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November 30, 2006




Gayest Neil

Winston is totally a carb-a-holic. Did you see the way he body slammed poor Rudy out of the way?

Reminds me of the shuffle of big women when they ring the "hot bread" bell at Ryan's Family Steakhouse in Rome, Georgia. Ah... childhood memories.


Are you and Winston eating mashed potatoes while watching Daisy Cooks!?! Hee!


Oh, poor Rudy. He didn't stand a chance once Winston got a taste of them 'taters and was in love. Sweet, starchy love.


soooooo cute!!!

Just me

And you didn't let the other cat have any?
How mean are you?


I swear everytime I see Winston I think he looks like he's preparing to take over the world.

Mark my words, ya'll: Winston for President in 2008.


I am so in love with that smushed-face kitty!!! Happy Holidays, Winston!!


You're watching 'Daisy Cooks,' no? LUV her. Don't get the anita baker reference though...am i missing something?


Good God that cat loves them mashed potaters.

I laughed for five straight minutes before I could get it together enough to write this comment. Thanks, Rich.


Aww, poor Rudy. It must be cold in Winston's shadow.


I love how cats can't stop licking their chops after they eat "people food."


I love how he grabs the hand as it moves away.

He's like "Hey! You get back here with those taters!"


Winston Wins!!!!!


Rudy was all "Nah, I'm cool."


I love it! Reminds me of my Libby. But I'm kinda sad that I never get to see the other kitty. :(


I'm at work right now, and.. I've never had to hold back a squeal so violently in my entire life. That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. For reals though.

If Winston ever manages to reproduce (via, say, cloning) please drop me a line.


you think so, Anita Baker, causing I'm totally hearing Toni Braxton... "you mean the world to me, you are my everything" and especially the "baby, baby, baby, baaaa by"

i love winston

Hey, I don't think Rich was mean. Winston went for the kill. Like someone else wrote, I don't think poor Rudy stood a chance.


Wow, all of a sudden, I'm starving! And also, I can smell Winston's breath from here.


lol, winston does look like he's plotting to take over the world...and i'd be a happy follower. i think in a world run by winston, there would be a lot of soul food and cuntiness, and thats fine by me.

and poor rudy, can i adopt him for a week? he prolly wouldn't even know how to function out of winston's shadow. he's like the solange to winston's beyonce...or something.


Oh is that a tater tear of joy I spy? Ravenous Winnie looks so clean and fluffy there. <3


Long time reader, firt time commenter. I realize Winston is the little kitty love of your life, but why is it you don't talk much about Rudy? He's just as adorable you know! :)

I can hear all his little sounds.sooo cute


... with Daisy in the background! Cute!

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