so why teh F would you make them do a comercial in a random spanish dialect. Next saeson she should have them record a commercail while falling out of a plain and speaking in swahili. And they prize will be a spead in TigerBeat. Also, with how flaming and rediculous Mrs. Jay has become, I think he should dress as a conservative senator for each taping.


Did the producers go out and find the ugliest girls in the lower 48 for this season? I liked previous seasons for the campiness, but after the first couple of epis, I just couldn't bring myself to continue watching. Thank gawd for this blog.


I think you should just start spelling caridee's name with all lowercase. Or maybe just create a symbol for her.

i love winston

A reference to Ugly Betty! Tell me that you watch the show?

That picture of Tasha What'sherface chomping Amanda's ass-- my stomach will hurt for a month because I was laughing so hard.

And Eugena just keeps looking prettier every week. But not as pretty as CariDee (and yeah, the first picture of her isn't flattering but the girl was crying hysterically, c'mon now).


I wonder how Jaeda would have done in the competition if the show didn't chop off her confidence? For all of her crying and complaining it didn't seem like she tried to make her hair look any better? She should have worked the Halle look. Maybe for next season they should shave all of the girl's heads and see how they do?

Mike again

Eugena's gonna call someone fake? Look in the mirror at your hair bitch?


that's a good point, maybe the male model just doesn't like short haird girls...who complain about having short hair


Hey! Just wanted you to know that I am living in Barcelona right now, and NOT ABLE TO WATCH ANTM!!!!! So you are providing people all over the world a wonderfull service! p.s. If you saw how they dress over here, you would just cry.


oh man, the last of Jaeda's love notes... just TOO funny! so wrong yet so right.

otherwise, I thought melrose's commercial was fantastic. I notmally can't stand her but she was adorable, i think she nailed it completely.


Might I add that their "secrets" were the worst secrets I've ever heard. "I sometimes go an extra stop on the subway if I see a cute boy"
They should have had something more like, "I've seen Tyra's penis.. and it's tiny"

tinker bella

I thought Melrose's commercial was the fakiest worst-acted thing I've ever seen. She acts like an attention-starved puppy.

Rich, your recaps are the highlight of the show.

I couldn't beleive it when Tyra told CariDee that her commercial was the worst ever. Um, hello, Jade? F-bomb? Brooke? (cycle 6)


you know you're a fan when you find yourself thinking;
"Oh I'm sure Rich is going to write about THAT...'
While you're watching ANTM...

I would like to contribute:
I can't seem to get past the similarities btwn that male model and (another) neanderthal John ROcker:


Thanks for filling in the bits I muted. I couldn't stand to watch the whole acting exercise thing with the screaming and crying. How fake was that? And why were they all talking about their feelings about ANTM? It used to be that girls talked about real issues like lupus and being the black sheep of their families.

Everything has gotten so ugly, lame and pointless, I don't even bother taping it anymore. Now I'm all about Sports Kids Moms and Dads.


Wow Rich, you hit on all the points of the show that I wanted you too. And for that, I'm thankful. You rock!
Thank God they kicked the boy off. And now since my old fav Anchal's been kicked off, I'm joining team caridee. You're right, I think she got this one....


I laughed so hard at Jaeda's....interesting position. She'd make such a good fag.


"Is he a model of what not to look like?"
The only thing Melrose could cry about was modeling and taking good pictures? She must have some reall isthues like being molested by her dad or something cause I ain't buyin' it!
PS I love Eugena now.


I had to rewind several times to look and how spread apart Jaeda's legs were without her evening noticing.. and after hearing so much bitching about feeling a boy...well I guess that explains it.


Thanks for running a photo of Ms. Jay's hair, I believe he is going for the Extraordinary Chickens look this season.

miss c

I also thought that the fuggo male "model" just said that he didn't like Jaeda, NOT that he didn't like black girls. Can't we all just get along and speak in "newscaster accents?"

And how DARE Vag-arms berate CariD(d)ee for not being fluent in some random ass language! I think Tyra pointing out that "CariDee's not perfect" was for her own benefit. She doesn't know what to do with a contestant without an obvious flaw. Boo.

P.S. If Melstank wins this I am boycotting ANTM forever!


please, oh please add a sound bite of tyra's spanish tyraism of the week where she shows how the girls should have emphasized the "strong enough for a woman" line in Spanish . i'm like, she practiced on that all day and still sucked. but thank you for the clip of twigs saying hoLAH. yikes.

as for the caridee scares, yeah, you're right. obviously, eugena's going home next. the judges have never liked her, just tolerated her.

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