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December 11, 2006


the antithetical homophile

between these recaps and your spot-on horror movie commentary... you're, like, my idol.



sorry, just had to get that out of my system...:P


*Sniff* The end of an era! I will miss your recaps!Anyway, see you again in March, ANTM!!

PS: Thank you sooooo much for making my Mondays special!!!


Definitely an awful cycle. But your recaps made it all worthwhile.

and thank you for noticing the skirt-fanning action. It was like Monique was at the finale in spirit.


Thank you thank you thank you for anotehr wonderful season of recaps, especially since this season had so much to mock.

I agree with your sentiment about Mr. Jay, god help that they let the little organce man on teh judges panels some more, lest he imparts some sort of reason on those otehr weirdos.

I am glad caridee won, she was hilarious, even though a little crazy. I aslo think melrose got teh short end of teh stick, she is talented, so she coudl go one to host a mediorce show on a random TV station (kim stoltz).

DOes any one know if there will be a reunion?


Love the recap, and will miss this show more than I should, but I do agree about the crappiness of this season. Talk about bland! I was really happy that CariDee won, but wasn't surprised, and found that more of my joy was about Melrose not winning.

Ben Plymale

Awww now I'm sad. I can't wait for the British Invasion! I loved Eugena's disappearing face, but I think this is the only time I've disagreed with your choice of winner. You should work on that.


I heart Rich and his hella awesome ANTM recaps.


Dear Rich, you made Monday something to look forward to. Thank you.



I'm so happy it's over. The best thing about this season's ANTM were your recaps. God, I hope she hires some writers for the next season, I can't sit through this again. Way too painful.

Penny Woods

I don't know which is worse, this cycle or Cycle 5. The recaps at fourfour, however, make up for the bad cycles.


Sigh. I'm so glad this cycle is over, mostly because both you AND Potes hate hate hate Melrose, and I love love love her, and everytime I read your recaps I feel like we're fighting.

Rich, lets never fight again.


Anyways, Britain's Next Top Model is really really hilarious, with a budget about half of ANTM, and a group of girls who were hand selected as the most amusing England had to offer (with the sole exception of the winner, who is so boring and forgettable you'll be confused as to who she even is until they make her over. she gets bangs. but really she's a good model at least). Really the girls are nuts. Like imagine if cycle 4's Tiffany (but before she went to anger management), cycle 7's Brooke and Lady Cat, extracted dna from them all and made a group of girls with british (and scottish and welsh) accents...thats what BNTM is like. Except cheaper than that.

"First of all, take a breath. Chill out. Eat a cookie. Use a comma." ROFL!! I'm going to miss these updates SOO muhc. Thanks for the laughs


Hilarious as usual. But watch out, Britain's.Next.Top.Model is...

Realistic! =O

Don't expect crazy judging antics. The judges all suck.


I'm so glad I read this one at home....holy crap, that would have been hard to explain in my cubicle farm.

LOVE IT!!! Keep up the good work. You're fantastic.


I saw this finale & i was so bored. But i knew you would make it way more entertaining with your hilarious recap and you did me proud. You have made my mondays so much more than the most stressful day of the work week.



Hi Rich, your recaps of ANTM is in MY top ten favorite things that ever happened in the history of pop culture. I wouldn't even watch the program anymore if you weren't still making it hilarious on Mondays. Nothing like a good inside joke. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


Princess Monostanke. PRICELESS!


Thank you so much for the recap! I waited all weekend long for this and you didn't disappoint.


Thanks for providing funny recaps week after week! I'll miss them until ANTM 8 hits. By then, I hope you're still around.


So good. Thank you Rich, I really need the laughs today. I wish we could all have a mass screening of the next cycle's first episode. How awesome would that be?

tinker bella

I tricked my bf into watching ANTM with me by agreeing to watch to first two seasons of Lost (which I would have done anyway). It's amazing how quickly he grasped the key components of the show; when we were watching the credits and they showed clips from the Tyra/Cari photoshoot he said, "It doesn't really matter who wins, because it's all about Tyra winning."

For me, the problem with this cycle was that I couldn't even pretend to take it seriously. What a joke!

But, Rich, your recaps are so much fun. I don't ready anything else that makes me laugh as much. Thank you!


oh dearest rich,
you brighten up my monday-before-finals ever so much. do you know where vagarms come from? ill-fitting bras. which is really weird since, as she reminds us every episode, tyty used to work for victoria secret. in the fitting room. giving women vagarms.
oh and that panel hasn't said anything really constructive in three seasons, so i was glad to see Jay being all "oh no you di'int"


As much as I found Melrose annoying with her big ol' fakey smile, a bit of me softened for her when she said made her "heart and soul" comment. She did work very hard, but sometimes hard work just isn't enough. And that's sad.

Pretty poor season, CariDee was the glaringly obvious choice from day one. Too bad she didn't have any real competition.

I warmed up to Eugena's look, but I still found her photos lifeless. Even the ones the panel raved about.

"Dani" was a mess. Poor thing.

Rich, if you haven't already you have to check out season one of Australia's Next Top Model. It was fun and nuts.


You Rrrrrrock Rrrrrrich(roll the 'r')!

I am so glad you said something about Tyra's bitch ass "put your hands on your hip" move to Danielle during the final runway. That was so FOUL. She wouldn't have done that shit to a white girl. Tyra is still stuck on that I must teach Danielle how to be a cool black gurl like me and not a dirty southerner shit. Self hate is an ugly ugly thing Tyra.

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