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I love Winnie's cute little squished face!


I can identify the cooking show playing in the background simply by how the host pronouces "cilantro"? Is that cool, or just geeky?

After watching the Winston video on youtube and seeing whoever made it was hosting Living Dolls... I wasted a couple hours of my life watching that, and when I was trying to find out what happened to Swan's mother I accidently stumbled on here to your page mentioning her. After reading that... what else greets me on the front page than the Winston that made me see that movie in the first place! The child beauty thing was creepy enough on its own, after this weird coincidence, I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep this weekend.

OMG. Don't tell me... that you're the one who is hosting both? If you are, things just got a lot less freaky. Phew.

E :)

Too cute... Now I'm hungry...


Adorable! And I looooove the new Trainspotting banner!


I think I found Winston's human grandmother (click on my name to see).


this is the best thing i've ever seen. winston makes me happy!!!

my cat loves mashed potatoes too

one of those little things that make life great- a cat eating mashed potatoes off your finger


Um, I DISTINCTLY saw Rich's finger move toward Winston AFTER poor Rudy lunged and batted at it.

Put the vid on pause and slide it back and forth. You'll see.




ps i love rudy

Little Edie, New Age Cat Doctor


Cat Herpes Public Service Announcement:

Somebody mentioned Win's duct slime --

It may be that his tiny feline sinuses are jammed up against his bulging ocular cavities due to breeding for flat-face, but it could also be the ubiquitous but little understood kitty H-bomb.

He may be leaky because his mouth, nose, and eyes are unnaturally collapsed into a miniscule, pinched skull structure. In this case, the damp eye is just natural selection weeping.

On the other hand, many many cats have herpes, the main symptom of which is eye discharge and maybe coughing/congestion.

My Linus has it and was diagnosed after 8 years of runny, crusty cuteness. It's super-common. You can sort of treat it, but not cure it and the cats themselves don't really seem to mind, the '70s swingers that they are.



Poor Rudy. I love Winston, but your favoritism is clear. Poor Rudy.

Little Edie, Shut-in Cat Ethnographer

Don't feel sorry for Rudy.

Rudy is a normal, unmanipulated cat.

Cat's are not social creatures. They're solitary desert predators with only the most basic relationships even within their species.

As barely domesticated animals, they want food and a clean crapping zone from you. And, of course, probably to get away from your tiny apartment and needy grabbing and into a larger more interesting territory.

All the behaviors humans desire in their cats are basically unnatural.


That was some kind of Kitty food erotica, he looks like someone who just came off Atkins!
Hilarous and so cute. I was LOL ing!


So why Didn't Rudy get to have any? You had the power to make them share but you didn't! I bet its because Rudy's the Darker cvat right??



winston's got a tongue on him, not that i'm into beastiality or anything but that lickin sure sounded familiar

i'm sorry rich


So sad to see Rudy just slink his way back out of the picture.



I think what I love more about this clip is that in the background you are watching Daisy Cooks...which is, like, my ALL TIME favorite cooking show!! *swoon*


The only thing that would make this video better is purring. Can we give Winston requests? :)


Winston`s posted on!


I met Winston through and at the time was having a bad day and seeing this prosh little guy enjoying his spuds was just what I needed.

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Every tragedy makes heroes of common people.

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When you have a black cat, every day is Halloween. I enjoyed this and I have to admit I would not miss the holiday if it disappeared in the states, too. It lost its charm when the litte fun size candy bars appeared. Cheap!

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