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I wouldn't really call this heavily choreographed. I could do these dance moves, and I've only taken beginner hip-hop classes. I would say JT's 'My Love' video is a a lot more choreographed than this. I think Ciara is just a total Janet/Aaliyah rip-off, but she is doing Janet better than Janet these days. Boring song though, at least the video somewhat makes up for it.


i actually like ciara, but there was so much crotch and splayed legs in this video, it really turned me off.


I fell in love with this video, too. The mood is just perfect. And she looks fantastic, except maybe for the one bit with the short hair. Also, how much am I loving her jeans? please tell me those are back in style. (:


That gif has me hypnotized for sure! I can't wait to see this video now on MTV Hits. Thanks for the heads up. RIP Aalyiah (wearing my spray painted shirt too).


that was a good video. did you see the wanda sykes cameo. j/k! haha

she took from all videos that i L.O.V.E. and did a phenomenal job!

disclaimer: i'm a ciara fan. (i've even forgiven her for the sly and the family stone tribute.)


Ciara's a great dancer...absolutley love this video. All I could think of when watcing this video was Aaliyah (like you said). Almost eerie how Aaliyah seems to come back in subtle ways.


I only know the barest of any hip-hop and almost never the songs you are talking about, so take this with a huge shaker of salt: those babies cooing in the background of the Aaliyah song seemed jarringly out of place.


Rich, I love the "Promise" video! After watching Access Granted, I was disappointed that Ciara didn't do that one move where she was sliding on the floor and weaving in and out of the dancers' legs. That would've been even hotter although I do love the little hip-swiveling lineup. LOL! I also love the part where Ciara is dancing with the microphone, too! I haven't loved a video this much since Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" I'm actually excited for her new CD.


She is Fierce. And those shoes, I would slay loch ness to get my fingers on them.


I have not watched videos in a whole second, butt I did catch this video and I was truly impressed. I never thought Ciara was that sexy before this. Swaying crotches make my day. Evil Dead Motherf#cker, Whoo-Hoo!!!!!!


I'm so glad you love that video! I've been obsessed w/ it too.


The details are what make that gif. Ciara's high waist accentuated by the mom jeans, the sad side-to-side of the blonde girl, the right girls' bobble heads, the left girls' Frankenshoulders, Ciara's double-jointed pelvis throwing a hitch in her wop. Sorry. You made it, not me!


I agree, totally entraced by the video.

Plus those skinny jeans and platforms make her look oh so hot. She's definitely done her homework.


I feel the same way about the song/video, man! Ciara at her finest!


I loved the baggy sweats teamed with sports bra and abs look too! And the hip-swivelling conga line at the end. This song is amazing and totally erases the eyeroll-fest I feel whenever someone I hear the line "goodies stay in the jar".


One more thing - the part where she's wearing that short wig and she is on the floor is WACK though. Completely out of place.


That hip swaying a gay man, I don't what to do with it. Yikes.


That was pure heat...thanks so much for the upload.

Rich, I see more Aaliyah than Janet. I think for many young African Americans (or not so young) Baby Girl has a bigger space in our hearts than Janet. People were soo in awe of Aaliyah. Janet really hasn't been tight since her Control days. Janet should just marry JD and have some weird looking kids with him.

Queen Lena

I'm a guilty fan of Ciara, even though she can't sing. She's a God damn performer and she does her job well.

And the gif should totally be used by psychiatrists to hypnotize people. It would work, no?


Can't say that I have ever heard Ciara until watching this video, but I like the video.

All except for the guest appearance of Jaeda at the end, rolling around, beatin' on the floor and bitchin' some more about her damn short hair.


don't forget the rip of Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" with silhouetted dance scene....


So umm...Yeah....the video is AI'ight. Nothing to really rave about, Rich :)

miss shai

im not even a Ciara fan per se but i LOVE LOVE LOVE this video and my friends have been looking at me like im crazy for raving about it so you don't know how happy i am that im not the only one that thinks its great. Its one of the few things that ive liked in a while. good job.


what's hypnotizing is where you ended the loop. it looks as if they are using their hips to fuck with the time-space continuum. creepy...and hot.


I instantly knew who directed this after watching that clip, and I suggest browsing through her work to find more deliciousness.

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