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I said that all backward. Sheesh. "If the other girl WON" was what I meant to type.


for the record, i've trademarked the phrase TragiDee in case your girl doesn't win tomorrow. (i'm all about the melrose.)



I'm an avid fan of this show and am so disappointed with not only the final 3 girls, but the overall atmosphere and the mood amongst all the ANTM fans, that I'm finding a little comfort in watching BNTM (thanks to a couple of people above for mentioning it - thank heavens for youtube LOL)

I was waiting all along this cycle to see when the writers' strike thing was going to occur and it wasn't even gradual; and until you Rich pointed it out, it never dawned on me what was pissing me off about this last episode (I'm sorry, but c'mon Eugena making the top 3 based on potential only is the most blatant piece of bullshit... hell the bull in the previous episode couldn't have released that big o' pile o' shit if he ate up the models and shat them out!). That whole Melrose v. CariDee thing out of nowhere - calling out a girl in the final 4 for the most out-of-nowhere reason (I was always for the twins, but that's just me and my good taste).

What bothers me most of all is that you'd have to look back at the first three cycles to find the girls in the finals as catty bitches (or variants thereof). Maybe it's the "sanitization" of the show with the writers from cycle 4-6 that gave it some direction, but I think I might have liked it. I look at Naima, Nicole and Danielle - and other then personal problems they had with the resident bitches of those cycles, these girls were portrayed as saints (you can just see halos over them when they were crowned the winners).

But this cycle... I seriously hope they pull a fuckin' Project Runway and bring back Amanda just to shake this shit up...

Melrose - she has confidence and good pictures to back herself up - but she's SO stuck in her own world, she made Jade look humble (that acting challenge, her breaking down over a fucking challenge)
CariDee - she clearly needs medication - this girl has crumbled since coming to Spain - and as "funny" as her comments to Nigel were, or as "funny" as her mouthing fucking bitch in panel were - they just make her off as unprofessional
Eugena - oh give me a fucking break (I love fourfour - I can say fuck and not edit it). Lluvy's fish photo had more life then most of Eugena's portfolio...

The people at Seventeen Magazine will probably NOT be returning to ANTM as the grand prize - they probably think Altoosa is the only scary-ass to work for them. Franky, they have to be shitting bricks so to speak - one girl who would have to have her picture airbrushed to death if she won (Eugena), one girl who would be strangely distraught if she did it wrong (Melrose) and one girl who would probably fuck the art direction and photographer given half the chance... that is if she didn't say something inappropriate first (CariDee)

So here's our conundrum...

You have the more "realistic" tone of the reality show by losing these writers (which losing a job for this is a bad thing) and getting really sloppy-ass editing with "plots" that make no sense

Or you have a more "linear" cycle with coherency that seems to be more predictable...

I would think I'd want the former, but I think I'm leaning towards the latter... 'cause frankly if they get rid of all the good girls and leave only the bitches, then what the fuck kind of message do they send? That good things only happen to bad people??? FUCK THAT!!!

Thanks as always Rich :)


I think Melrose has either borderline personality or bipolar disorder. she is, as the girls have been saying, CRAZZZY! When she was crying hysterically after Not Winning the dance competition, and then obsessively writing (coping skill!) in her journal, that is the sign of someone who cannot regulate her emotions, wild swings in reaction to what aren't huge life losses or tragedies. She's nuts.

Nice call out on the setting limits business too. There are no limits! You get on that elephant with a catheter in your arm and model around the jungle!! Too cold? Please. Get modelin'!!

I think Tyra is laboring under the illusion that the whole world would react to her the way these girls have to on the show: she enters a room, and everyone will jump up and down and squeal her name in delight. It's sad, really.


She did say f*cking b*tch. LOVES IT! Only you would catch that.


I caught the "fucking bitch" too, but I thought she was saying it about Tyra and not Melrose...

Brent L

smaller than a model, bigger than a breadbox!!!!!!!


I am so glad you went off on how contradictory the whole Caridee scolding was. How cool was it when Tyra was all, "For Swimsuit Illustrated they had us modeling in the snow! Except not me." Whut?

That little Nacho dance instructor was adorable. I vote that he should run for Official Antonio Banderias in '07.


