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December 04, 2006



You made my day! THX for this excellent recap!!


Heh-larious as always


I'm still confused why overseas cheating was such a big deal in Italy, but it's glossed over when CariDee does it in Spain. And her boyfriend seemed so nice on the phone, too.... poor guy.

And despite all the Melrose hate, I still like her. Or at least, I don't dislike her any more than I dislike all the other girls. They're all backstabbing, two-faced hos. They all talk shit behind each others' back. Every last one of them, with the exception of the twins-- which of course meant that the twins had to go. ANTM couldn't have relatively normal, drama-free girls in the top three.


the twins as gumby and... pokey? is that the horses name?
pure brilliance.


Awwww, I love Melrose's letter to the mayonaise/pear jar. And Melrose, I'd write you letters all the time. I want to be your insane stalker fan!

Anyways, seeing CariDee puke would rock.

Oh and I love love love the Eugena commentary.

And on a serious note (except not really), I have to say I LOVE the way the episodes are now, you're absolutely right, they're like they were circa cycle 2, with random bullshit that doesn't make any sense, clumsily contrived psuedodrama and attention to the most retarded bullshit.

Good work! You make my mondays special.

Oh and FYI, the CW will be showing highlights from Britain's Next Top Model in the weeks following the ANTM finale, so if you want to give us an xmas present you can recap that crazy shit!


I'm not feeling any of the final three this year, Rich. CariDee is a manic mess, Melrose's naked ambition makes Tracy Flick seem almost sympathetic by comparison and Eugena is, as you said brilliantly above, Eugena (who I think is hotter with shorter hair, BTW). There's no Joanie this year, no one to pin all my modeling hopes and dreams on.

Next week is the damn Cover Girl commercial in which the girls fuck up the script. Whoopee!! I know that having a template for reality shows is good, but ANTM needs to change things up pronto.


You and Potes are the only reason I [sometimes] watch this show. Fo' reals.


I can't believe Tyra had the nerve to almost eliminate CariDee because she has a problem with cold. If she didn't notice, so did everyone else; Tyra's obvious solution is to gain 50lbs of insulation.

What's even more unbelievable is the fact that Tyra feels she has the right to have that kind of hypocritical nerve. And really, who's to blame her when we keep watching week after week to feed her ego. I know it's not going to stop me from tuning in. Keep up the great work!


The tyra-istic dance song made my day. you rock.

taty baby

Love love love your ANTM recaps, as usual ;)
Although I was a little suprised you didn't make note of how the cameras zoomed in on Nigel when he said "There's something about Melrose that irks me." See? He doesn't like the twatty two-faced psycho either!

Dancing is my soul? My ass!

Keep up the good work, Rich!

Remember the editing. who knows what their relationship is like. maybe they have an open relationsip. you shouldnt judge her when only half the story was told.


"Smaller than a model, bigger than a breadbox."

That made my morning!

taty baby

Love love love your ANTM recaps, as usual ;)
Although I was a little suprised you didn't make note of how the cameras zoomed in on Nigel when he said "There's something about Melrose that irks me." See? He doesn't like the twatty two-faced psycho either!

Dancing is my soul? My ass!

Keep up the good work, Rich!


1) Tyra lost her SHOE. But she kept on dancing, ya'll.

2) I am surprised Tyra didn't suggest that maybe Caridee doesn't want to be ANTM in a ride-on-back-of-elephant-through-jungle-while-sick sort of way...

hahahahah i'd puke too

Gayest Neil

I noticed a decipheration 'tween the pre-writer's strike versus post in this episode, too. I'm working on my own releasement.


one of the best recaps i've read. "listening" to you wax philosophical on antm makes me happy from my head to my toes.


morgan and ashley

every monday we sit in class and laugh at your recaps.

pretty much the highlight of our week- more so than the actual show itself.
I can't believe you caught the "fucking bitch" mumble from caridee... best part.

excited for the finale but sad the relationship is over so soon!


i liked how caridee wanted to go back in the water to finish the shoot after she warmed up, but they wouldn't let her. why let tenacity ruin a little bit of made-for-tv pseudo drama?


So all I want to know is if they were so freaking cold, why not swim a few laps to get their body temps up??? Does that just make too much sense??

Great recap!


"friendly in the vagina."


This season is the worse ever,ever, ever. There has not been one single beauty/fashion shoot. It's all been gimmicky, ugly get-up shit. Think about it. What I liked about this show in the past is I actually thought it was well done. The pictures often were lovely. Now they can't even get these girls into decent flamenco dresses for a photo shoot. If you can make a woman look like shit in a flameco dress?....Problems.

PS Am I the only one that thinks every single last one of Melrose's pictures makes her look like an old, open-mouth, vapid-eyed
hag? Just asking.


You make my mondays. really.
CariDee is my fave at the moment, but really I don't love her enough to be outraged if the others win.
And, did you notice that Eva Pigford is now going by a new last name? Mercell or something? And Daneille is Dani... I wonder if the others have had name changes as well!
Ahh I wish I had sound on this computer and could listen to Tyra's words of wisdom!


Umm Melrose I thought fashion was your passion? You told every single fashion designer how much you live for it. And now you want us to believe dancing is? Make up your mind!

I would have loved if the theme song from FAME played in the background as they were practicing.


I just found your blog recently and it is one of the best blogs I've ever read...hilarious recaps.

I sorta like Melrose...she is a bitch but she's not sorry for it and she works her ass off. All the other girls are so jealous and catty. I think CariDee is going to win, though. As long as it's not Eugena...

I can't believe CariDee mouthed that!!!

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