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December 29, 2006



Thank you, Rich! There's a lot of stuff here I haven't heard (at least not consciously.) Thanks for EVERYTHING! You made 2006 a funnier and more delightful place.


Happy New Year to you and the fam. Give Winston a kiss from Auntie Hateraid at midnight for me.

No Crazy by Gnarls Barkley?


Lol, damn.. now I feel stupid for making a list...

Seriously though... Basement Jaxx rocks... Do you get into Robyn also?

And, I think you may be a music journalist on the sly...


I haven't read this entire entry yet; I had to run to the bathroom first because two drops of pee came out!

Hoo-ray! A ju-i-zy pop mix AND a dance mix on the way?

Call me panty soup! I cannot wait.

You deserve the foxiest 2k7 around! And I know someone who has a stripper pole in her guest/pool house if you're ever in Los Angeles again. ;)


Nice post title too.

Lust. Her.


No Amy Winehouse?


Thanks a lot Rich! Happy New Year to you and yours!


Once again you have made a perfect mix. I don't think I could have done it better. I'm glad to say that all those tracks are on heavy rotation in my iPod. I probably would have added some Mary J. Blige...Enough Cryin' is my standout of 2006 just for her rapping and intro line (so fierce!). STILL HOW CAN YOU MAKE A **POP** MIX WITH NO MADONNA!!! Also where is Gnarls Barkley, The Pussycat Dolls, or Kelis? What kind of gay man are you?


I am maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad at that list, cuz it's so ON POINT!

I wish you and all my fellow readers love, prosperity, and fulfillment in 07!


Holy shit. The Knife to Ciara is so perfect. I'm getting misty. Well done, sir. Thanks for keeping me 'ooohing' all year.


So just this morning several friends were talking abut the Knife. And now look at THIS! I can not wait for the dance mix too. I'll be driving home to this tonight ;)


what...no dreamgirls review? seriously, i'm dying to know what you thought. i thoroughly enjoyed it myself.


i love ur music list! they become my workouts!


i love the list, now how do i download the damn thing? stoopid firefox won't let me! : (


totally downloaded all those songs- thanks for the list!


why bring the music to a room with a pole when you can bring the pole to your room with your music?

happy seven ...


stoopid firefox will let you. just right-click (control+click on mac) and choose "save this link as ...)


what did you use to mix this?


Ohmygod you are so awesome, Rich!!
It was during 2006 that I discovered your website and I have been faithful ever since. You're fuckin hilarious! And I know 2 other people that are gonna love to have a copy of this.
Can't wait for next year's recaps. Happy New Year!!


i'm happy to see janet made your list. her cd was a big disappointment to me since it wasn't the big dance album that jd said it would be, but the slow songs are actually very good. take care is good, as is enjoy. if she wouldn't have tried to be something she isn't then maybe the other songs would have been good too. thanks for that jd.


Rich, I hear what you are saying about Cherish. They were probably my favorite new group of the year. Cassi maybe a one hit wonder (time will tell) but Me & U is probably the best song ever about a bj (I don't care what she says).



I just listened to the mix and it was fantastic. My tastes have very much been in the dance/electronic scene lately but this mix made me want to go out and buy each track.

Well done.

It's so unfair one man--and one entirely unavailable man at that--should be so talented and sexy. ;)


Rich, I thought you should know that when you type your name into Wikipedia, the most relevent search term is for Mariah Carey's Butterfly.

This should help you feel better about last year. And also let you know that you oughtta get an entry about yourself.



Thank you so much for the mix. You open my eyes up to some music I would never have heard before. One of the many reason you are one of my altHEROES.


Happy New Year!
I was playing my Jesus Is The Reason CD today!
Love you Four Four EVAH!

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