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I'm thankful for you


I'm grateful for four four Kitty Pride and ANTM recaps! And for you, Rich!


Your site is a daily reading staple. Grateful for that. Best to you and yours for Thanksgiving.


Thanks for sharing your madness and brilliance. Laughing is really the best gift.

Queen Lena

Why does that TV judge sound like she's been smoking two packs a day for 30 years? Do they all sound like that?

And I'm thankful for you!! I don't know how you feel about Wendy Williams, but as she would say, you're a friend in my head. =)


Ginuwine has a greatest hits out??? I'm thankful for you telling me that!!!


You're a daily bookmark for hundreds (thousands!) of people you will never know, but who feel that they know you in a little way. Thanks for putting yourself out there. You entertain me tremendously and you make me happy!


Thankful for fourfour! Happy Thanksgiving R, B, W, R, etc...


Wham's Last Christmas!
NSYNC Happy Holidays!

I'm greatful to read your mental colonic. I'm fairly certain that if we knew each other, we'd be best friends. And I'm not hitting on you! :) <-- yea, I did it.


I love you, too! Thanks for an awesome blog, Rich! I don't know how I survived before I discovered Kitty Pride and your ANTM recaps. You're the best!

i've never in my life yelled at a girl like this!

OMG, you must be kidding with the alphabetized DVD shelf.

(PS - Thanks for being the best blogger ever!)


Totally thankful for a place like this to get my funny on every morning at work. You're a gem, Rich!


I'm thankful for:

*ProjRun recaps that made my eyes wet from laughing so hard. And comments thrown out there that only I thought I thought!
*In-depth and thoughtful r&b/rap/pop album reviews, some even provoking me into going out to purchase said album.
*Strange and highly entertaining ANTM recaps. Here's the thing, I don't even get the CW at home. I just come here to 'watch' ANTM.

Truly, you've given much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your natural talent for humorous and intelligent writing with all of us. Now, pass the gravy.


I'm thankful that I you take the time to write this blog. With all my quirky tastes and off-the-wall thoughts,I now know I'm not alone in the world.

And I totally agree about Daniel Craig. I saw the movie this weekend and all I could think the entire time is "this man is not hot at all".


I'm thankful for Winston.


You know what I'm NOT thankful for? Bob & Whit's break up :( No Hell to the Ho Ho Ho


Had to chime in and say that you're also a daily read for me, and always entertaining, and thanks for blogging! And Winston is the hotness.


Wham!, Mariah AND fourfour? I love December.


I'm thankful for your ANTM recaps!


Always listen to fortune cookies, Rich. They will never steer you wrong. I will have to disagree on Daniel Craig - I like my men rough around the edges. I've always thought Bond was way too suave and handsome, almost like a Dandy. This one looks like he fights with his fists. HOT!!

Happy Thanksgiving. :)


you forgot prince's "last night i spent another lonely christmas." BEST.MOST DEPRESSING.CHRISTMAS.SONG.EVER!!!!

other than that, i'm thankful for discovering fourfour this year!


First of all I don't even think that Daniel Craig has a hot body, gym physiques suck ass, so plastic and fake and not at all what I'd be comfortable touching.

Secondly, cheers to "I Like You" I bought it this last weekend, and its the best fucking book I own. Although she claims its not a joke cookbook it still manages to be at least 50 times funnier than all my other cookbooks (including my Martha Stewart Holiday Cookbooks).


We are all thankful for you!!! Also, I got that fortune before too. wtf?! :-) (i heart emoticons)


I love you too! your blog(s) bring me so much joy & laughter. don't ever stop.

and I'm always grateful for some kitty pride - love winston & rudy!


i'm thankful for winston's weirdness too!!

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