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November 13, 2006



first of all, tahnks for recognizing that Michelle picked only white girls inculding teh hated melrose. That was an akward show of segregation.

and second, why are tyra's photos all katie-couric-photoshopped, her arms are sticks!!

I laughed my ass off at that clip of deranged Melrose!

i love winston

This recap was so kickass. There is no way you could be getting stupider!

Perhaps the sun burned the soul out of Eugena, therefore leading to her dead-eyed shots?

I kind of wish Anchal had slapped Sutan when he kept telling her to "suck it in" about thirty times in a row.


aaaaah! absolutely love it. especially the tangents.

so even though the photo shoots this cycle wreak like a rotting carcass, i cannot wrap my brain around how jaeda is still there... even a committed ugly is still ugly. that being said, caridee makes me squeal all over with delight. i will now hide dizzily. enjoy your mondays, everyone.


Pussy Noodle Soup?? Wow, you slay me.

I was sad to see Anchal go, but it was definitely her time. A pretty face can only get one so far. If she just had a shred of confidence, she would've stuck around longer.

And Melrose is so hateable is sickening.

o lawd


tyra is CRAZY obssessed with naomi. Single (non)-White Female style. She even had the personal assistant that Naomi allegedly beat on her talk show the other day. She talks so much smack on Naomi and Kate, but too bad those are the bitches with the Louis Vuitton campaigns. All Tyra's got is Chingy.


I just thought it was amusing that Amandichelle (I have no idea which one) got 'Swim Frightfully' which didn't really make sense, but then when the judges were evaluating her, they changed it to 'swim frighteningly'.


wait...pussy noodle soup?
ohhhhh NOOOOOOO.


Hahaha, I was totally waiting for some hypersensitive buffoon on TWOP to comment on the white vs. black challenge picks, but nobody bought the bait. Sigh. The only thing more arbitrary than Tyra is the people on TWOP randomly picking on the most inane comments made on ANTM (or not).

I have to say, the more everyone hates Melrose the more I love her.

Jaeda/Jade is awesome though. I bet every cycle from now on Tyra gets a girl similarly named to hate on.


Not nearly enough Caridee this week.


Tyra is starting to look like Joan Crwaford.


Umm is no one going to comment on how retarded Melrose's "boxing" was? I would give the average person the benefit of the doubt and say they were thinking outside of the box (sorry sorry.. had to) but this is Mel-stank we're talking about!


LOL "When you retire, you take all the words in the dictionary and mush them up in your mouth because there are only so many mashed potatoes in the world and something's gotta take their place while you're whipping up more."
I laughed so hard at that.
And I'm gonna laugh every time I remember it, I promise you...


Loved the mustache picture and comment. I can't bring myself to completely hate Smell-rose though. LOVE CariDee more! I want those two in the final.


Seriously, Rich - both Eugena and Jaeda were flat-out told "Your pictures were ass, but you embarrassed yourself tonight with aplomb. Please advance." CariDee needs to be rechristened HiDizzily, if only to immortalize her 30 minutes of retard aerobics. Christ, can you imagine the hilarity, not to mention damage to personal property, if she got the adverb "frighteningly" or, God forbid, "aggressively"? She's on the fast-track to winning if only because Tyra is clearly terrified of her. What does it say about me that I was kinda loving Sutan, too - what with his "Suck it in!", Anchul - "I am!", Sutan - "Suck it in more!" - here comes Jay to the rescue - "She be floating, she don't need to!" Sutan - "SUCK IT IN!" I think everyone watching sucked it in, just out of pure fear.


did anyone see adriane (cycle 1 winner) on wendy williams? She is so right when she is saying that these girls are just too old. Melrose will never work. The twins are fugs, Does Caridee's nickname ,CD, stand for crossdresser or her name? ANyone? And If someone doesn't vote off the T2 I am going to stop watching. AMen about getting eugena some sunglasses. She always looks like someone is about to cum on her face.

Ms. Pants

I was actually really surprised to see James St. James on ANTM. I suppose he can only milk the Disco Bloodbath [aka Party Monster] thing for so long, eh?

miss c

Challenge Incompetently?! How about Speak Mushmouthedly? or Hide Arms Vaginally? Ok I'm done.

Love Caridee tho. I don't even know WHO deserves to be in the bottom 3 with her...maybe the twins, but they count as 1 since I don't know which is which.


I can't believe you didn't mention Jay running around with an orange popcycle. There were so many ways to go with the orange man and the orange 'cycle.


Is it me, or is Melrose a dead ringer for Hayley Rey, Dr. Rey's wife from Dr. 90210? It's been driving me crazy all season and I finally got the similarities. Heck, they're probably only 4-5 years apart in age!


twenty FIRST!!!!

Suck it!


That reference to Dune was priceless and oh so apt. I love your tangents.


I loved me some Anchal at first, girl had the sass and the tits. But then .. but then she turned to omelettes sausage and whine. She lost my heart the bitch.

How can one expect a beautiful shot or a flattering one in an air cage .. seriously that is one f*cked up idea ... almost as bad as they backgrounds they inserted the pictures onto.


Anyone notice how the only time Melrose's hair is clean, is right before a shoot? Girl needs to wash that mop more frequently...

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