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December 27, 2006



oh jesus, rich. SO FUCKING GENIUS. "james brown is dead"??? i wish i had the insight to post that on monday night.

what a video.

holy hell.


I actually went and dug out my cd single of that song on Monday night (9!!! remixes), opting to not dig out the 12" 'cause that would be, y'know, way too much effort.

I was expecting it to sound very dated (which it did), but it sounded pretty darned good to me. Surprising, especially since I pin the blame for all "happy hardcore" on this track.


The girls were way better looking on this go-round. It looked like the production values were higher too. That's no fun!

Merry Xmas Richie! Love ya.


I think every fag in America is experiencing the same loop. My elderly grandmother heralded the news "James Brown is Dead" at our holiday gathering. I wish I could have sampled her. Remix 2006.hmm


I make THE BEST bananas foster.


thats such a great thing to know...that you really can start the day over at any moment.


YESSS! i love that song!!! and i think it is much worse that i was so excited upon hearing it for the first time in years that i totally didn't put two and two together until just now. haha!

always answer b

To be completely honest, I was looking forward to a fullblown recap from you because I was kind of shocked at how, among other things, many of this crop of girls seemed to be way hotter than the ladies of ANTM recently. But you get straight up love for the side-by-side of Lucy and the ostrich (I believe?) because that girl was scaring the bejeezus out of me. Well enjoy your R&R and I'll be looking forward to your next ish.


Even when you're trying to be tired and lazy, Rich, your comedy never is. =Þ

I'm hopeful you don't mind my bogarting the idea to post the video on my second blog. Don't you fucking worry, I always give credit where credit is due.


moment of shame: L.A. Style was the first compact disc i ever purchased.

BNTM is a bit on the dull side. The narration make me feel like it's a Jane Goodall special.

Will hold my Virgin giftcard until your end of the year music memo. (And jockohomo's.)


i was singing "James Brown is Dead" all night on Monday and nobody had any idea what the fuck i was talking about. i shoulda grabbed my glowsticks and ran to new jersey!


Haha, the comments to the JBID youtube vid are priceless.

Did you look at Paula Hamilton's wikipedia biography? Her dad was an alcoholic, her mother concealed the identity of her biological father for 27 years. She didn't know of her biodad until he was long dead after being murdered with a pickaxe handle.


the james brown is dead video is pure seizure hell


Hmmm...Too bad no one composed a techno ditty about Gerald Ford.

The British Top Model makes me glad I'm American.


The second I heard he died that song popped into my head. It makes me feel that much better to know I'm not the only one. Oh those nasa days

John R

Yeah, I thought of you trying to recap this shitty 2-Hour CW recap of a 12- or 13-Hour season. Not worth it - It went so fast I couldn't tell some of the girls apart. Ah well - Happy New Year!


Please, please, please, please

blog on the new Lifetime show

"Gay, Straight, or Taken?" (Mondays)

I thought Paula was genius, as well. And strangely gorgeous. She should be the host, not that limp biscuit.

Washington Cube

You work so hard for your readers during the year, we'll forgive this little slip up. And on Christmas morning, hearing about the death of James Brown, I slapped on "Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto." Have a good 2007.


This isn't related to this post, per se...but i finally got around to watching some of the most recent season of antm, and i can't look at aj without thinking she's john cameron mitchell during the finale of hedwig when he's wig-less.

hedwig: http://sjl-static15.sjl.youtube.com/vi/HDHqgAqNUV0/1.jpg

Polycarbonate sheet

Yay! Raising cyber toast (not the bread kind, but the bubbly kind) to ya! Haven't been around for months, but reading this was worth stopping by. Happy for you, Patricia. Very happy.

Polycarbonate greenhouse

What an amazing, inspiring, well-told account of the journey of your life! Thanks for the inspiring words and the strong survival and creativity vibes here. I'm basking in them like the sun.

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Good for you. Of course, your rather would be very proud of your accomplishments.

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