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cute :D


Hee! Inside the mind of Rudy: "Groom, groom, Winston, Winston -- oh, that reminds me: my bungus, my bungus."

Adorable little bastards. Love them!


I love it when kitties stick their leg straight up in the air. Soooo cute! Winston's a lazy ho - I love him more than words can say.


Rudy: Oh, my lovah, let me leek you! Yez, I love you so... Oh, he reejects me! I am so heartbroken... I will leek myself, then...


Yeah, my cats lick each other all the time, but they kinda jump on each other and pin the other cat down - it's a forced licking. The other cat digs it, I can tell...


That's the best present you've ever given us for your birthday. I hope you got licked as well.


OMGWTFLOL - I'm sorry I missed your birthday; hope it was grand; thanks for the pussy!


this is totally unrelated, but: Is it really (ANTM) Monique in the new Snoop/R. Kelly video?? That's That ??

the usual spy

So adorable! I love the way Winston gently touches Rudy head...It's love!

Also, Happy Birthday!!

the usual spy

Crap! That's supposed to say "Rudy's head."


Cat videos are my favorite.


Best snatch I have seen all year.


Ahhhh cats! Winston was putting in just enough effort to keep Rudy from waking him up too much. That's what the paw to the head then flipped downward was all about.

Queen Lena

I feel like if i saw this video, and it wasn't Rudy and Winston, I would be like "So what?!"

But somehow, here, I laugh and watch it several times in a row. Why the hell are they so hypnotizing?!


Happy birthday!

Win's lookin' a bit lazy there :-)


My cats do that all the time and it's never that interesting.

I want to touch the fluffy paw!

*Rudy & Winston love*

...I'm just going to try to keep the birthday wishes going. Happy Birthday!


I. Love. Winston.

Happy Bday!!


why do kitties lick their private parts? because they can! Thanks for the adorable video! I need me a Winston.


I bet we were lookin for a different kind of pussy licking when we looked it up eh? xD

Winston is huge!!


Aww, I missed it - Happy Birthday!

I love the Winston videos. :-D


I think Rudy has a weird fetish wrapped up with Winston. It's like 'Mmmmm, Winston tastes so good. I'm getting all turned on. Now I need to lick myself down there.' I don't think Winnie realizes it, or maybe he's playing along. Perverted cat! Love him!


Hmm not sure what it says about Winston that Rudy seem to like the taste of his own butt better than the taste of Winston


PS - Happy Belated from a fellow Scorp!


I love how when Rudy and Winston are together, Rudy looks like an actual cat whereas Winston totally looks like a muppet you stole off the Sesame Street set.

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