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December 06, 2006



Bravo. The thing that's so genius about this blog is the sheer randomness of the way you lay out your thoughts and it suits this film well. The first time I watched it I thought, "Okay, when's the film going to to begin?" I mean, it was two women in a decaying mansion babbling over each other. But you kinda get suckered in, particularly by "Little" Edie. She's so delicate, but so frightening at the same time. I will never say the word "staunch" without a severe New England accent again. NEVER. Jerry's hot (and gay, btw) - I read an article that said when he wasn't eatin' corn with the Beales', he was go-go dancing at gay bars in NYC. Jealous.... Are you going to see the play with Christine Ebersol, Rich? Us non-New Yorkers would be interested in how it is.


Awwww!!! I'm so excited they finally released it and cannot wait to see it.

I am not really a fan of watching Grey Gardens all at once. I find that its much easier to watch in bits and pieces. If you watch it all at once, it depresses you I think. But in bits and pieces...its hilarious.

All that said, I'll admit to dressing my 3 year old daughter in assorted dish towels complete with head scarf and taking pictures of her for the family photo album. What can I say? Its hard to get the movie out of your head!


Mr. Maysles just spoke at my school (actually it was in conjunction with my school at this small museum in my town.) He's quite the character. He just turned 80 and has about a dozen ideas for future projects. I think he was telling us all about them so if he died we could go out and fulfill his dreams (weird) but he kept telling us if we were students he wanted us to film poetry. Good guy.

Brandon H

hmmmmm. As of late I've been seeing reviews for both films all over the place and wondered what the buzz was about. I think it's high time I rent the first one to see if it lives up to expectation.

Girl #1

I love this movie too! We linked to you today, check it out! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Girl #1


oh my god. i laughed like no other. im in love with you and your insight.


Rich you never cease to amaze me. I just sat down to watch this again last Sunday! IFC was having a Maysles marathon. Gimmie Shelter played right before Grey Gardens. Another facinating movie. I saw this when I was younger and it scared me, but watching it again recently made me realize while there is a sadness to their story, it's also hilarious.


If this sort of wild ungrounded documentary on mental illness with that charisma of a train wreck flair floats your boat you all might want to consider seeing that 1995 documentary called “Jupiter’s Wife” Directed by Michel Negoponte. –Maggie is an amazingly crazy woman!


you did a wonderful job of the screencaps!


Rich, I bought Grey Gardens based on your recommendations on this site and I must say I was not disappointed. They are/were fascinating characters (Big Edie is gone now, I understand).


Well, I caught GG on Bravo a couple of years ago, and I thought "Well, this is the damnedest thing..."
Stupidly, I forgot to check the guide to see what it was called.

Then you come along with your spot-on Jade comparison, and I was off like a shot to buy the movie.

Afterward, I signed up at the GG Yahoo Group. Jerry (Gerard Joseph Torres) is a regular poster there. I asked him about the actual floorplans of the mansion, and he said that Big and Little Edie were frightened to go into "the Eye" of the house. Apparently, it's a shuttered room on the second floor that's haunted by a sea-captain and his wife. It is believed that from this room he can see everything that goes on at Grey Gardens...


ever notice how much little edie resembles janeane garofalo?


Fantastic film, fantastic legacy, fantastic follow up.

And fantastic summary. Thanks Rich!

English Major

The play, it is not good. It is very much a set of impressions. Quite good impressions, but impressions nonetheless. And the necessity of story has done some violence to the effective scatteredness of the documentary.

This, on the other hand, looks like something worth seeing.


These came in today's mail! It'll be my first exposure, so thanks for this lil' inoculation.



You are so right about the subtitles-I had given up on it 5 minutes in. When I turned them on-it was a totally enjoyable film.


ps-I think if I had stayed with my mom and the cats this would have been us, twin beds w/handy icebox nearby, filth, bickering, *shudder*


These women are obviously mentally troubled. The only thing that seems to make them documentary worthy is that they are related to Jackie O.

Discussing their words as if they are just unusaly things coming out of the mouths of normal people misses the point.

Titsley LeMieux

Rich - I'm just about to start writing my piece on Grey Gardens for x-mas presents I'm giving to friends and this cracks me up. I was thinking of including a list of what I planned to call "Amen Moments" of the best Edie-isms looped together. Anyhow, I'm giving friends a copy of Grey Gardens with an essay on why I love it as well as a Little Edie doll - customized from the 99c Store's "Miss Mexico" doll. I need to send you one. XOXOXO, Matty


I didn't know if I'm the only one who shed buckets of tears while watching the Grey Gardens. But I also cried during Murderball. So..

Thanks Rich. I'll be waiting a couple of months for the Beales of Grey Gardens.

I love you (as always).


You've done it again Rich! I'm obsessed with these two women! Brilliant!


fucking brilliant.

i know what i want for xmas now.

and i mean like today.

jack jett


This was great. Have you seen the new musical about There's a great piece on Jerry, my new best friend.


I LOVE the original Grey Gardens documentary and saw the HBO movie. I would like to see The Beales of Grey Gardens and eventually would like to own the boxset of both documentaries !

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That is a great thing to learn. I didn't know about this new version. I loved "Grey Gardens". I n fact, is one of favorite docs.


Aw, I'm just reading this review for the first time. I loved this movie, maybe as much as the first. More Little Edie costumes! And you see a LOT of bitchy remarks from Big to Little. And well, that sweater with the grape clusters is just so fabulous. Sigh.

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