It will be Eugena and Caridee in the finals. Melrose is, and has always been too old, no matter how far she pulls her hair back. Eugena is in because there always has to be a finalist of color. Caridee will win because Danielle won the last time over Joanie, they have to shake things up.
I agree with the folks who say that all the girls suck. The wonder twins never should have made the show in the first place. There were so many more interesting women who tried out but didn't make it. But, as one of the former contestants pointed out, it isn't a show to find a model. It is a reality show to find interesting reality show contestants. Anchal, Melrose, the Wonder Twins, Pissy Monique, bipolar Caridee and Crazy Eugena are cannon fodder. None of them will ever make it as models but they were fun to watch.
As for the folks diagnosing Melrose, I would suggest she is nothing more than a goody-goody type A personality type. She was probably brought up to always plaster a smile on her face, even if she felt sad. Melrose hasn't shown any evidence of being a cutter (hallmark of the borderline) nor does she have any other skills that we have seen other than the journaling. If she starts snapping a rubberband on her wrist, we can talk.
Only reason I would like to see Melrose win? Because when she goes to a photo shoot, she is all business. With the exception of her freaking out over the dancing, every time she has had to work, she puts her game face on and does her best. No complaints, excuses or bullshit, just work. That is what a model is supposed to do - work.

I thought Melrose said that dancing ISN'T her soul/passion??


You might have already seen this... (you have too many comments to check if anyone else has commented about this!)

She sure fooled me ;)
Great recap!!

Vinita Demla

Hey, Rich! I normally never comment, but this is probably the BEST recap you've done so far. Mainly because, all of it is entirely true, and entirely laughable. That whole contradiction with Tyra saying "you need to know your limits as a model and step away from the situation" is such BS because before, in this SAME season, Tyra told Monique that "the modeling industry doesn't care if you're sick." Mmhmm. I love your sarcasticness. Do you write for anyone? Because your stuff would make a GREAT column on a newspaper or magazine.

that picture of melrose crying in her flamenco outfit made me laugh for like 5 minutes


Tyra plays a "character" on ANTM


Looks more like Caridee mouthed "fuck me" since she knew she was in the bottom two. But who knows.


I agree with you Rich, Vinita and others on Tyra's contradictions. From telling Monique "the modeling industry does'nt care if you are sick" to snapping to Caridee "you need to know your limits as a model and step away from the situation" blablabla..She should be recording her Tyraisms so she doesn't forget her fake wisdom.

Does anyone remember in season 3 she eliminated the girl for saying she wants to use the modeling world to start her own manufacturing company for beauty products? Tyra said "I am so dissapointed by you" saying you want to use modelling to start your industry...blablabla. I don't remember the girl's name, she was an Indian girl and she was eliminated 2nd or 3rd. Yet in season 6 Tyra preached to the girls that modeling has no future, It has an end, so she wants them to think and tell her what they want to be in the future when their modeling career has ended. This is because "I want to create strong models who have proffessionals and blablabla(whatever she said)" Do you remember please? Then she asked them to act their roles where Furonda acted an Attorney, Jane said she wanted to be a kindagatten teacher (which shocked Danielle). Nenna a chemist and Aids researcher in Africa then in acting she created the chemistry with the black male model and kissed which made her crying boyfriend ask "did you kiss him? or something. Common everyone remember now.

FROM eliminating a girl for having another ambition rather than modeling, TO telling the girls to think of a future goal since modeling career has an end??? Confusing.

That goes to show how Tyra sometimes doesn't know what she is talking about and if she does then she doesn't clearly understand it or simply her brain chip doesn't comprehend some stuff. This also makes her think that even viewers are so stupid that they swallow whatever she is saying and of course agree with her without noticing her bleeped contradictory wisdom. Get a tape recorder Tyra please.


"CariDee will win - unless they pull out one of Flav's tricks and bring Joanie back for the last three"

nay, it could only be jade, who i didn't truly appreciate till she was gone...sigh. am rooting for caridee, but could really care less who wins at this point.

just wanted to say that "tyra's nite" remix made my day :)

that girl

i don't know if i have ever lol'd at the internet as many times and as loudly as i lol'd at this recap.



Come sempre, R.

Caridee to Eugena: Wanna be on top?

Eugena: power bottom?


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Oh my God, you've outdone yourself. The "Dear Bottle" letter, the Euro track...and I'm only a short way into your post!

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