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December 05, 2006




:) :) :) best scene from house party


SO right on about the Total Recall thing-- "Twwoooooo WEEEKkkkkksssssssssaaaa"


Love it all. I have to tell you that I saw a pic of Chris Daughtry and I thought he looked quite a bit like you, which would explain the hotness.


Mmmm....Zac Efron... He is yummy. Lindsey Lohan comparisons aside, that faux-hawk is a big improvement over the overgrown bowl cut he sported in High School Musical.


Rich, I would sit on Chris d*ck in a SECOND!!!


Should I feel embarrassed that I'm not only attracted to a guy who sounds like second-rate Nickelback on a good day, but that I'm, like, animally attracted to him?

Dude. I KNOW! I can't figure it out!

Bob King Neverland III

I remember the total recall nintendo game and beat it so I really saw no purpose in seeing the movie.


From the generation that gave the world John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and The Who among many other brilliant and accomplished artists...congratulations on your generation's contribution so far: Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Fergie, and Flavor Flav. How very proud you must be. Seriously. No, seriously.


Hahhaa....all observations are hilarious, per usual...

I've always thought Hollywood's copious awards shows were nothing more than elaborate circle jerks.


The whole thing was a yawnfest, I only tuned in for the opening peformance (like most folks in blogland). Janets perfomance was ok, she needs to fire that damned hawaiian coreographer of hers, but it was decent in spite of him. It was definitely the best performance of the night, which isnt saying much.

Fergie pretty much phoned in her performance. The first half, she stood in place like some robot. The second half, she couldnt keep up with her own lyrics. And the only 10 seconds of singing in the ENTIRE song, she sounds like a cat with its tail caught in a meat-grinder. One acronym describes it all, WTF.

Mary hooted and hollered and scared white folks again, nothing new here. Moving on...

I dont know why something about me likes gwen, the performance was awkward at best. I wish she had learned janet's choreography. It would have made for an interesting contrast.

The rest of the show was a bore. Awarding people purely on the fact that they are popular, what a novel idea!

Brandon H

God, Janiet's performance was SOOOO WEAK. I'm beyond being disappointed in her. I saw some of Madonna's concert and for someone ten years her senior, Madonna had the bitch beat hands down as far as vocals and performance.

You would have thought that Janet was falling asleep on stage with that tired ass performance!

Christina Warren

Dude - what was up with all the unnecessary use of tape delayed-mute(okay, some of it was necessary)! I'm thinking they must have gone beyond 7 seconds (maybe 10?) because they were REALLY scared to go out there with no host. I only saw the first hour or so (something better came on and I was out), but the best part of the damn show was the glee certain presenters seemed to display - knowing that there was no host that could really restrain them.

Janet looked good but sounded like shit. Nelly was adorable - but as someone else noted, totally on crack (and I love her for that) and Fergie was, well Fergie.

Miss Lisa

I felt so bad about myself watching some of this show (I was just really tired at the time), but I couldn't turn off Stefani's retarded dance performance. It was so, so bad. It looked like ME dancing around in a bad dream where I couldn't remember my choreography. I kept thinking: Does her husband compliment her after the show? It must be tough being married to a pop star these days.

And isn't selling the most CDs the reward in itself? Only in America...

"Animal I Have Become"--(sigh), I don't even *want* to know...


WINDITUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!--gwen stefani (dying at that gif, btw)

she is really retarded, and awkward at best. she needs to go somewhere and take care of her kid, seriously.

i like 3 days grace; its good to finally see them get some recognition. they have more talent than half the jokers at last nites show, anyway. i caught fergie fug's performance, and that was enough for me.

and i don't get the chris daughtry thing--he's the antithesis of attractive IMO.


Like most people named Abdul, Paula is a threat to America.


"a show that essentially says to pop stars, "The money and fame you've reaped from your hit songs and albums simply isn't enough. Here, have some trophies."

I have been saying this for YEARS.

Hey, you're already rich and famous. I think you deserve an award for that. In a showy televised display to garner more riches and fame. And some free stuff. Here.

rockin robin

fergyonce?! tje resemblance is scary!
oh my...... :(


Nelly Furtado is smiling like Megg @ ANTM.


I thought Janet's performance was great! It was hard to hear her singing, which is probably a good thing.

Gwen Stefani needs to go back and try again. That Ghetto Swiss Miss shit is not the bidness!


i think i get your attraction to Chris Daughtry...he looks alot like you, lets face it honey you are hot!

can't wait till monday...Down with MELROSE!


Janet's background screens reading "S.E.X." made me spit my mouthful of Beef Lo Mein all over the TV. Desperation has never looked so RANDOM!!! Where is Rene Elizondo, anyone, please, anyone?


i can't stop reading your posts. I don't get the awards show thing. Maybe I'm getting old. But it seems utterly pointless and forgettable. Like who really cares one week later? You know Who's Line is it Anyway?, the show where the points don't mean anything. The awards don't mean anything. It's more for tv and having the ceremony of kissing industry and artist nalgas. Yes, that Chris, whatever his name is, is yummy.


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