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December 19, 2006



i love you rich


She disgusts me in a way that makes me love her so.


"Get it! Get it!"


I love you for doing this! John Waters is GOD.


I really get the sense that he misses Edith the most of all the departed Dreamland gang (sadly, we must now add Van Smith to the list), she really was an innocent in God's eyes.

Did you ever get a copy of Waters classic book "Shock Value"? It utterly charming.
It mentions the many years Edith Massey unjustly spent in prison, and how even after her release, she never harbored a bitter bone in her body.

It also contains an astonishing photo of a very svelte(!) teenaged Divine in old-fashioned drag. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that he totally looks like freaking Audrey Hepburn!

And the best Christmas Eve movie to watch ever? Female Trouble, hands down.
"I wanted black cha-cha heels!"


I love her so much. I suddenly want a plate of eggs. Maybe Anchal was just a big Edith Massey fan.

Also, I am stealing the screencap. Hope you don't mind! :]


My mother reads every single sign she sees out the car window. "left turn only", "Bob's drive through", "slow right lane", even when she's driving. Now I know who she gets it from.


My favorite movie of all time (Besides 'Over the Edge' and maaaybe 'Baby Geniuses') is Polyester. And it's all thanks to Cuddles/Edith Massey. She's funny, adorable, talented, and ingenuous. In some ways, she reminds of an old, confused Shirley Temple. I love her face. I love her voice. I love her barrel-shaped midsection. I love everything about her. She's someone I look up to. I WISH i could have met Edith Massey. She really seems like my kinda gal.


Thanks for the post. I had forgotten how much I love John Waters.


I am glad you wrote about this. I saw this at the Toronto Film Fest and John Waters was there for a Q & A. He was so cool and funny and just as great in person. It made me realize I am a fan of him rather than his movies, of which I have only seen a few and am scared to see others! But I love JW and he has some obsessed fans that were at the screening, he gets some doozies like the guy who had JW's face tatooed on his ass or something..

the forest gump joke was great.


Anyone know where i can buy this online? I've searched around but i can't find it..

All hail Queen Carlotta!


my folks were just in town and my mom does the same creepy thing that edith does, but i don't think she's devolved quite as far. my mom merely reads signage (which includes traffic signs). denny's, macdonald's, public library, stop, keep right, fire department AAARRRGH!


Right on! Waters is genius - y'know, Rich, I agree that his films are hit or miss (they had a zero budget, so yeah) - but the best part of watching his films on DVD is listening to the audio commentary by him. Seriously, it's a rare thing when audio commentary genuinely adds to any movie experience (unless it's drug-fueled and insane, a la Abel Ferrara, which you've discussed) but his is the *best*. There's something so laid back and hilarious about him


Edith Massey used to own a thrift store in Baltimore called "Edith's Paper Bag." She would have grab bags for a nickel & sometimes she would put used medicine bottle caps & she would scream out "You can't be lucky everytime" & laugh. Adorable, right?

I heard this story from a John Waters stage reading. I totally miss Edith :(


Whoops -- I should have watched the video before I posted. :( Oh well. Edith is cute.


I love John, I love Divine, and I love Rich. Happy Holidays, aesss-holes!


I remember the first time I saw Polyester. I was 12 and my mom rented it for me. It was the first time I realized there were other weirdos out there like me that would find his brand of insane hilarious.

However, I always was scared of Edith until I grew up and realized she was the best kind of freak. Anyone who would go on film looking like that gets my vote for an Academy Award.


I love John Waters. I do like his movies, I love his writing and more than anything I love to hear him talk. I'll have to check this out. I've been wanting to get his movies on DVD... I hadn't even thought about the commentary tracks, so now that you mention it, I have to start collecting them ASAP. It's the least I can do, I owe John Waters so much. I owe him at least $20 for "I've got a mountain of ironing to do and my diet pill is wearing thin".


I love John Waters, love, love, love. I saw him speak at EMU, and he was hilarious.
Thank you for posting this.


Actually, the store was "Edith's Shopping Bag;" my Mom and I used to go there regularly in the 70s (we lived around the corner). The woman we called "Edie" was a very interesting character, as were many of her customers! And I have vauge memories of John Waters filming in the neighborhood.

As an adult, I lived near John's Baltimore residence and would occasionally trespass on his property to get to the little parklike area behind it.

Good times.

D Satyr

Run don't walk to a store
and listen (if you haven't already)
to John Waters’ director commentaries for
any (and all) of his films that are
now on DVD
A total scream---even better than his
movies: sweet, funny, bitchy
and profane.

Tees My Body

Pecker is by far his best movie. Yeah, buy Pecker.


I have an unfit kind of love (the only kind Mr. Waters would accept, I'm sure) for John Waters. I've seen him speak several times, and his stories about making his earliest films crack me up. He was a guerilla filmmaker with a vision. Nowadays, gross-out humor is commonplace, but in his day, it was almost revolutionary.

His musings on almost going insane trying to synch up the soundtrack and the visuals for "Eat Your Makeup" is priceless.


Yes yes yes, watch every one of his movies with the commentary track posthaste! While even the suckiest of his films are redeemed by moments of truly inspired dialogue ("You ever masturbate while your hand's asleep? Feels like someone is doing it"), his commentary makes them so much more dense and satisfying. The commentary for "Desperate Living" (my fave John Waters joint by far, on accounta the boob glory holes) also includes warbling input from leading lady Liz Renay.


Shit, I just remembered my favorite Edith anecdote! Following a soiree thrown by Andy Warhol at which both she and John Waters attended, Edith earnestly asked John "which [party guest] was Mr. Warhol?" After he told her that he was the man snapping polaroids of her all night, John asked Edith which famous person she would like to meet. With no hesitation, Edith replied "Bob Barker."

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