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It's great how Winston takes the background noise of the Cuisinart as a cue to savage your poor finger.

Very film noirish of him -- like a forties gangster waiting for the El train to roar past, masking the sound of his Tommy Gun.


HAHAHAHAHA! Lick, lick, lick, lick away licky lickerson!!!!

Have you given him peanut butter yet?


OMG! You were *not* watching Daisy Cooks! LOL
That ho is crazy.


hee hee heee heee hee hee hee heeeee

I can't stop watching.

hee hee hee hee hee heeee!


Oh great, now next time I eat mashed potatoes I'm going to HAVE TO sing "ah-aaaaaa-ah-ah, caught up in the rapture of you". Thanks a lot!

P.S. I hear Totoro singing when I think of Winston! Weeeeee!


Hi there!

I have read fourfour...for...a long time, and I don't believe I have ever commented before.

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for providing me with entertainment so many times in the past...I love your PR recaps and now the VH1 celebreality blog. I keep coming back here between PR seasons, because I still love to read things here.

The video of Winston inspired me to finally post. My mom's cat did the same thing with melted butter after I toasted a bagel one time on a visit. Anyway Winston is adorable. And I agree with him about Jeffrey Sebelia.

Jason Stalcup

Winston looks so mean. That's why I love him.


i don't know why that was so funny, but it was.

Miss Lisa

DAMN--that cat likes his potatoes, Mashed. Thanks for sharing.


Ouch! Why does he hate your finger so much? Anyway, props to you for taking it like a man. ;D Not a scream outta you.

The answer, I think, as to why we don't see much of Rudy is because he's not the star. I'm sure he's special and loved, blah, blah. But some animals step up to the plate and have that kissed by the Gods extra-something. Winston was born a star. Rudy is just taking his rightful second place.

Either that or he doesn't give a crap-doodle about attention. Rich has mentioned Rudy might be autistic. As a fellow cat owner of an autistic cat, I've noticed autisti-kats really want to be left alone. If and when they want attention they'll let you know.


That kitty is hilarious. Love the little smaking noises.

sarah d.

Fun fact: Winston bears a striking resemblance to one Theodore Roosevelt.


Ok, Mara, that solange/bey comment was hilar.


Reminds me of my cat Akuma who loooooooves french fries


Give that baby some more taters! Love Winston!




Winston is totally a Totoro, put a leaf on his head and a flute type thing in his paws and there you go.

That should be his halloween costume next year.

Oh and I love when cats hold your finger! Like a little kitty handshake.


OOHH for the first time i could like see Winnie's eyes "making" the dirt that cakes up on his face... now i know why he needs so many baths


I like the lil tear of joy at the end


Yeah, Anita Baker sings like she has mashed potatoes in her mouth (just like Toni Braxton, as noted above). I find, in fact, that I can't think of mashed potatoes without thinking of Anita. And vice versa.


Give Rudy some!


May I just say that i am in love with your cat.


love Winston, love Rudy, love FourFour. Thanks! Making me laugh is a true gift.



Winston is uber cute! :D

but i'm quite concerned about his eyes,
maybe you should check with the vet.


Oh man, I first watched it with the sound off, and as soon as I saw him spear your finger with his sharp little kitty teeth to bring back the taters to his range, I was like, I gotta start this over and turn the volume up. See, I was hoping that it was possibly your partner feeding him and he was going to let out that amazingly hilarious moan/yelp of pain, like the time that he was brushing Winston and Winston latched on with tooth and claw. Sorry, that was mean, but honestly that brushing video was so freakin' funny.

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